Piano Learning Tips for Beginners


If you have been a music enthusiast all your life but never got time to pursue it, now is your chance to do it. You can pursue music as your hobby and learn to play a music instrument. For this, piano can be your best choice.

Piano is one of the most popular and widely used music instruments across the world. The two major factors responsible for this are the versatility that piano offers and the fact that it can be used in several different musical contexts.

You need to find out at which time of the day you feel most relaxed and energetic. For instance, if you feel the most productive in the mornings, then practice your piano lessons during that time. Remember, it is not the amount of time you practice that matters; it is how you make the best possible use of that time. In your enthusiasm, do not forget to take frequent rest and breaks to ensure that your brain does not feel exerted.

Following are some tips that can help you understand how to learn playing a piano:

1. Identify the notes:

The first thing you need to do when playing a piano is know the difference between the soft notes and flat notes.

* Notes of the Black Keys on the Piano:

They are also referred as accidentals. They are modified notes and are named after the natural note that they modify.

A piano keyboard has 5 black accidental keys. To identify them you can use ‘C’ as your guide. The good thing is, accidental keys are very distinct and so, it’s easy to identify them as notes.

Following are two accidental keys:

a. Sharp (#):

A ‘sharp’ increases the pitch of the note slightly by half a step. On a piano keyboard, a note’s sharp is the black key that is present directly to its right.

b. Flat:

A ‘Flat’ decreases the pitch of the note by half step. On a piano Keyboard, a note’s flat key is the black key that is present on its immediate left.

* Notes of the White Keys on the Piano:

White keys are referred as ‘Naturals.’ When pressed, white keys sound a natural note and not a sharp or flat note.
A piano keyboard has seven natural keys, namely C-D-E-F-G-A-B. You need to memorize all these seven notes.

2. Understand the location of ‘C’:

The key of ‘C,’ also known as the middle C, acts as a wall and separates the right half and left half of the piano keyboard. Thus, by locating ‘C,’ you can know that the keys on the left should be played with left hand and those on the right should be played with the right hand.

3. Practice:

You’ll need to practice religiously and with full interest. It may take you some time to learn but do not lose your patience.

Music can indeed have a very calming effect on your psyche and improve your mental well-being. And by taking beginner piano lessons and playing piano, you can achieve it easily.

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