Best Yamaha Keyboards: Prices, Reviews & Best Models (from Beginner to Expert)

Best yamaha keyboard for intermediate

Yamaha musical keyboards set the standard for affordable, feature rich keyboards.  However, the large number of Yamaha keyboard models can be confusing. 

After spending countless hours researching dozens of models, we think the Yamaha PSR-EW300 is the best Yamaha keyboard for intermediate players as well as beginners. Its 76-key touch sensitive keyboard is excellent for both beginner and intermediate players, with a wide range of notes, tones, capabilities, and expressions. It also has great learning functions and a big suite of digital effects, providing a breadth of features that will satisfy any player. All of this explains why we think that the PSR-EW300 is the Best Yamaha Digital Piano.

In the guide below we recommend additional best Yamaha keyboards (based on price, beginner level, portability, and 88 keys) as well as a comprehensive overview of all series and models of Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. 

Best Yamaha Keyboard (Overall)

YAMAHA PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle with Stand and Power Supply
  • Bundle includes PSRE EW300 keyboard, PKBS1 keyboard stand and PA130 power supply
  • A 76 key portable keyboard with 574 voices, 165 styles and 154 preset songs; Recording number of songs 5; Number of tracks 2; Data capacity approx; 10,000 notes
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) allows you to practice using the preset songs (or MIDI files on compatible instruments) at your own pace, 1 hand at a time, or both together
  • Touch tutor lesson mode tracks the velocity or strength the keys are played at in order to teach dynamics
  • USB to host connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer means you only need 1 cable to connect to your music making software. Number of Polyphony (Max.): 48

* Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [or other relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Best Cheap Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E263 PKS 61-Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Stand, Headphones & Power Supply
  • 61 full sized keys
  • 400 high quality voices
  • 112 songs, easy song book (available via web download)
  • Recording function; Number of voices: 384 Voices + 16 drum/SFX kits
  • Includes keyboard, stand, headphones, and power supply

* Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [or other relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Best Yamaha Keyboard for Beginners

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand and Power Supply
  • Premium bundle includes the Yamaha EZ220 keyboard, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, World Tour PA-130 power supply, and World Tour SXKS keyboard stand
  • 61 touch-sensitive, lighted keys; Transpose: -12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • Total of 392 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles
  • 100 built-in songs plus 1 demo song for easy learning. Also includes: Fingering guide, Yamaha Education Suite, and EZ-220 Page Turner app for iPad
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.):32

* Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [or other relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Best Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Keyboard

YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal and Power Supply (Amazon-Exclusive)
  • Amazon exclusive model includes power adapter and sustain pedal
  • 88 fully weighted piano style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience
  • Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos
  • Dual mode lets you combine 2 voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience
  • Slim and stylish design with a depth of less than 12 inches, the P71 requires little space and weighs only 25 pounds

* Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [or other relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Table of contents

Best (Overall): Yamaha PSR-EW300

B:est Yamaha Keyboard overall - Yamaha R-EW300 Keyboard with Stand

The Yamaha PSR EW300 is a 76-key, portable keyboard that has 574 voices, 165 styles, and 154 pre-set songs that you can play along with. If you are still in the learning stages, you will enjoy using Y.E.S. (Yamaha Education Suite) that lets you practice with the pre-set songs.

One of the really neat tools offered is the Touch Tutor lesson mode. Other keyboards offer learning features, but this one actually tracks the strength at which the keys are played, so you can learn about dynamics.

If you’re going to be using this digital piano to create your own music, you will love the USB to HOST connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer. You only need to use one cable to connect the keyboard to your software, and you can start creating.

Plug any portable music player into the Aux input, and you can use the melody suppressor to lower the lead vocals, so you can sing along, almost like karaoke.

Bundle package with stand, headphones, and learning toolsWe can’t find anything to complain about this digital piano!
SmartMedia internet connect capability
MegaVoice techology and MEGA enhancer software

Summary of the Yamaha PSR-EW300:

Yamaha PSR-EW300 is one of the best Yamaha digital pianos and whether you’re just learning how to play the piano or have advanced to the intermediate stage, you’re going to love the many features of the PSR EW300. It has some really cool learning tools that will help to supplement piano lessons, and loads of great effects for intermediate-level players, including slide effects, harmonics, and more.

Best Cheap Yamaha Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-E263

Best Yamaha Digital piano that is inexpensive - Yamaha PSR-E263 with stand and headphones

If you’re looking for a digital piano that’s cheap and you can take anywhere, the Yamaha PSR E263 is an excellent option to consider.

This model is ideal if you’re getting a first keyboard for a beginner who is just learning how to play. It offers plenty of features to keep beginners interested, and even professionals will enjoy playing around on it. There are 130 auto accompaniment styles that give you real time, band-backing tracks to play along with.

One of the things we really like about this keyboard is that even though it is on the low end when it comes to price, the features are as good as anything you would expect from a Yamaha digital keyboard.

The sound reproduction for the various instruments is high quality and detailed, so this isn’t going to sound like some cheap digital piano you would pick up at a department store.

Onboard piano lessons that support regular lessons No complaints! For the price this is an excellent keyboard for beginners
Bundle package has everything needed to start playing right out of the box
Nine reverb effects and a Master EQ

Summary of the Yamaha PSR E263:

This keyboard might not be the best Yamaha keyboard ever made and may not be the choice of professionals, but if you’re getting this for a beginner, you would be making an excellent choice. It has plenty of features that will help beginners to learn faster and easier, and there are loads of fun effects to play around with for different high quality sounds.

Best for Beginners: Yamaha EZ-220

Yamaha EZ-220 - best Yamaha Keyboard for Beginners

One of the easiest digital piano to learn to play is the Yamaha EZ-220 61 Lighted keyboard. This model’s lighted keys and fingering guide makes it easy for anyone to learn how to play their favorite songs. And one of the best things about this product is it incorporates the latest technology, which makes learning how to play the piano more fun, engaging and easy.

This model one of the best Yamaha keyboards for young kids, as well as for novices who are just getting started playing piano. The lighted keys show you exactly which keys to play, so you won’t make the mistake of not knowing which fingers to use! The iPad app is also useful, as it provides you with lessons that are both engaging and easy to learn. If you want to learn how to play an entire song, then you’ll love the app.

Newbies will love experimenting with the instrumental sounds and piano voices. As well, the Yamaha EZ-220 has both polyphony and transpose capabilities, which allow you to play around with customization. 

Lighted keys and fingering guide make it extremely easy to learn Keys are not weighted
Bundle gives you everything you need to get started

Summary of the Yamaha EZ-220:

The Yamaha EZ-220 is one of the best Yamaha keyboards designed for beginners. Its most useful feature for newbies is its lighted keys, which take you by the hand (almost literally!) and show you exactly how to start playing. The EZ-220 also includes next-gen app integrations and step-by-step modules, which makes it even easier to learn.

Best Yamaha 88-Key Keyboard: Yamaha P71

Yamaha P71 - one of the best Yamaha keyboard models

When you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a digital piano for a beginner, but you want something that’s going to play and sound great up to the intermediate level, the Yamaha P71 is a great option.

This has a full 88 keys, which are weighted so they have the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. This is the ideal digital piano for beginners who plan to advance to intermediate or beyond, and it is also popular with professionals who are looking for something that has great sound quality and that is portable.

We consider this another great Yamaha digital piano for beginners, because it has loads of features that make it fun and easy for anyone to learn how to play the piano. It even has a dual mode, so you can combine two voices and really experiment with fun sounds.

Lightweight and portableHeadphone jack on rear
88 keys Graded Hammer Standard weighted action
One-touch button operation

Summary of the Yamaha P71:

If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s going to grow with you, from the beginning/learning stages to actual performances, the Yamaha P71 is a good one to consider. It has weighted action, is easy to use, and is built with Yamaha’s classic sound engine, AWM Stereo Sampling (Advanced Wave Memory).

Best Baby Grand Piano‎: Yamaha DGX 660

Yamaha Musical Keyboards - Yamaha DGX 660 - Best Yamaha Baby Grand Piano

The Yamaha DGX 660 is one of the finest Portable Grand Pianos on the ‎market. This digital piano features 88 fully-weighted keys and matte black ‎keytops. With Graded Hammer Standard Action and four touch sensitivities, ‎the DGX 660 is an extraordinarily expressive and powerful instrument. ‎

The Pure CF Sound Engine produces each of the 554 built-in sounds. Among ‎these sounds are 151 panels, 15 drum kits, and 388 XGlite samples. You can ‎utilize the 100 song presets by jamming with them with any instrument you ‎choose. On top of hearing the songs, you can follow the lyrics and sheet music ‎on the 320×240 LCD. The DGX 660 has extensive effects, including 41 types ‎of reverb, 44 choruses, 26 harmonies, and five master EQs. 

One defining feature of this keyboard is the beautiful grand piano soundbank. ‎Yamaha meticulously sampled the world-renowned CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano ‎for the primary piano sound. Many pianists love the DGX 660’s piano due to ‎the richness and authenticity it exhibits. With 192 notes of polyphony, you ‎have tons of room to layer and create unique and dense sounds.

‎88 Fully-Weighted KeysNot Portable
LCD ScreenBackside Headphone Jack
MIDI ConnectivityNot the Best Sustain Pedal
Comes with High Quality Stand
Piano Sampled from Famous CFIIIS Concert Grand

Summary of the Yamaha DGX-660 ‎:

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a highly-versatile keyboard that is suitable for ‎beginners and professionals alike. An excellent piano sound paired with 192-‎note polyphony provides pianists an ultra-realistic experience. Though this ‎keyboard doesn’t suit gigging musicians, it’s high-quality build is perfect for ‎home use. If you’re someone who wants more than just a great digital piano, the ‎Yamaha DGX 600 might be for you. 

Best Portable Piano‎‎: Yamaha YPT-260‎

Yamaha Musical Keyboards - Best Yamaha Portable Piano- Yamaha YPT-260‎

The Yamaha YPT-260 is an exceptional keyboard known for being dependable, high-quality, and affordable. 400 voices comprise the soundbank, giving pianists plenty of opportunities to explore. There are 130 styles that you can experiment with and jam along to. Some of the keyboard’s other features include a metronome, LCD, and AWM Stereo Sampling. One minor drawback the YPT-260 presents is having only 32 notes of polyphony. However, you’ll likely never pass this limit with the keyboard’s lack of advanced layering options.

A great aspect of this digital piano is it’s lightweight design. At only 12.6lbs, the YPT-260 is light enough to carry around with one arm. You can easily take this digital piano any place that you want. There is also an aux port, which allows music from a phone or ipad to be played through the internal speakers.

400 Sounds‎Non-Weighted Keys
LightweightNot Full-Sized
Very AffordableLimited Sound Design

Summary of the Yamaha YPT-260 ‎:

The Yamaha YPT-260 certainly offers a plethora of features that are hard to ‎beat for the price. Despite the non-weighted keys, this digital piano plays very ‎well, with a pleasant and bouncy action. The YPT-260 suits beginner to ‎intermediate pianists the most because of its affordability. Rather than having ‎to spend hundreds on a digital piano, you can experience the excellent-‎performing Yamaha YPT-260 and bask in its features.‎

Best for Learning‎‎‎: Yamaha P-125‎

Yamaha Musical Keyboards - Best for Learning‎‎‎: Yamaha P-125‎ 

One of the most user-friendly keyboards on the market is the Yamaha P-125. ‎If you have limited knowledge of digital pianos but want to learn how to play, ‎the P-125 might be an excellent option. This keyboard has 88 weighted keys ‎and has an appealing red velvet design on the backside. With a weight of only ‎‎26lbs, the keyboard embodies both versatility and portability. If you are a ‎gigging pianist, you might add this to your arsenal for effortless ‎transportation.‎

One of the P-125’s standout features is its integration with the app called ‎‎”Smart-Pianist.” With this app, you can easily split and layer the keyboard’s ‎sounds directly from your smartphone. Like many great Yamaha digital  pianos, ‎the P-125 employs sampling from the famous CFIIIS 9′ Grand Piano. You can ‎experiment with 24 pure sounds and customize up to four layers.

‎192-Note PolyphonySlightly-Lacking Action
Compatible With Smart-Pianist AppLimited Effects
‎50 Built-In SoundsNo Bluetooth
Excellent Internal Speakers
‎2-Track Midi Recorder
Great for Small Performances

Summary of the Yamaha P-125 ‎:

Everyone has to start somewhere. Starting on the right keyboard can be the ‎difference between pursuing or ending piano endeavors. One of the best-‎known keyboards for learning is the Yamaha P-125. With a relatively ‎affordable price, you’re granted a significant number of convenient features ‎that can quickly take your skills to the next level. 

Yamaha PSR E360

Yamaha PSR E360

Another excellent keyboard for beginners is the Yamaha PSR E360. Yamaha and many keyboardists have ordained this keyboard as the absolute greatest for beginners. The keybed comprises of 61 touch-sensitive keys. There are 573 unique sounds embedded within the digital piano, which is a lot more than most other competitors. With this massive soundbank, you can spend hours experimenting and finding creative uses for them.

With most digital pianos, the number and quality of effects contribute to the price. The Yamaha PSR E360 includes 23 different effects, which is a considerable amount compared to other digital pianos. All of these effects range from chorus, reverb, and EQ. If you value portable pianos, you might enjoy the fact that the PSR E360 weighs only 8.8lbs, which is exceptionally light.

A few of the keyboards features include a duo and split mode, arpeggiator, touch tutor, accompaniment mode, and an auto power-off setting. This automatic shutdown is an excellent addition to the keyboard since pianists commonly forget to turn off their digital pianos.

Lots of EffectsOnly 61 Keys
‎8.8 PoundsDoesn’t Have the Greatest Action
‎573 Different Sounds32-Note Polyphony
Touch Sensitive Keys
‎1/4″ Line Out
Yamaha Education Suite

Summary of the Yamaha PSR E360 ‎:

The Yamaha PSR E360 is an excellent option for beginners. With an Education ‎Suite, touch tutor, and accompaniment mode, this digital piano is great for those ‎just starting. If you’re interested in an affordable digital piano with loads of ‎sounds, the PSR E360 may serve you well. 

Yamaha PSR E463‎

Yamaha keyboard model - Yamaha PSR E463‎

Yamaha PSR E463 is a high-performing arranger keyboard, which excels in the ‎creation of music. With 61 total keys, the PSR E463 isn’t full-sized, but the ‎‎758 sounds and 235 rhythms make up for that. Put together, the rhythms and ‎sounds comprise nearly every genre. ‎

The keyboard houses powerful internal speakers that provide pianists great ‎sound for small performances. One of the more unique aspects of this piano is ‎its extra focus on Latin music. Cumbia, bachata, parranda, Cubano, guajira, ‎and vallenato are just a few of the Latin-style rhythms this machine exhibits. ‎

You can also create your own sounds with the PSR E463 with its Quick ‎Sampling system, which adds more versatility for song creators. With the ‎ability to record up to 80 minutes of audio in WAV format, the PSR E463 is ‎among the few digital pianos that can record audio files. 

Compact and PortableNot the Most User-Friendly
Real-Time Adjusting KnobsSmall Display Text
Excellent Tone
Music Creation Features
USB Connectivity

Summary of the Yamaha PSR E463 ‎:

This keyboard is a powerful tool for beginners. You don’t have to dish out loads ‎of money for a substantial piano experience at an affordable price. If you’re ‎looking for a digital piano with an extensive sound bank and great music-creating ‎tools, check out the Yamaha PSR E463. 

Yamaha P45‎

Yamaha P45‎ also known as Yamaha P45B, one of the best Yamaha keyboards

The Yamaha P45 has 88 fully-weighted keys and boasts some of the ‎company’s latest technology and performance features. Whether you’re a ‎beginner or advanced pianist, this piano can satisfy all levels. This dgitial piano ‎has 10 beautiful instrument sounds as well as four touch-sensitivity options. ‎You can choose to listen through the dual 6W speakers or your favorite pair of ‎headphones. 

There is 64-note polyphony limit that permits a decent amount of sound ‎layering, which is convenient for the price. A few other things the P45 ‎showcases are dual mode, MIDI connectivity, and AWM stereo sampling ‎sound. There are 10 demo songs to play along with.‎

‎10 Beautiful Instrument Sounds‎No Track Recording
Four Touch-Sensitivity OptionsNo Aux Input
‎88 Fully-Weighted KeysSlightly Shaky on Some Stands
Two 6W Internal Speakers
64-Note Polyphony

Summary of the Yamaha P45 ‎:

The P45 is yet another excellent produced by Yamaha. Without a ‎doubt, this digital piano suits both the beginner and professional because of the ‎fully-weighted keys and superb sounds. After practicing on this keyboard, ‎you’ll likely have the capacity to play an actual acoustic piano. The key action is ‎relatively light, which is something that many pianists seek in keyboards. ‎Whether you’re a student, teacher, beginner, or pro, the Yamaha P45 is an ‎excellent addition for all pianists. ‎

Yamaha YDP-103‎

Yamaha YDP-103‎ digital piano

The YDP103 is a recent development in the Arius line, which features home ‎digital pianos. With an appealing cabinet design, the keyboard includes all ‎three pedals with half-pedal support. This half-pedal integration is a significant ‎stride on digital pianos because it allows each pedal to have different intensity ‎levels. You can achieve unrivaled expressiveness on this 88-keyed digital piano ‎and play even the most delicate pieces. The sounds run through AWM stereo ‎sampling, which yields very real-sounding instruments.

Much like the P45, the YDP103 has 10 instrument sounds with two pianos. ‎Some more specs include 64-key polyphony, a metronome, transposition ‎function, and a fine-tuning capability. There are additionally two 6W speakers ‎to adequately amplify the sound. On top of the keyboard itself, a cushioned ‎piano bench comes with the package. Since this digital piano weighs 82lbs, you ‎probably won’t be taking it too far. This keyboard requires some assembly, but ‎it shouldn’t take more than half hour to set up. ‎

‎3-Pedal UnitNo MIDI Recorder
Excellent Build QualityLimited Sound Options
‎88 Keys‎No Split
Genuine Grand Piano Sound
Relatively Affordable
USB Connectivity
Bench Included

Summary of the Yamaha YDP-103 ‎:

With everything you need to become proficient on the piano, the Yamaha ‎YDP103 is an excellent choice for those wanting to take their piano ventures ‎more seriously. Many pianists enjoy the full package of the keyboard, ‎including the built-in stand and piano bench. The Yamaha YDP-103 is an ‎excellent option for people looking for quality, reliability, and a whole package. 

Yamaha NP12

Yamaha NP12 yamaha musical keyboards

The Yamaha NP12 is a 61-key portable keyboard with touch-sensitive keys. ‎Along with 10 great instrument sounds, the keyboard features an impressive ‎four reverb settings, giving you stellar ambient controls for the price. The 64-‎note polyphony limit provides you room to play as many notes as you desire.

Another thing that the NP12 feature is a 1-track recorder. Though only having ‎one track can be limiting, many digital pianos in this price range don’t have any ‎recording functions at all. The NP12 is entirely portable, weighing only 9lbs. In ‎the package, you’ll also receive a sustain pedal, which keeps you from having ‎to buy one separately. ‎

Touch-Sensitive KeysNot Full-Sized
Very PortableUnweighted Keys
Great Sound With 64-Note PolyphonyPower Supply Not Included
MIDI Recorder
Available App for Additional Navigation

Summary of the Yamaha NP12 ‎:

For its price range, the Yamaha NP12 exceeds expectations in sound quality, ‎ease-of-use, and recording. The features enhance the learning experience for ‎a beginner pianist that needs an extra push. If you’re just starting out and ‎want a keyboard with apt features and capabilities at an affordable price, the ‎Yamaha NP12 may give you what you need.

Still interested in learning all of the models and series that Yamaha has to offer? Let’s get into it!

But before we dive in, let’s answer the most common questions about Yamaha keyboards:

Yamaha Keyboard FAQs

How much are Yamaha keyboards?

Online prices for Yamaha keyboards range from $100 to $2,000+.

Keyboards that cost in the $100 range are great starter keyboards and typically have 61 keys (enough for a beginner). Yamaha keyboards with the full 88 keys and weighted keys (like an acoustic piano) typically cost from $400 up.

How many keys are on a Yamaha keyboard?

The number of keys on a Yamaha keyboard ranges from 61 keys to 88 keys. As a rule of thumb, the more keys a keyboard has, the more expensive it is.

Which Yamaha keyboards have weighted keys?

The most popular, lowest-priced Yamaha keyboards with weighted keys are the P-Series models: P-71, P-45, P-115, and P-125

What is the best Yamaha keyboard?

Here are our top 5 best Yamaha keyboards, based on the best-value combination of price and features:

Yamaha Piano Keyboard and Digital Piano Series

Comparison of Yamaha Piano Keyboards versus Yamaha Digital Pianos

It’s important to distinguish between piano keyboards and digital pianos, because they differ in features and price.

Piano keyboards tend to have fewer features, are less expensive, and are more portable than digital pianos. They’re typically meant for people who are beginners.

Digital pianos typically have the features of a traditional acoustic piano (i.e. a full 88 keys, and keys that are “weighted”), sometimes come with a “console” (a frame that the keyboard sits in and makes it look like an acoustic piano), and are more expensive than piano keyboards.

Best Yamaha Keyboard Models & Series

In this section we briefly cover the most popular Yamaha series and models of piano keyboards and digital pianos, starting from least expensive to most expensive:

PORTABLE SERIES ($100 – $250)

Yamaha Musical Keyboards Portable Series

The keyboards in the Portable series are the least expensive Yamaha keyboards, and they’re also ideal for players who want to take their piano on the go (to piano lessons, for example).

Most models in this series come with 61 keys, which make them a great starter keyboard for new players.

Here are our favorite Portable Series models:

ARRANGER SERIES ($150 – $300)

The Arranger series are Yamaha keyboards for beginners

Like the Portable Series, the Arranger Series are beginner keyboards at a low price.

The biggest difference between Arranger series and Portable series keyboards is the “touch sensitivity” of Arranger series keyboards, which means the harder you press a key, the louder the sound. This feature is very important for players who want to be able to play an acoustic piano (which all have touch sensitive keys).

These are our favorite Arranger keyboards:


Example of Yamaha Contemporary Series, which  has Piano Keyboards for intermediate players

The Contemporary Series (also known as the P Series) is meant for beginner to intermediate players, and consists of models that strike a balance between price and features.

This is probably the most popular series for new players, because the keyboards have the intermediate-level features that allow a new player to “grow into” the keyboard.

Specifically, all of the P series keyboards have 88 weighted keys, just like an acoustic piano. So the keyboards in this series feel and sound like a real piano, at the best price.

(Keep in mind that if you’re a new player and start with a cheap keyboard with few features, if you end up loving to play piano you’ll eventually have to buy a more expensive keyboard in order to improve your skills. So it might be better to buy a higher-end keyboard right at the start.)

The best-selling models from the P series are:

The video below provides an excellent comparison of the Yamaha P-45, Yamaha P-115, and Yamaha DGX-650 (which we cover in the next section):


Yamaha portable Grand Series Full Featured keyboards

The Portable Grand series includes the DGX (Digital Grand) and YPG (Portable Grand) models of digital pianos.

This series consists of full-featured digital pianos for players who want more than a basic keyboard, and who want to record their own performances and songs. Some of the extra features that this series has include a wide range of instrument “voices” (sounds) and backing “styles” (bands).

Here are our favorite Portable Grand models:

ARIUS SERIES ($900 – $1,700)

Yamaha Arius Series are digital equivalents to traditional acoustic pianos

The Yamaha Arius series are digital pianos that are Yamaha’s digital equivalent to traditional acoustic pianos.

These are ideal for students – from beginners, to advanced – who want to play on an instrument that is as close to a traditional acoustic piano as you can get.

All of the Arius models have headphone jacks, recording facilities, adjustable touch-response, high quality sounds, and a range of voices.

Our favorite Arius models include:

Here’s a video overview of the Arius series, produced by Yamaha:

STAGE SERIES ($2,000 +)

Yamaha Stage Series for professional pianists

The Yamaha Stage series is popular among professional pianists, as well as aspiring professional pianists. They are designed to give the touch and sound of Yamaha`s finest, with the connectivity and portability that professional players need.

Needless to say, these are not beginner models – but if you have a budding Beethoven on your hands, you might want to take a look for later!

These are our favorite Stage Series keyboards:

SYNTHESIZER SERIES ($900 – $2,000 +)

Yamaha synthesizer series for composers and professionals

Yamaha’s Synthesizer series is made for people who are serious about making music. The possibilities for creating your own songs are almost limitless with this series, because of the thousands of voices that are included with each model and the ability to create, adapt and develop your own sounds.

If you’re into making your own music, check out these models:


Yamaha Clavinova series are top the line  limited availability pianos

Yamaha describe the Clavinova series as a “purely digital piano with the heart of a true grand”.

Clavinova Series pianos are the “cream of the crop” and most expensive Yamaha digital pianos, and are only available for purchase through piano dealers. (For a good online directory of Yamaha piano dealers, check out Yamaha’s Dealer Locator.)

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-800 Series Digital Piano Concert

Yamaha Keyboard Models List

Yamaha Portable Keyboards:

Yamaha P-Series Keyboards:

Yamaha Portable Grand Keyboards:

Yamaha Arius Keyboards:

Yamaha Stage Keyboards:

Yamaha Synthesizer Keyboards:

Background on Yamaha (For the Piano Nerds!)

Yamaha is probably the world’s most famous musical instrument manufacturer – and it’s definitely the world’s largest.

The company started in Japan in 1887, when Torakusu Yamaha built a reed organ, but it was properly established in 1897, when it was call Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.

Since then, Yamaha has continually developed both pianos and other instruments, as well as branched out into other areas.

Yamaha – A Quick History

Illustration of traditional acoustic grand piano

The company started manufacturing upright pianos in 1900, and grand pianos were first introduced to the company two years later.

While early Yamaha pianos were designed for the Japanese market, the Yamaha technicians were regularly sent to Europe to learn about new production techniques. Soon, some of Europe`s greatest pianists were enjoying playing Yamaha pianos.

By the 1960s, Yamaha were producing more pianos than anyone else, and in the 1980s, the Disklavier was developed – a piano which uses electronic sensors to allow it to perform functions such as playback.

In 1976, Yamaha produced the CS-50 synthesizer – which had four voices that didn`t have to be programmed individually, which paved the way to a future of synthesizers.

The Yamaha GX-1 was first manufactured in 1973 and this was the first of many “polyphonic” synthesizers, offering eight voices. Yamaha are also one of the manufacturers who have led the way in “MIDI” keyboards (keyboards that can communicate with other devices), with the Yamaha DX7 being one of the `80`s most famous synths.

It was also during the 1980`s that Yamaha first released their YP-40 Clavinova – the instrument which is often credited as the first digital piano.

Quality, Tradition and Innovation

Yamaha pianos are often more expensive than other manufacturers, but people will always buy them, mainly because they have a good name for being excellent quality and reliable.

Yamaha`s long history of piano manufacture means that they know what they are talking about, and this helps them ensure good quality and develop and innovate their products, while concentrating on giving an excellent sound.

And here’s a little-known fact that might interest you: Yamaha pianos have an excellent resale value compared to a lot of other manufacturers, as they are seen as a trustworthy brand with quality components and excellent sound.

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