Casio CGP 700 Piano Review

Casio CGP 700 Piano Review
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The Casio CGP 700 BK is known for its smooth, rich and robust sound with string resonance which is powered by AiR Sound technology, an award winning technology together with the Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II keyboard. The Casio CGP- 700 is a sleek and stylish compact grand piano that has been engineered using the latest technology that manifests the real characteristics of a grand piano in every aspect, whether sound, action, performance and specifications. Unlike conventional pianos in it’s price range, this piano offers more for less.

Touch Screen Interface

cgp-700_displayThe Casio CGP-700 comes with a great 5.3-inch Touch Screen Display to give you convenient full control. With this display that is touch-enabled you can do more with less hassle as all your controls can be reached easily with your fingertips. This is a new feature that is only in the new version of the Casio CGP700.

The new 5.3″ Color Touch Screen Interface keeps your performance pristine and convenient and in full control over Casio CGP700’s complete functions. The Casio CGP700 really is a grand piano with state-of-the-art technology. Although the Privia PX-5S was initially thought to be the most advanced and standard casio sound and essence of Casio Sound, I would not recommend it as purpose of performance, education or even hobby.


The Casio CGP-700 boasts of an 88-key Weighted Grade Hammer Action use stereo resonance simulator that is behind the excellent sound. It comes with 550 different built-in professional tones including all grand piano sounds and 200 ensemble rhythms to complement its performance. A layer function has also been incorporated in this piano thus allowing you mix two sound variations for the best piano experience. The Transpose feature on the other hand provides easy expression of varying strength levels and becomes much easier when in use with another instrument.

The 128 Polyphony allows you to play any type of phone making the CGP700BK very versatile. When it comes to sound, this piano has 20Wx20W speakers, a very rare feature among pianos in this price range. This piano supports a 6-speaker configuration, 4 on the keyboard itself and 2 on the cabinet stand.

For those who may need external sound connection, the CGP700 is just the best deal. It has an input and output option which comes in handy when you want to connect to an amplifier or even play sound on an external stereo to enhance sound power. You can control the sound attribute directly on the Touch Screen Interface.

THE SOUNDS WERE RECORDED WITH TWO DOZEN MICROPHONES. The results are just incredible, the most realistic, rich, robust and crisp piano sound you will ever come across.

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Keyboard Action

cgp-700_stand2The CASIO CGP700 has a great keyboard action known as the 88-key Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II that sports the same size as that of an acoustic piano which has heavy lower keys which become lighter when the keys get higher.

The Weighted Scaled Hammer Action comes with a convenient ivory key which gives users a firm grip to prevent singers from slipping and gives the keyboard a sleek look and most importantly, comfort.

This piano also has 3 keys that enable users feel the detail when controlling strength. It even has a velocity and responsiveness control feature for a smooth piano experience.

Unlike conventional pianos with 2 sensors, the Casio CGP 700 has 3 sensors. This cutting-edge technology allows you to return the keys to their original position so that they may be played again. With 3 sensors, keys can intricately show strength quite easily.

The Casio CGP700 has the best tough in comparison to other pianos in its range.


When it comes to function, this piano is just the best deal. It is ideal for use at home as well as for professional purposes like in concerts and live performances. It features a variety of features including several unique features that can’t be found in normal pianos in its price range.

  • 5″3 Color Touch Screen: The Casio CGP700 sports a 5.3inch Touch Screen Display that gives you the power to do more right on the touch screen interface. With this feature, you are now able to handle your controls conveniently. It is hard to find a portable piano that comes with a touch screen in this price range.
  • 550 Built-in Tones: The Privia CGP700 comes with 550 built-in different tones to help you with all your music studies.
  • Layer (Dual layer): The dual-layer technology allows users to play 2 sound variations on one key simultaneously. With this feature, you are able to put up an excellent performance
  • Rhythm: The Privia CGP700 comes with over 180 different traditional piano rhythms including Latin, Walts among others.
  • Split: With this feature, users are able to play 2 different instrument sounds on each hand on the keyboard. For example, you can be playing vibratone on the left hand and piano on the other. It simply brings about a unique effect of two people playing two musical instruments yet it is only one player.
  • Duet mode: This piano also comes with a duet mode feature that splits the keyboard in to two sections. Ideally, the keyboard is split in to two thus making it a great piano for learners and live performances.
  • Recording: If you are in to recording, then this is the perfect piano for you. You can record over 100 songs in the piano’s memory. There’s also the option of connecting it to an external drive via USB connection and record even more songs depending on the drive’
  • External Amplifier Connection: Casio CGP700 gives users the liberty to connect to an external speaker system. This piano has an input and output jack for your convenience. So, whether you are just playing at home or in a concert, you are always sorted.



One amazing thing with this Casio piano is the warranty. Warranties come in handy when it comes to repairs and maintenance and that is why you should never overlook this factor before buying an item. Even though most warranties cover repairs and labor costs, Casio warranty covers guarantees new product replacements.

Currently, Casio provides a 1-year warranty plus 2 more years after registration, that makes it 3-years. This warranty covers replacement of pianos in case users experience technical problems. With a 3-year warranty, you can be sure of getting a replacement in case yours fails.

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