What is the Cost to Restring a Piano?

The cost to restring a piano can actually be quite expensive for a number of reasons. Indeed, even the most modest piano is actually very complex instrument, thus making many of the repairs quite difficult.

Because of this, there are many factors that go into restringing a piano. Considering all this, before encountering the cost to restring a piano some questions definitely need to be asked. These would include the following:

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Is the piano even ready to be restrung in the first place?

Cost to Restring a Piano


The first question to ask involves the readiness of the piano to be restrung in the first place. Many individuals are surprised at just how extensive the restoration process for an antique piano can be. Because of this, the bill to hire it done could easily run into the thousands even before the restringing job is even touched.

For example, most old pianos will need be tilted on their back with a special dolly and have the front removed. After that, the old strings will need to be removed. This is not as easy as it sounds, simply because there is usually 30,000 pounds in combined tension within all of the piano strings.

In order to remove the old strings, it takes an immense amount of patience. They must be loosened gradually in several stages. Moreover, they should should cut off when they are loose enough with a drill removing the pins. Then and only then is the piano restoration expert ready to begin restringing the piano.

If the restoration process is cost prohibitive, you will need to properly dispose of your piano or recycle it.

Does the restoration expert have the necessary skills in order to complete the job?

Naturally, in order to restring a piano you need to know a few things about this wonderful musical instrument. First of all, you need to have an understanding of the pins attached to the strings.

In most cases, the pins will need to be a couple sizes larger than the original pins simply because they have a tendency to get loose as the piano ages.

Does the piano restoration expert able to meet the physical demands of restringing the piano?

piano string restoration


An experienced piano restoration professional realizes that restringing a piano is much more difficult than restringing a guitar. This is because piano strings are made of solid steel and are thicker in diameter. Because they don’t bend easily, they can break easily and have to be discarded.

Moreover, one false move and the string can fly out of an individual’s hands and go across the room! Many piano tuners have compared working with the strings to handling a writhing snake and keeping it in your hands!

Is the piano restoration expert able to put the piano back together?

After working with the strings for what will seem like an eternity, the piano will need to put back together. This will not only require putting all of the exterior components together, but also engaging in yet another fine-tuned skill of making sure the pitch is completely perfect.

Video Overview on How to Restring a Piano

Conclusion and Cost to Restring a Piano

That in a nutshell is the process of having a piano restrung. Of course, if you hire this task done you will want to make sure that the piano is old enough and valuable enough to require it. Considering all of these factors, this is why restringing a piano will generally cost at a starting price of around $2,000.


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