Yamaha P-105 Review (2021)

Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P-105 is an 88-tone piano that provides a feel and response similar to an acoustic instrument. Its sound mechanism derives from Yamaha’s celebrated Pure CF sampling technique. The sample used with this method comes from the famous Yamaha CFIIIS acoustic piano.

The P-105 features four levels of touch for realistic acoustic sensitivity, and its graded hammer action provides a feel very similar to an acoustic. For expansive tonal expression, the digital piano features a maximum polyphony of 128 notes. 

In this Yamaha P-105 review, we will take a  look at the different features this digital piano has to offer.

Yamaha P-105 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 58.1 x 15.1 x 11.1 inches
  • Weight: 36.4 pounds total
  • Keyboard: 88 Notes
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Touch Sensitivity: 4 Levels
  • Weighted Keys: Graded Hammer Action
  • Sound Mechanism: Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Number of Preset Voices: 14
  • Number of Preset Songs: 64
  • Functions: Dual Mode, Split Mode, Layer Mode, Transpose, Metronome
  • Inputs/Outputs: Line In/Out, 2 Headphone Jacks, USB, Sustain Pedal

Yamaha P-105 88 Key Video Overview

Yamaha P-105 Features

Precise Sound Sampling

The P-105 relies on Yamaha’s Pure CF sampling technique to create a realistic sound. The integrity of each tone is preserved to provide for exceptional sound from the internal speakers as well when played out loud.

Duo Mode

The piano features various Function modes, and Duo Mode is one of the most useful. It allows side-by-side playing for personal instruction or group lessons. Duo Mode allows both players to perform simultaneously with each having their own middle C.

Intelligent Acoustic Control

This automatic feature changes the instrument’s EQ based on the set volume in order to create the best tonal balance at any volume level. The Intelligent Acoustic Control is optimized for use with the speakers, and it prevents distortion that can interfere with live performance or group practice.

Pianist Styles

The various included styles assist as an automatic partner, and they play with the user in ten different settings. By using one chord, the Pianist Style can create an entire accompaniment around it. This is the only model in Yamaha’s digital piano lineup that carries this feature.

Flexible Connectivity

The digital piano features line-in and line-out outputs for connecting to external devices without disrupting speaker sound. The USB port allows the user to transfer tracks to a computer.

Design and Layout

The Yamaha P105 is a compact piano in the Yamaha P series. With a length of ‎‎52.2″ and width of 11″, the P105 is a standard-sized keyboard. Since the P-‎‎105 weighs 36 lbs, it’s not the most portable, given that most portable ‎keyboards weigh 30 lbs and less. On the other hand, this piano can be used ‎for gigs as long as you don’t mind the extra poundage. Many pianists see the ‎P-150 as a hybrid between a home and a gigging keyboard. ‎If you live in a home, studio, or dorm, this digital piano will fit nicely even if your ‎space is limited. The keyboard’s black matte finish yields a smooth and shiny ‎surface, which can also be a nice visual touch for your home. ‎Upon purchasing the P-105, you only receive the keyboard itself. In light of ‎that, you’ll have to buy a separate keyboard stand as well as any other ‎accessories you want. If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer sheet music, a ‎stand may not even be necessary. A music rest comes with the package and ‎meets the basic needs of beginners and professionals alike. ‎

Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard

The keys on this piano have standard functionality compared with Yamaha’s ‎other keyboards. With Graded Hammer Standard Action, the P105 delivers ‎reliable key control. ‎An excellent aspect of this keyboard is the incorporation of tiny hammers. ‎Pianists enjoy the feel of these small hammers and often compare the action ‎to a real grand piano. For added realism, the P-105 also features graded keys, ‎which vary the amount of key resistance. The lower keys tend to have a ‎slightly higher resistance than the higher keys on real Pianos due to internal ‎physics. The P-105’s emulation of this effect allows pianists to transition to an ‎acoustic piano effortlessly.‎Though the keyboard doesn’t perfectly mimic the touch of a real Piano, it’s ‎still an excellent value for its price. Keyboards with better action exist but tend ‎to cost over $1000, which can be a hefty price to pay for some. ‎

Tones And Rhythms

With 14 excellent-sounding tones, the keyboard’s database embraces quality ‎over quantity. Some keyboards come with hundreds of sounds, which can be ‎alluring for entertainment seekers. The P-105’s sound quality can be ‎refreshing for those seeking rich and accurate instruments. ‎The keyboards that contain hundreds or thousands of tones may come with ‎two prices. One price being physical cost, and the other being a lack of sound ‎quality. The P-105’s Pure CF sound engine ensures world-class sounds, ‎including two Grand Pianos, four Electric Pianos, three Organs, two Basses, a ‎Vibraphone, Strings, and Harpsichord.‎To produce an ultra-realistic experience, Yamaha took direct audio samples ‎from the world-renowned CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano and put them into the P-‎‎105. So, when you play the P-105, you basically hear the tone of a full-sized ‎Concert Grand. Like many standard keyboards, the P-105 has 128-note ‎polyphony, which is plenty for most people. Polyphony dictates the total ‎number of notes that can be played simultaneously on the keyboard. ‎

Yamaha P-105 Pros & Cons


Realistic Audio

Yamaha P105 uses the Pure CF sound sampling method to capture a genuine acoustic piano sound.

Reliable Action

The instrument has a dependable touch response that realistically offers the same action as the real thing.

Authentic Feel

The feel of the P-105 is quite similar to a genuine piano. The keys are weighted and textured, making it very familiar for piano players and acting as good training for those planning on advancing to the acoustic.


Compared to many other models, the P-105 is much lighter. This weight difference makes it preferable for hauling around to and from practices and performances.

Useful for Practice

Headphone jacks allow for maintaining ideal sound while playing quietly, and its various Function modes allow for group practice sessions and teaching.


Missing Features

In all truth, the P-105 is one of the most impressive models in Yamaha’s lineup, but there are some features found on many other digital pianos that would improve this one. An external speaker system, keyboard cover, pedal and stabilizer could enhance overall functioning of the instrument. It would also do well with direct MIDI connections instead of requiring a USB to MIDI cable.

Yamaha P105 Manual

If you’d like to check out the nitty-gritty of the Yamaha PSR E363, here’s a link to the model’s manual:


Yamaha P-105 Demo with Adam Berzowski


The Yamaha P-105 is a versatile, high-performance instrument. This keyboard ‎is popular amongst a wide variety of pianists, including students, performers, ‎and teachers. With its threshold weight of 36 lbs, the P-105 can serve both ‎home and gigging purposes. ‎To those wanting to take their piano efforts more seriously, this keyboard may ‎be an excellent choice. Given the graded hammers, the P-105’s action is very ‎similar to that of a real Grand Piano. As the keys get lower, they become ‎slightly harder to push down. This realistic graded action offers pianists the ‎ability to transfer to an acoustic piano effortlessly. Beginner pianists often overlook the fact that not every keyboard has ‎weighted action. When they try playing on a real Piano after practicing ‎on non-weighted keys, their skills often don’t translate, and they’re back to ‎square one. The only minor downside to the P-105’s action is that the keys are ‎slightly on the noisy side. However, if you wear headphones, you’ll probably ‎never notice. ‎Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine allows for pristine sounds, some of which ‎come directly from a world-famous Grand Piano. In comparison to lots of ‎keyboards on the market, the P-105’s sound quality is superior. ‎This keyboard also grants you access to couple mode, drum rhythms, splitting, ‎and a two-track MIDI device, all of which are convenient tools to aid practice, ‎performance, and creation. ‎P-105 is an excellent digital piano for anyone that can afford it. In the ‎price range, finding a keyboard of this caliber is uncommon, given its wide ‎variety of functions. ‎With sound quality and portability in mind, the Yamaha P105 is a top-notch ‎keyboard suitable for beginners and professional pianists alike. If you want a ‎dependable keyboard with great sounds, the P-105 may be a stellar choice. ‎


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