Yamaha PSR-E443 Review

Yamaha PSR-E443 Review
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Yamaha is known for making lots of various products, these days, but they started out making pianos and reed organs over a century ago. The company’s world-class concert pianos and state-of-the-art keyboards have garnered great respect from professional musicians at all levels of the music industry. With a huge range of capabilities, incredible built-in sounds, and advanced connectivity, the PSR-E443 brings impressive versatility to an affordable instrument.

Tactile Control

The tactile controls of the Yamaha PSR-E443 give it the feel and control of an analog synthesizer, a feature that’s further enhanced by two real-time control knobs. One, the pitch bend wheel, that offers real-time pitch control for true-to-life play, while the other controls a state-of-the-art Arpeggio function with amazing potential for inspiration and fun.

Incredible Arpeggio

The Arpeggio function offers smooth playability with 150 different Arpeggio patterns. Hold Mode and Allocated key-range features allow you to keep your hands free, leaving you free to improvise over patterns that evolve and adjust around your own notes and chords. The potential for creativity is limitless.

Serious Sound

The PSR-E443 holds 755 unique Voices that offer a huge range of eclectic sounds. Included among them are special Sweet! and Cool! Voices utilizing Yamaha’s advanced Voice technologies. The Sweet! sounds realistically simulate detailed, natural acoustic instruments, while the Cool! sounds superbly emulate the nuanced and dynamic textures of electric instruments.

Sophisticated Style

Nearly 200 different styles include updated world sounds like Brazilian, Indian, Arabic, Mexican, and Chinese, giving you a world of possibility and playability when you’re looking to jam. In addition, the PSR-E443’s unique pattern function brings a vast array of loops and beats that create dynamic, varied music on the fly, with more features like retrigger and crossfade giving you even more power in your performance.

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Accessible Music Database

Over 300 fantastic songs are included in the PSR-E443’s intelligent music database. Once you’ve chosen one, the database will automatically set up the most suitable Voices and accompaniment, setting you up for an inspiring and engaging jam.

Get Connected

The PSR-E443 can connect to an external audio player using its AUX IN jacks, so you can play along with all your favorite tracks. With its advanced vocal/melody suppression feature, which lowers the volume of melody and vocal lines, you can even take on the job of lead keys in your favorite band.

Stay Connected

The ability to connect with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch lets you use innovative apps like Yamaha’s Visual Performer, Scale Tuner, and Metronome. Visual Performer adds incredible, animated imagery to input from MIDI devices (like the PSR-E443) and project visual interpretations of your performance’s velocity and pitch.

Scale Tuner gives you dynamic control over the tuning of your keyboard using a variety of preset scales, or even custom scales that you’ve created and saved. Metronome is an advanced timing app that brings all the advanced features of Yamaha’s versatile ClickStation programmable metronome to your iOS device.

Learn Your Own Way

The PSR-E443 also includes the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) – a suite of tools that lets you learn to play in the best possible way. The Lesson feature guides you through the various parts of a song, the Lighted Key Guide shows you which keys to play, and the Fingering Guide on the display shows you how to position your hands. It will even grade your performance to help you improve!


Yamaha’s PSR-E443 Portable Keyboard is an incredibly dynamic and versatile instrument. Perfect for musicians of all levels, it’s a wonderful tool for learning to play, but can also serve as a professional companion in composition and practice. With a huge range of Voices, songs, and sounds, anyone looking for a powerful portable keyboard would do well to consider the Yamaha PSR-E443.

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  1. Jane A.  - November 28, 2014 - 4:42 pm

    I’m not a music connoisseur. I bought this for my son because it was the one of the latest Yamaha models and it has many sounds and features and looks great too. Good value for the money.

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