Where to Buy Yamaha Keyboard

Where to Buy Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha is often one of the first brands that people think of when they want to buy a keyboard.

This well-recognized brand churns out high-quality products that cater to both professional and amateur pianists and that too, at quite an affordable price range. Regardless of where you stand in your musical journey, Yamaha definitely has a keyboard for you.

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However, the struggle that most customers face is not with the type of Yamaha keyboard they should get but where to get it from. With so many online and offline sources, the number of online and offline stores from where one can buy a Yamaha keyboard make the whole buying process very overwhelming. But don’t worry; this article serves as the perfect guide to getting a Yamaha keyboard from sources that won’t disappoint you.

The Best Websites to Get a Yamaha Keyboard

There is no need to physically visit a piano store and go through the inconvenience of having to travel when you can easily get a desirable Yamaha keyboard online.

 The key is to buy the musical instrument from a reliable source to avoid getting scammed out of your money. Here are some of the most reliable websites where you can purchase your Yamaha keyboard from:

Best Websites to Buy a Yamaha Keyboard in the United States

  1. Synthesizers and Workstations (Some of the items are eligible for Canadian shipment, too).
  2. Musician’s Friend

Best Websites to Buy a Yamaha Keyboard in Canada

  1. Yamaha Canada Music
  2. AXE Music

Best Websites to Buy a Yamaha Keyboard in the United Kingdom

  1. Yamaha UK and Ireland
  2. Yamaha Music London

Best Websites to Buy a Yamaha Keyboard in Australia

  1. Yamaha Music Australia
  2. Digital Pianos and Keyboards

How to Tell If a Website Is Trustworthy

Where to Buy Yamaha Keyboard

While purchasing an item from an online source sounds convenient, it is equally risky as the online market is chock-full of fake, unreliable websites. After hearing this, the question on your mind might be – how do you know whether a website is reliable or not? Given below are some ways to check the reliability of a website:

1. Look for the Contact Information

According to a survey, 44% of visitors leave a website if it lacks proper contact information. This goes to show that an ideal and safe website must have an authentic phone number, email address, a physical address (if they have one), social media accounts, and return policy (if applicable).

2. Observe the Quality of the Website

A reliable website gives importance to the quality of its content. So carefully observe the content that has been uploaded to the site. If it has grammar errors or spelling mistakes, it is likely to be an untrustworthy website.

Also, take a look at the “About Us” page and read about the seller in detail – its history and achievements. If you’re unsure about the seller, you can always do a quick Google search to check whether they’re legit or not.

3. Look for Website Reviews

One of the best ways to check the legitimacy of a website is by examining the feedback left by its customers. If the website doesn’t feature a “customer review” section, then visit the site’s social media accounts where previous customers may have shared their opinions. Positive reviews are an indication that the website is worthy of your consideration.

4. Consider a Secure Connection in Your Browser Address Bar

A reliable website always uses a secure connection, which is often indicated by the prefix “https://.” Some browsers also give hints for a reliable website, such as changing the color of the address bar or showing a security icon.

 Secure connections are a good indicator of reliability as they encrypt incoming and outgoing information, making it almost impossible for hackers to breach the site’s security.

Best Offline Places to Buy a Yamaha Keyboard

If you’re not comfortable with purchasing a Yamaha keyboard online, you can get a high-quality Yamaha keyboard from a physical store as well. If you’re in southern California, we recommend that you visit West Valley Music, which is centrally located in downtown Los Angeles, two blocks from Cal train and Light Rail Station. Another great option (if you live in Utah) is Piano Gallery in Salt Lake City.

In Canada, you can purchase a Yamaha keyboard from two popular music stores – Piano Heritage in Quebec and Long & McQuade Musical Instruments.

In the United Kingdom, the best stores to buy a Yamaha Keyboard from are KeySound in Leicester and Musicland in Romford, England, while in Australia, some great musical stores are Australian Piano Warehouse and Australian Piano Center.

Where to Buy a Second-Hand Yamaha Keyboard?

Where to Buy Yamaha Keyboard

Whether you need to save money or are on a tight budget, purchasing a used Yamaha keyboard is always a wise option. Keep in mind that not every online source sells quality second-hand instruments. For new and used offers, Amazon is a great place to start with.

The Cost of a Yamaha Keyboard

When it comes to a Yamaha keyboard, a higher price means a better instrument. But if you are a beginner or buying a Yamaha keyboard for a toddler, it is wise to invest in a low-priced keyboard. You can easily purchase a Yamaha keyboard for under $500.

However, if you are leaning toward a high-end Yamaha keyboard, you have a wide price range that you can work with. Yamaha keyboards range in price from $500 to $10000.

Tips for Finding the Best Yamaha Keyboard

Where to Buy Yamaha Keyboard

When getting a Yamaha keyboard, make sure that you know the type of keyboard you want – a digital piano, a synthesizer, etc. It is also crucial to understand why you’re buying the keyboard in the first place – do you want to learn how to play? Are you an expert that wants a high-end keyboard? Do you want to produce your own music?

In the absence of any musical inspiration, you can get an inexpensive one. Always select the keyboard with keys that are easy to play. Along with looking at suitable keys, consider the number of keys the keyboard has as well.

Consider these tips while looking for the best Yamaha keyboard (from the sources mentioned above) and surely, you will be on your way to choosing the right Yamaha keyboard for you.

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