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Alesis Recital

The Alesis Recital and Alesis Recital Pro are some of the best options for piano keyboards available on the market today. Both feature 88 full-sized keys –  the Alesis Recital has semi-weighted keys and the Pro has weighted keys, making both models a good choice for pianists at any level – from beginner to pro.

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If you already own the Alesis Recital or intend to buy one and are still in the process of figuring out how it works, read ahead to find answers to some key questions:

How Do I Contact Alesis Support?

You can use the link below to reach the Alesis Support page. Here, you can use the provided telephone numbers to speak to a guide on the phone if you live in the regions provided. Alternatively, you can use their online help option to get any query answered.  

Alesis Recital Support

How to Connect MIDI from the Alesis Recital Pro to GarageBand

Use the MIDI cable to connect the MIDI interface to your computer. Once you’ve connected the two devices, open GarageBand on your computer and click on start a new project. Power on your keyboard and turn the volume down (so you can hear the sound emitting from your computer).

Start playing notes, and if you’ve connected everything properly, GarageBand should be playing those notes with you. Experiment and create different melodies.

Here are some helpful videos that will help you connect to GarageBand:

How to Increase the Volume of the Alesis Recital Piano

You may find that after the initial use, the volume of your Alesis Recital may fluctuate or get automatically lowered. If this occurs, it has a super easy fix- factory reset your keyboard.

The keyboard has only one external volume setting, but some internal volume or sensitivity settings may go out of place that can affect the volume.

To return your keyboard to its factory settings, hold the reverb and chorus buttons and simultaneously power your keyboard.

Just remember that this will reset a range of default values, including reverb, chorus, metronome, volume, MIDI settings, touch sensitivity and the auto power option.

If this doesn’t work, you can reset your keyboard by holding down the Chorus and Lesson buttons for 10 seconds.

If neither of these options seems to be working, contact Alesis through the Support information provided in the previous section.

How to Set Up Alesis Recital Pro to Mac

Connect your Alesis Recital Pro to your Mac device through the USB port. This will allow you to access software that will help you learn how to play the piano and also record your music by playing it through software such as GarageBand.

How to Turn Off Internal Speakers on Alesis Recital Pro

The only way to turn off the internal speakers is to plug in your headphones on to your keyboard. This way, the sound will be muted and only audible through the headset.

How Does the Alesis Recital Feel YouTube?

You can use the following video link for an introduction to the Alesis Recital:

How to Record with Alesis Recital

In order to start recording, you will need to connect your keyboard to your computer. You can do this with the help of a USB A to B cable (or a printer cable). You will also need to download recording software, which is most likely going to be paid (although some offer a free trial). Once you’ve set up the software and your keyboard and PC are connected, you’re ready to start recording.

How to Reverb the Alesis Recital

To reverb your instrument, press the reverb button on your display to turn it on. Once the LED light is on, you have the option to alter the reverb type. Enter the Function Mode by pressing the function button and then turn the value dial to select the reverb type, such as Hall 1, Hall 2, etc. Repeat the same steps and set the Function Mode to Reverb Depth. If you want to turn the reverb off, simply press the reverb button until the light turns off.

How to Adjust Tempo on Alesis Recital

Start off by turning on the Metronome button (an LED light will switch on). In order to adjust the tempo, enter the Function Mode and turn the Value Dial to select your required tempo.

You can adjust the tempo between 30-280 beats/minute. If your screen is inactive for 7 seconds, it will return to the main screen.

How to Layer Different Sounds on the Alesis Recital

Alesis Recital

With the Layer Mode, you can layer two different voices for a more complex sound. Start off by pressing one of the Voice buttons to select the first sound. Press the Layer Mode button and when the LED light switches on, it will be enabled.

Press and hold the Layer button and then press the Voice button to select the second sound. The display will show this second sound as R2. When you play the keys, you will hear the two sounds layered together.

The sound selected first will be the Upper Voice and the one selected second will be the Lower Voice.

To disable Layer Mode, just press the layer button until the LED light switches off.

Where is the Headphone Jack on the Alesis Recital Piano?

The headphone jack is located on the rear panel of the keyboard and has a ¼ inch diameter. Once you plug your headphones, sound from the internal speakers will automatically turn off and will then only be heard through the headphones.

How Do I Adjust Touch Sensitivity on Alesis 88-Key Recital?

If the touch sensitivity function is off, the keys will have a fixed response despite how hard they are pressed. In order to enable and adjust touch sensitivity, press the Function button and enter the Function Mode, then turn the Value Dial.

When the parameter flashes, edit it to select the touch sensitivity from options, such as fixed velocity, soft, medium, etc. These values will be represented by numbers that you check in the manual to find the setting you need. If the system is inactive for 7 seconds, it will return to the main display.

How to Change Metronome on the Alesis Recital

Use the Metronome button to turn it on or off. When the Metronome is on, an LED light will flash with the set tempo. The tempo may be adjusted from 30-28 beats/minutes. The Metronome will not work while the keyboard is in Demo Playback mode.

How to Attach an Alesis Recital Keyboard to a Stand

Open the stand and attach the loops with the screws pointing upward. Before placing your keyboard on the stand, turn it over and locate the screw holes that the loops of the stand will fit into. You can use the following video tutorial as a guide:

Where is the Headphone Jack on the Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner?

The size and location of the headphone jack on the Alesis Recital Beginner is the same as that on the Alesis Recital (check the section above).

How to Play MIDI Files on an Alesis Recital

Connect your MIDI cable to your keyboard and your computer. Search online for a MIDI file version of the song you wish to play. This will lead you to a clickable link. If you double-click on it, the sound will start playing through your electronic keyboard.

What is the Action on the Alesis Recital Pro?

The Alesis Recital Pro keys are controlled by hammer action mimicking the action on a full, acoustic piano.

How to Turn on Sustain Alesis Recital

The sustain pedal can be hooked onto the keyboard through a port located on the rear panel of the instrument. In order to adjust the reverb, do it the same you would when the sustain pedal isn’t plugged in (see how to reverb the Alesis Recital).

How to Change Piano Sounds on the Alesis Recital

Press the Modulation button and wait for the LED light to turn on. You can now choose a modulation effect, such as:

  • Piano- tremolo
  • Organ- rotary
  • Harpsichord- vibrato, etc.

How to Record via USB on the Alesis Recital Pro

The USB port on your keyboard will allow you to transfer MIDI files from another device such as a computer or a tablet to your keyboard. Connect one end of the USB cable to your keyboard and the other to your computer.

Download software compatible with your keyboard (for instance, Casio devices have their own Casio apps). Power on your keyboard and open the software where you will find it as a connectable device. Once you start playing, it will be recorded on the software (some of the more premium options will also allow you to adjust the melodies recorded).

Alesis Recital Pro 88 Note Digital Piano | Gear4music demo

Wrapping Up

We hope to have answered any queries you may have regarding your Alesis Recital (or Alesis Recital Pro). For any further queries, you can contact the Alesis Recital Support or consult the following manual:

Alesis Recital Manual


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