Yamaha MO8 Review (2021)

Yamaha MO8 88Key + Factory Box + Sustain Pedal + FAST-SAFE-SHIP + LOOK 12 PICS

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Looking at the MO8, it is the direct descendant of the pro-level MOTIF ES. Yamaha MOTIF & Yamaha S90ES are definitely the finest sounding boards in their category. But they also demand a price, which many of us might not be willing to pay. If you are looking for S90Es balanced hammer action keyboard technology, and MOTIF’s awesome sequencing feature and DAW integration in one package, then Yamaha MO8 is your answer.

Table Of Contents Yamaha MO8 Video OverviewProfessional Musicians Love the Effects EngineSophisticated Arpeggiator Even for Authentic Guitar FillsEqually Inspired for the Stage or StudioMO8 Demo with Tony Escueta

Yamaha MO8 Video Overview

Professional Musicians Love the Effects Engine


The MO8’s amazing voices, powerful filters drive, high quality effects and Mega voice technology will leave you stunned. The MO8 has the sophisticated synth you will need to create today’s popular music such as pop, urban, hip-hop, electronic, techno, and more.

MO8 uses the same powerful AWM2 sound engine as the MOTIF ES. The 88-key music production brings all the MOTIF sounds within reach of most professional musicians. Sound-quality is the heart of any workstation keyboard.

If it can’t provide this basic need of every musician then the other advanced features presented in the keyboard appear useless. MO8 will never disappoint you when it comes to sound quality. The MO8 features the most lauded acoustic grand piano patches.

Sophisticated Arpeggiator Even for Authentic Guitar Fills

Yamaha MO8 88Key + Factory Box + Sustain Pedal + FAST-SAFE-SHIP + LOOK 12 PICS

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The Megavoice instrument works with a sophisticated arpeggiator to create nuances such as guitar pull-offs and hammer-ons, or over-breath noise and clarinet grace notes.

The MO8 boasts of impressive analog-synth modeling capabilities similar to MOTIF ES.

The board also features a four oscillator sound generator architecture, dynamic envelope controls, and multi-band filters that can be used to recreate a history of modern musical synthesis.

The MO8 features every vintage synth sound you can think of. The MO8 presents an array of sliders and knobs for real-time control over individual parameter in the instruments along with comprehensive DSP effects. The amazing features such as studio-quality effects, hundreds of voices, Eqs, reverbs, choruses, lo-fi digital scratching, compressors, slicing, and beat change effects makes it a complete Music Production Keyboard. All the features present in MO8 will inspire you to create your signature sounds.

Equally Inspired for the Stage or Studio


The MO8 is an expressive instrument that will inspire your performance on stage as well as in the studio. The balanced hammer effect keys technology and the tactile feel will give you an experience of playing an acoustic piano.

Some of the astounding features such as electric pianos, tone-wheel organs, and real-time effects such as vintage phasers will add depth to your music during stage performances or while on tour.

The MO8 has provided a lavish full-color screen, which makes the navigation pretty easy, and you will be able to find the right sounds you need with great ease. The presets “scenes” comprises multi-voice patches, groove phrases and some special sound effects, which can be accessed from a single “Master Mode” setting.


Easy to use, lightweight, sturdy construction, easy navigation


Less sounds, slightly expensive in comparison to the features provided.

Yamaha can be easily integrated into your home studio setup. The MO8 uses Mackie’s near universal control protocol, which helps to control all virtual instrument parameters and basic DAW functions such as track volume, panning, transport controls. The MO8 is incorporated with multi-zone mapping capabilities and full MIDI I/O. MO8 allows complete software/hardware integration. The “Total Recall” feature works with DAW to save external hardware setting of other hardware synths or MO8 in the same project master file. Yamaha MO8 is lightweight and a rugged traveler.

MO8 Demo with Tony Escueta


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