Yamaha DGX-650 Review

Yamaha DGX-650 Review
Overall Customer Rating4.884.884.884.884.88
Yamaha DGX-650 has an average rating of 4.88 out of 5 based on 8 user reviews.
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The Yamaha DGX-650 has 88 keys and is sampled from a Yamaha CFFIIIS concert grand piano. Within this price range, it is one of the most realistic sounding keyboards. The action and sound quality are up to any task. While it’s marketed as a portable, digital, grand piano, it’s quite heavy. It doesn’t require a lot of space, but you might not want to move it frequently.

The DGX-650 utilizes Yamaha’s famous Pure CF Sound Technology. The dynamic range is adequate even for those at the professional level. No similarly priced, portable keyboard can match the dynamic range of the DGX-650. A lack of dynamic control is one of the common complaints lodged at less-capable digital keyboards.

A sound catalog is included and addition songs can be downloaded from the associated Yamaha website. It’s possible to play along with some of the most popular music acts in the world. Play with Elton John, Adele, Coldplay, and more without leaving the comfort of your own home. 100 preset songs are included.

Sound Features

The keyboard has 128-note polyphony and includes 147 voice presets, 15 drum/SFX kits, and 318 XGlite voices. Also included are 44 choruses, 36 reverb channels, and 5 EQ’s. There’s a tremendous amount of tonal flexibility available to customize your sound.

Playing Enhancements

All 88-keys have Yamaha’s Scaled Graded Hammer action with three weight settings. The effect can even be turned off completely. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer touch, the DGX-650 can accommodate. If your knowledge of chords is a little rusty, the Smart Chord function will allow chords to be played with a single finger.

The Accompaniment feature can fill-in the backgrounds of your composition. The keyboard will even recommend styles, taking into account your preferences and personal playing style. 195 preset accompaniment styles are available.

Learn to Play

The Yamaha Education Suite is included. It’s one of the better tools available for learning to play. The keyboard can be split to allow for student and teacher to play together.

The 320×420 LCD display is monochrome delivers the lyrics and score as you play along. The screen is small but easy to read. The contrast is excellent.


Store up to 1.7 megabytes of your compositions. As many as 5 songs can be recorded and stored. The 6-track recording is enough for most composition needs. A USB port is available when more storage is desired. Of course, you can play back your songs, too.

Included Accessories

To further mold your sound, a Pitch Bend control and damper pedal are also part of the package. The option exists for a 3-pedal unit, but is not included with the keyboard. A stand for your keyboard, music rest, and AC power cable are also in the box. Everything you need to get started comes with the keyboard.


The Yamaha DGX-650 is an exceptional all-around digital grand piano. It’s not designed to mimic a grand piano as much as some offerings, but the large number of voices and sound effects are important to many players. The sound quality is extremely good, and the LCD screen really simplifies the operation. It’s a great option for those that want the feel and sound of a grand piano with the flexibility of additional effects and voices.

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  1. Dario Guerrero  - November 27, 2014 - 11:25 am

    I decided on Yamaha DGX 650 because it combines a great piano sound with a ton of features and effects that normally are only found on workstations. All of this at a reasonable price too. I upgraded from YPG 535, the new DGX 650 has more memory, more voice and styles and 128-note polyphony. This bad boy has an new sound engine and it sounds great. If you’re looking for more authentic piano sound you’re going to have to buy a used upright and have it professionally tuned. This is as good as it gets for digital pianos.

  2. Darren Levine  - November 28, 2014 - 11:32 am

    I’ve been playing baby grand piano for over 20 years but I finally had to get rid of it. It became impractical to keep the piano while moving from city to city. I decided to get a digital piano that can be moved easily. After a lot of reading on the web I decided on DGX 650 and I’m glad I did. My new Yamaha sounds just like baby grand piano. It also has many additional features that I’ll probably never use. My only complaint is that the pedals are cheap plastic but you can get a replacement for that, otherwise it’s a great instrument.

  3. Ed P.  - November 28, 2014 - 12:10 pm

    This digital piano doesn’t sound exactly like an acoustic one it’s pretty darn close to it. We have an old Baldwin that needs to be tuned every couple of months. Because of the maintenance costs for the acoustic piano we decided to buy a digital one. We like the sound of DGX 650 and that’s the model we bought. When we got home and compared the Yamaha sound to the Baldwin, there was a big difference. So I started studying the manual and tweaking different settings until I got it to sound very close to real thing. I like the way keyboard feels and the fact that you can set it to different resistance settings (I like to hit the keys lightly).
    Based on our research in the music store, this keyboard is far better than anything in this price range and even most keyboards twice more expensive. My advice to parents buying keyboards for kids – don’t buy a cheap one thinking it’s just for practice. Your kid will spend hundreds of hours practicing, if the keyboard is bad it’ll make their experience a miserable one and that might actually be a difference between becoming an accomplished player and giving up on piano.

  4. M. A. L.  - January 31, 2015 - 4:38 pm

    I am a geek when it comes to instruments and I want you to have a full picture of what you are getting with this keyboard. I am going to walk you through an “unboxing”.
    Assembling the unit was a breeze. The bench went together quickly. You do need a socket wrench for the assembly so make sure you have it ready to go. The stand went together in about 15 minutes. I had my buddy help me so it might take longer if you are doing it yourself. If you have ever put together bookcases or self-assembled stuff form IKEA you know that the quality can be sketchy. Not with this keyboard stand, the material is really high quality. It looks like a nice piece of furniture.

    So once it’s all set up you are ready to try it out. I love the sound of this overall. The natural grand piano setting is my favorite it really is exceptionally clear and strong. The bass is less so but actually more than adequate in both sustain and decay. And if you must have more bass it can be boosted with the addition of a keyboard amp. There are lots of voices, too many for my taste, but others may enjoy the variety.

    There are also tons of functions. More than I care to learn about but if you are into that they have included a very comprehensive instruction manual. I took one look at it and decided I just like to play the piano I don’t want to tackle all those added features but some will surely scream with excitement when they see what all this instrument can do!

    The sound is great, the bench and stand are quality, and the bundled equipment seals the deal. Recommended highly!

  5. Val Emmett  - January 31, 2015 - 4:41 pm

    The entire kit was contained in one large box. The bundle contained a keyboard, stand, bench, pedal, keyboard cover, music book, and headphones. Everything you need to enjoy this keyboard right out of the box, assembly required though. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and some pliers or socket set and assembly is a snap. The bench is easily put together with a few bolts, I added extra washers to get a really snug fit, as I hate wobbly legs. The stand uses a slew of screws to assemble but seems to be very sturdy and able to adequately support the keyboard which is fairly heavy. For this reason I would make two suggestions. 1. Assemble it where you want it to be, it’s too heavy to be dragging around later. 2. Get a friend to help lift the keyboard to the stand; I almost gave myself a hernia trying to do it alone.

    The included headset and pedal are nice enough if you don’t already own them but they are not top quality. The book is an Alfred and the DVD is a basic piano instruction guide, nothing special but a good overview for a beginner. I donated mine to my niece’s school, they seemed happy with it.

    The piano itself is a real beaut. It’s pretty in my formal living room and the sound is exceptional. The keys have a natural feel, very similar to an acoustic piano. There are many features: voices, songs, styles, etc. I probably won’t use them all but they are fun to have. I like that the keyboard can sound like two instruments at the same time and that using the midi or usb port you can record songs or play other songs from a computer.

  6. Amy  - January 31, 2015 - 4:43 pm

    I love that this keyboard has such an authentic sound. I am a semi-pro and have played many keyboards that sounded like keyboards but this one sounds like an acoustic to me. The feel of the keys is similar to an acoustic as well. I enjoy having the full 88 keys perhaps this also lends itself to the authentic feel. The tone is as you would expect the lower notes are heavy and the higher notes light and quiet.

    Recording is super easy once you get the hang of it. I feel this feature alone will help propel my music career to the next level. The instruction manual is detailed and technical and this was a bit tricky for me to get through but not impossible. I feel I learned quickly how to master the functions and I am enjoying having them. A great buy for me!

  7. cynthia aluia  - January 31, 2015 - 4:45 pm

    I let my son take my old keyboard to college. He thought he came out ahead in that deal but really it was a great win for me, I got a new keyboard! This piano has a great sound and a real good feel on the fingers. I like that it came with a matching bench which I didn’t have before. It makes it look more like a piece of furniture rather than something you’d find in a dorm room.

    This digital comes with lots of features included, a lot I am not familiar with but as an empty nester I have some time to learn! I like the headsets that came with the keyboard, my wife really likes them, I play a lot at night! The cover is nice to keep our cats off the keys. And the sustain pedal is nice if you just want something basic. I opted to upgrade to the three pedal attachment as this pedal really doesn’t cut the mustard, it’s more like a simple square. I can’t complain though this entire kit was the same price as the plain old keyboard so all the little extras were really just freebies. I love this set up and would recommend it to others looking for a great deal on a great keyboard.

  8. Christian Halket  - May 7, 2015 - 1:48 am

    I bought the Yamaha Dgx 650 over a year ago now. Before that I had a 76 non weighted key Casio wk-6500. The dgx was a HUGE upgrade from that, the sound is incredible, the touch feels amazing, you can adjust the touch sensitivity if needed. It had a vast amount of sounds to choose from with added layering affect which can create an amazing piano sound.

    If you’re looking for a great piano best in its price range, the dgx650 will be he one for you! This piano won’t disappoint!

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