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2Yamaha DGX-650Read Our ReviewSee prices on Amazon.com
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4Yamaha P-45Read Our ReviewSee prices on Amazon.com
5Casio CTK-4400Read Our ReviewSee prices on Amazon.com

Roland Keyboards have really come a long way in its 30 year history of producing keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos.

Taking the Lead

This piano company created the first non-keyboard drum machine and is always on the forefront of innovation and technology, particularly as it relates to percussion technology. Yet, it has produced some notable keyboards over the past 3 decades. In fact, they are widely popular when it comes to urban, dance and techno music production!

Roland keyboards

Not Just for Techno Fans

However, these products are not just for the techno musician  but can be enjoyed by the whole family. Just imagine your son or daughter behind a keyboard piano entertaining the family or better yet your friends!

You’ll be proud to show them off! Or if you are a pianist yourself, then get behind a Roland piano and enjoy the touch and sound that emanates from one of these fine pianos.

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  1. John oldpianoman  - August 8, 2015 - 10:41 pm

    The new Roland lx-17 leaves the others for dead when it comes to pure piano sound, the others might have more gimmicks but for the nearest to the pure sound of a great piano Roland rules the roost, the top Yamaha sounds electronic in the middle range and slightly dead when compared to the total range of the Roland, the Roland sings and has the ring and timber of a genuine acoustic piano, just listen to the Lx-17 on Youtube, you cant pick it from the real thing.

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