Yamaha NP-12 Review: Excellent Portability at a Competitive Price

YAMAHA NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black (Power Adapter Sold Separately)

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Yamaha is known for its high-quality, high-performance keyboards. You won’t come across cheap Yamaha keyboards, but it looks like they’ve finally made an exception with the Yamaha NP12. If you’re a beginner, consider yourself in luck!

The Yamaha NP12 can be an ideal choice for people who are enthusiastic about learning to play a keyboard but aren’t willing to spend on an expensive keyboard just yet. Its features imitate a piano. The design of Yamaha NP12 has been kept simple to assist beginners in taking their first steps. What makes this keyboard a great option is excellent portability. The Yamaha NP12 weighs only 4.5kgs, making it easy to carry anywhere you go.

Choosing a keyboard can be a challenge, considering the numerous options out there. To help you decide if this is the right keyboard for you, we’ve put together a detailed Yamaha NP-12 review covering all important aspects of this model.

Overview of Yamaha NP12

Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black (power adapter sold separately)

Yamaha NP12 is a 61-key, digital piano which is quite well-built for its price. The design is simple, clean, and a minimalist that offers a simple and easy to use interface for people who are just starting to learn to play a keyboard. You will find only 10 buttons on the Yamaha NP12, unlike other advanced pianos that include numerous buttons, sliders, knobs, and wheels that ensure that the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

One of the bonus points of the Yamaha NP12 is the quick power-up. Pressing a single, easily identifiable button brings the keyboard to live in literally no time. In the ‘instant everything’ age that we’re currently in, this is definitely a plus point.

61-keys make it smaller and far more portable than a full-range, 88-keys keyboard, which again, is a plus for beginners and people who like to carry their keyboard with them.

It won’t be wrong to say that Yamaha NP12 is a one-stop solution for beginners. Apart from its simple user interface, Yamaha NP12 is equipped with all the features deemed necessary to be called a great digital keyboard including MIDI and USB connectivity, record and play options, in-built speakers, and headphone jack. Not once will you feel that the keyboard lacks something that becomes a hindrance in your learning experience.

Yamaha NP12 Video Overview

Here’s a three-minute overview of the Yamaha NP12, produced by Yamaha:

Yamaha NP12 Specs

The specifications of Yamaha NP12 are as following:

Keys61 touch-sensitive keys

Touch Sensitivity:

Fixed, Soft, Medium, Hard


AWM Stereo Sampling


10 instrument sounds
ModesDual Mode
Sound Effects4 types of Reverb


1 track recorder
MetronomeBuilt-in Metronome
Speakers2 speakers (12cm X 6cm)
Amplifiers2.5W + 2.5W


  • Sustain pack
  • headphone jack
  • USB to Host
  • DC-in


40.8 inches wide x 4 inches high x 10.1 inches deep




Music Rest, Sustain pedal, owner’s manual

Who the Yamaha NP12 is Most Suitable For

The Yamaha NP12 is most suitable for entry-level keyboard players. People who have some experience will find this digital keyboard too basic. Considering the simple user interface, minimal control and setting options, 61 keys, the Yamaha NP12 is a great place to start. For someone who knows how to play a keyboard and is looking for options to help them polish their skills will have to opt for a more intricate option.

All in all, the Yamaha NP12 is nothing short of a complete package for starters. It features everything you will need when you’re taking your initial steps to learn to play a keyboard. As soon as you get hold of the basic skills, you’ll feel the need for an upgrade.

People who are on the go most of the time and prefer carrying their keyboard with them will also find Yamaha NP12 quite a suitable option. It is very easy to carry a Yamaha NP12 around since it’s extremely lightweight. Another plus point for frequent travelers is its incredible 16-hour long battery life!

What’s Included with the Yamaha NP12

When you purchase a Yamaha NP12, you get an Owner’s Manual, My Yamaha Product User Registration, Music Rest, and AC adapter with the package. The package inclusions may vary from area to area. If you’re concerned about them, ask the supplier about them beforehand.

Yamaha NP12 Features

The features of the Yamaha NP12 have been listed down below:


User Interface

Yamaha NP12 features a simple user interface with only 10 buttons on the surface that does not confuse the user. An additional volume adjuster and a separate power button makes it easier for the user to move to and fro between buttons. Other keyboards feature a huge array of buttons and controls that might confuse a beginner. Yamaha NP12 has been designed with the needs of a beginner in mind. Hence it features an extremely simple and straightforward user interface.

Touch-Sensitive Keys

Yamaha NP12 features 61 touch-sensitive keys. The level of sensitivity can be adjusted according to your preferences. By touch-sensitive keys, what we mean to say is that the sound depends on how hard you press the keys. The harder you hit, the louder the sound will be. It gives the feeling that you’re playing an actual acoustic piano.


However, you can’t compare Yamaha NP12 with the advanced 88-keys keyboards, but 61 keys are more than enough for entry-level players.


This keyboard by Yamaha features a highly compact and portable design to suit people who are concerned about room space or are on the road most of the time. Yamaha NP12 weighs only 4.5kg (9lbs). You can carry it anywhere you like without a lot of hassle. The keyboard is 40.8 inches wide, 4 inches high, and 10.1 inches deep, making it one of the most compact keyboards available.


The compact design and the lightweight of Yamaha NP12 make it an extremely portable keyboard. What adds to its portability is that it is equipped with batteries. If you’re any place where there is no power supply, you can still enjoy playing your keyboard, thanks to its batteries that have up to 16 hours of battery life!

Sound Quality

One of the most important features of a keyboard is its sound quality. While the sound quality of the NP12 can’t compete with that of acoustic pianos, it is great for the price. Yamaha NP12 lives up to Yamaha’s reputation and doesn’t put its users down when it comes to the quality of the sound it produces. It features AWM Stereo Sampling and delivers clear, authentic, and bright sound as compared to synthetic sounds produced by other portable keyboards.  


The polyphony number of a keyboard also plays an important role in the quality of the sound. Unlike most of the keyboards in this price range, Yamaha NP12 features 64-note polyphony, which makes the sound spacious and rich.

Number of Sounds

Yamaha NP12 features 10 voices, including 1 electronic piano voices, 2 piano voices, 2 organs, vibraphone, strings, and 2 Harpsichord voices. Every voice of Yamaha NP12 expresses different music styles like rock, pop, classic, etc. Yamaha NP12 enables you to explore different sounds and enjoy unique experiences.

Dual Mode

The Dual Mode allows you to combine 2 voices and create unique musical pieces.

Track Recorder

Yamaha NP12 features a 1-track recorder that allows the users to record and share their performances.

MIDI Port and USB Connectivity

Yamaha NP12 features a MIDI port, which makes it possible to use it as a MIDI controller. You can use it to produce and edit music. You can also connect your Yamaha NP12 to your computer through the MIDI port.


It is also equipped with USB connectivity, which allows the user can connect their keyboard to other devices and software.


Yamaha NP12 also features two, high-quality in-built speakers.

Pros & Cons of the Yamaha NP12


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Simple user interface with straightforward controls
  • Great sound quality
  • Powerful speakers
  • 64-note polyphony
  • Battery-powered
  • Onboard track recorder
  • MIDI port and USB connectivity


  • Connectivity options are limited
  • Keys aren’t as good as other Yamaha keyboards
  • The headphone jack is situated at the back
  • It does not come with a sustain pedal
  • It does not come with a case or stand

Yamaha NP-12 YouTube Tutorial Videos

Although Yamaha NP12 comes with a detailed user manual, you can always take help from YouTube tutorial videos to see how to use it. Some Yamaha NP12 YouTube videos that you will find extremely helpful have been listed down for you below:

Yamaha NP12 Manual

You can find a user manual on the official Yamaha website. For official instructions manual for the Yamaha NP12, follow the link:


Yamaha NP12 vs Yamaha NP32

Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black (power adapter sold separately)
Yamaha NP32 Portable Digital Piano - (Black)

NP12 and NP32 are basically better, re-launched versions of two of the most popular Yamaha keyboard models, NP11 and NP31. NP12 and NP32 both have received tremendous praise from the users. While both are excellent choices, let us shed some light on areas where the two differ. Both NP12 and NP32 share all its features. There are only a few differences between the two models that make the two keyboards entirely different from one another.


This digital piano features 61 touch-sensitive keys while the Yamaha NP32 features 76 keys. As a result, the NP32 keyboard is a bit heavier than the NP12 keyboard. Yamaha NP32 is also called Graded Soft Touch.


Both N12 and NP32 feature 64-note polyphony, so you can rest assured that the sound quality of both these models is excellent. Both of these models also feature AMW Stereo Sampling that provides the user with a multi-dimensional, expressive, and rich tone. One difference between the two is that NP12 comes with two 2.5W speakers, whereas NP32 comes with two 5W speakers, making the sound of NP32 louder, clearer, and more contrasting.


Both NP12 and NP32 are battery-powered. The battery life of NP12 is up to 16 hours, whereas the battery life of NP32 is only 7 hours, which is quite less than NP12. As a result, NP12 is a better option for you if you’re mostly on the go.


As we’ve already mentioned above, NP12 has 61 keys, whereas NP32 has 76 keys. This makes NP32 heavier. NP12 weighs 4.5kg, and NP32 weighs 5.7kg.


When it comes to portability, NP12 is a more portable keyboard as compared to NP32. NP12 is lighter in weight and has a longer battery life as compared to NP32.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, If you’re on a lookout for a basic keyboard that is not only easy to use but one that helps you learn to play a keyboard like a pro, Yamaha NP-12 is definitely worth the praises. However, if you’re already equipped with the basic know-how of playing a keyboard, Yamaha NP12 may not be the best option for you because it only helps you with what you already know.

YAMAHA NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black (Power Adapter Sold Separately)

Yamaha NP12 (click image for more info)

While Yamaha NP-12 is a great choice, Yamaha NP-32 is an even better choice. With a greater number of keys, it gives you more room to create great music. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, Yamaha NP-32 isn’t a recommended option for you because it is heavier and has a shorter battery life as compared to Yamaha NP-12.

Your choice comes down to your requirements. The best keyboard for you is the one that makes keyboard learning easier and a lot of fun for you. Yamaha NP-12 offers excellent value for money. With so many benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider buying a Yamaha NP-12.


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