The Best Piano Songs to Learn

When you first try your hand at playing the piano, it can seem like a daunting task. There are heaps of notes to learn, keys to memorize, and hand-eye coordination to perfect. Furthermore, choosing the right songs to begin learning is particularly tough. You need simple melodies and easy to maneuver songs.

Although there is no perfect song to play, because all songs take practice and patience to learn, below are a few of the easiest and most rewarding songs to start with. All of the songs feature simpler melodies and easier hand and finger movements. Although they may not sound like songs meant for a beginner, they are fairly easy to learn and perfect!

Best Piano Songs to Learn

Piano Man

This classic song by Bill Joel is sure to impress those listening to your piano playing skills. The song is played in C major. If you are also a singer, this is a perfect song to practice your singing skills.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian RhapsodyAnother classic, this Queen song has tons of tempo variations, making it fun and exciting to play. This is a wonderful song for learning fast and slow tempos all in one song. Bohemian Rhapsody is a dynamic song that can be made easier or harder to play depending on your skill level. It is perfect for beginner players and advanced players alike.

Fur Elise

Beethoven Fur EliseOh, Beethoven, the master of stunning and breathtaking classical music. As a beginner, you may think you cannot touch a Beethoven song with a ten-foot pole, but you’d be wrong! This particular song will wow those around you, but you can take solace in knowing it was not that hard to master. There is no better song to have in your piano playing repertoire. Fur Elise is a piano solo great for learning arpeggios and has simple and beautiful melodies. The “A” section is the easiest for beginners to learn – it’s also accompanied by the “B” (more technically difficult) and “C” (emotionally charged) sections. The A-B-A-C-A song structure makes it easier to remember than many other Beethoven songs.

When learning this song, it is best to practice each of the sections as if they are separate, at first. Once you master the “A” section, move onto the “B” section and then the “C” section. Once you master each of the sections, you can then start adding each section in so you can play the full song.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If you want to make your audience shed some tears, go for this original Wizard of Oz song. You can choose to play this song in any key of your choice as it sounds great in every key. Choose a key that you are comfortable and familiar with to make playing this song even easier to learn. When you are ready to venture out into a more challenging territory, you can learn to play this song in a different key. This will give you better range and practice in other keys, but with a song, you are already familiar with playing.

How to Save a Life

Looking to play a song that is a little newer and hipper? The Fray’s How to Save a Life has a darker sound, yet hip and modern melody. It is a song with tons of emotion and simple notes that are easy to learn and master.

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for the Complete Beginners

Final Thoughts

The songs above offer a great variety of song styles, tempos, range, and dynamics. They are all relatively easy for beginners to learn when practiced and perfected. Although it is unlikely you will be perfect at playing them your first go around, if you commit yourself to mastering these songs, you will be ready to serenade family and friends in no time!


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