Yamaha CP300 Review (2021)

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano with Built-in Stereo Speakers

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I had the opportunity to try the Yamaha CP300 lately and actualy purchased this keyboard because I liked it so much. When I first laid eyes on this full sized professional stage piano, I was immediately drawn to the layout of this piano keyboard.

Table Of Contents The Piano That Stood Out for MeYamaha CP300 Video OverviewSounds a Bit Brighter than the CP250Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano Demo with Tony EscuetaThe Hall Music’s Yamaha CP 300 Piano Review

The Piano That Stood Out for Me


It is beautifully styled with the sound patches intuitively placed. Most noticeably were the onboard left and right speakers housed in a well designed cabinet. No need to plug a separate sound system to listen to this keyboard. I sat down and took the piano out for a test drive. Having played many pianos in my life this one stood out for me.

In particular the keys responded with assurance to every musical expression that I demanded of it. So inspiring, that I had a hard time to draw myself away from it. The key action is somewhat more forgiving than the stiffer CP250.

There are some subtle differences between the Yamaha CP300 and CP250 that are not readily noticeable. The CP300 is cosmetically the same as the CP250. In other words, no new face lift for this keyboard. 


Product managers at Yamaha must have finally been listening; a long awaited mono piano patch, a staple of the CP33 made its inaugural appearance on the CP300 . I can’t understand why this feature never made it into the CP90, 120 and 250 line of stage pianos.

After all, a mono patch is almost a necessity for a piano to cut through the crowded sonic spectrum that is the typical domain of a stage band. I guess the product managers have been listening to its paying customers, the owners of CP250, 120 and the CP90 keyboards.

Yamaha CP300 Video Overview

The Yamaha CP 300 Digital Stage Piano by Yamaha Music London presenting Bo Heart.

Sounds a Bit Brighter than the CP250

The sounds emanating from the CP300 contrasts that of the CP250 in that each patch on the CP300 sounds noticeably ‘brighter’ while the CP50 sounds slighter ‘fuller’ or richer. It is presumed that the Yamaha CP300 digital Some CP300 key features include:

  • XLR output connectors for the sound quality demands of studio work
  • 40 MB – 3 layer stereo piano samples
  • Graded key action – 88 keys
  • 50 original voices
  • 128 note polyphony

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano Demo with Tony Escueta

The Hall Music’s Yamaha CP 300 Piano Review


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