Yamaha NP-V60 Review

Yamaha NP-V60 Review
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Yamaha has been making musical instruments for over 100 years, and while they’ve since grown to make a whole lot more, the company has remained true to their origins. With its superior sound quality and exceptional playability in a conveniently portable package, the Yamaha NP-V60 Piaggero 76-Key Digital Piano is just one more example of their commitment to quality and innovation in music.

Convenient Design

This digital keyboard is compact and stylish. Weighing just 15.7 pounds, the NP-V60 is easy to transport between your home and practice studio, or even just between rooms. With a sleek 4.4-inch profile and dimensions of just 49.8-inches by 12.3-inches deep, it will also easily fit comfortably in your car for travel.

Comfortable Play

The Yamaha NP-V60 is built with Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch (GST) key action, which emulates the resistance in the keys of a natural acoustic piano. As you move down the keys of an acoustic piano, the resistance gradually increases from the high notes to the low notes as the hammers gradually increase in size. Simulating this characteristic is very important in developing and maintaining accurate touch and proper technique during practice.

Exceptional Voice

While the sound quality of a digital piano is often expected to lessen as the price of the piano goes down, that’s simply not the case in the affordable Yamaha NP-V60. The rich sounds of Yamaha’s world-class grand pianos is beautifully reproduced in their digital models, and you’ll notice that it stands out significantly when compared with many of its competitors.

Supreme Samples

The NP-V60 uses Yamaha’s patented Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling technology to bring a variety of popular instrument voices to life. Organ, string, and guitar voices are all included, as well as a full orchestra of options. In addition, the inclusion of XGlite voices, drums, and special effects kits ensures compatibility with Standard-MIDI and XG song files.

Eclectic Style

With 160 preset styles, the NP-V60 is loaded to deliver intelligent accompaniment during your practice jam sessions. Styles that range through every genre from electronic beats to basic jazz and rock rhythms, each with unique intros, endings, and variations, all dynamically respond to your play. You play louder, it plays louder, and with the synchronized start feature, you’ll be right on time from the very first beat.


When you connect your computer or iPad to the NP-V60, you can access apps like Note Star. Yamaha’s Note Star app provides hands-free digital sheet music that turns the pages in time with the music, so you can keep your hands on the piano while you read. The ever-expanding collection of music features classical solos, timeless songs, and even modern hits. It’s all offered along with realistic audio backing tracks, professional vocal backing tracks, and a large collection of engaging lessons.


The NP-V60 comes with a built-in six-track recording system with 1.8MB of storage space that’s capable of holding up to five songs. It also plays back Standard-MIDI Files (SMF), and features keyboard functions such as panel sustain, splitting and layering. Transposition and tuning controls are both included, and it has the all-important metronome built in with a tempo range from 11 to 280 bpm.


The Yamaha NP-V60 Piaggero 76-Key Digital Piano is an excellent and affordable practice instrument that’s perfect for learning to play or for teaching students. It has everything an aspiring musician could want – quality voices, a natural feel, dynamic practice support, and even an app that will help musicians of any age or skill level improve their play, learn new songs, and most importantly, have fun!

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  1. Jan  - November 28, 2014 - 4:13 pm

    If you’re expecting piano-like keys you will be disappointed with this keyboard. The keys are cheap plastic. This is more of a toy than a musical instrument.

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