Roland Keyboards & Digital Pianos: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Roland keyboards and digital pianos are prized for their excellent features, sounds, and rhythms, which is why many professionals, intermediate players, and novice pianists play one of their models at some point in their music journey. 

If you are a potential customer or a loyal customer, you may have a question or two (or more!) regarding Roland keyboards. In this article, we’ve gathered a series of questions and answers that Roland customers have for this world-renowned piano and keyboard company. 

  • How Do I Contact Roland Support?

Roland support is available from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. You can contact them via their contact number (323) 890-3740. You can also send in your query via their online email support system. You will get a response within 24 working hours by a member of their customer care support staff. 

If you are interested in ordering parts or have any repair issues, you can contact Roland’s Parts and Service department at (323) 890-3771. This department is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

  • Where are Roland Digital Pianos Made?

Roland is a Japanese manufacturing company of electronic musical instruments. The founder – Ikutaro Kakehashi founded the company in Osaka on April 18, 1972. However, the company’s headquarter was relocated to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

 Apart from Japan, the company has its factories in various parts of the world, including Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States. Its testing laboratory is located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, and the main offices are in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. 

  •  How Much Is a Roland Digital Piano?

There isn’t any fixed price when it comes to Roland digital pianos. The price of each Roland digital piano varies depending on its size, design, model, and overall features. Generally, the price of a Roland digital piano starts as low as $400 and can go to as high as $20,000. 

Beginners can consider purchasing a digital piano within the price range of $500 – $900. Low-priced digital pianos come with basic features, apt for first-timers. Since they are inexpensive, they are great for first-time pianists for practicing and brushing up on their piano skills. Intermediate and advanced/professional pianists can go for slightly expensive Roland pianos, ranging from $1200 to $19000. 

  • Where to Buy Roland Digital Pianos from?

There are plenty of online and offline sources from where one can buy Roland digital pianos. One of the most popular websites where you can find an extensive range of Roland pianos is

If you want to get Roland pianos at a more reasonable price, visit and to utilize their amazing sales offers. 

You can also purchase Roland pianos directly from a Roland store in the UK, USA, Japan and a number of Middle Eastern Countries. Shopping in-store will give you an edge as you get to compare the prices and qualities of different digital pianos. Plus, you can play the piano to assess its overall playability –whether or not the keys are easy to press, the sound they produce, if the keyboard is tuned or not, how difficult or smooth it is to play, etc. 

  • How to Turn on a Roland Digital Piano?

First and foremost, you will need to use both your hands to open the lid of the piano. Make sure that you do it from the edge of the lid and push it away from yourself. 

Once you have opened the lid, you will need to press the “switch on” button. After a short while, you can play the piano. Check that it’s working properly by pressing each key. This will also let you know whether any of the keys are faulty and need to be repaired. To change the volume, use the volume buttons – press [+] to increase the volume and press [-] to lower the volume. This will change the volume of the speaker of your keyboard or the volume of your earphones/headphones, but ensure that these devices are properly connected to adjust the volume. 

  • How to Turn off a Roland Digital Piano?

Once you are done playing a Roland digital piano, you can turn off the instrument by pressing the “turn off” switch. Next, gently hold the piano lid from its right and left corners and gently lower it down using both your hands. 

Be vigilant while closing the lid to avoid getting your fingers pinched between the lid and the panel. If a small child is using the piano, make sure that they close the lid with the assistance of an adult. 

  • How to Fix Keys on a Roland Keyboard?

For a DIY Roland key repair, you will need to turn off the keyboard first. Next, loosen the screws on the back and the rear side of the keyboard with the help of a screwdriver.

Look for the broken key and carefully extract it out. Check whether the white hammer, the one that ensures the movement of the keys, is broken or not. If it is, replace it with a new one. Once the new hammer perfectly fits in its place, slide in the new key that is perched over the hammer. Now, tightly screw the back cover of the keyboard on and turn it on to play the instrument! 

  • How to Replace the Hammer in a Roland Digital Upright Piano?

To successfully replace the hammer in a Roland digital upright piano, follow the tutorial below:

  • How to Repair a Roland Digital Piano?

Your Roland piano may act up for a bunch of reasons. Being equipped with DIY repair skills will allow you to fix the problem (whatever it may be) at the earliest. In case your piano doesn’t turn on, check the rechargeable battery or the adapter, which could be dead or damaged. If a replacement is needed, look for these parts online on Amazon or order them from the Roland Company. 

If the keyboard turns on but produces no sound, make sure that the volume is on. Even then, if the instrument produces no sound, check the headphone jack and the speaker cable. If everything is fine, then the culprit could be dead keys. In that case, you will need to replace them with new ones.

If the buttons on your keyboard are not functioning, it is likely that a “panel lock” is on. Turn off the panel lock by turning off both the volume and the keyboard. As you turn the power back on, the panel lock will be off, and the buttons should function. 

  • How to Clean a Roland Keyboard?

One of the most popular ways to clean Roland keyboards is by using a cleaning solution. Take a bowl and mix 2 drops of a dishwashing liquid in some water. Take a clean, dry cloth that is also soft and white in color. Dip it in the solution and gently clean all the keys with it. Doing so will help eliminate dust or fingerprints (if any) on the keys. 

Once you have cleaned the keys individually, take another dry cloth, and wipe off the excess that may be on the keyboard. You can also use a commercial cleaning and maintenance spray bottle to clean your Roland digital keyboard.

We hope we’ve answered most of your FAQs; for more information, you can visit the official website of Roland and discover more about the company. 


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