Top 3 Best Roland Digital Piano Reviews


When it comes to buying a digital keyboard piano for your home, it’s important to buy a quality keyboard that is built to last and has quality sound. Roland digital pianos are synonymous with high quality and luxury pianos. Roland has been making top of the line products since 1970. They are a world leader in the industry of making fine piano keyboards and synthesizers. Roland offers a wide range of keyboards and digital pianos to fit every pianist style and skill level. We review the top 3 best Roland digital piano products to help you make a informed decision.

Why Roland Digital Piano?

Roland digital pianos are well built, beautiful and have amazing sound quality. They are also built with so many wonderful features it is hard not to love them.  Some of the features of a Roland digital piano include:

  • Choice between digital uprights, baby grands and synthesizers
  • Authentic acoustic piano sound
  • Great hammer action
  • Ebony and Ivory feel
  • Split Key functions
  • Various tones and sounds
  • USB and Midi capabilities
  • Audio playback
  • headphone jack

This Youtube video goes into more details about why Roland digital pianos are such a great buy for pianists at any skill level.

Review of the Best Roland Digital Piano Products

Roland has many wonder digital piano designs to choose from. I chose three of there top digital pianos that came with high customer reviews to actually review today. These digital pianos are:

  • Roland F-140R Digital Piano
  • Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano
  • Roland F20DW Portable Digital Piano

Roland F-140R Digital Piano Review

Roland digital pianos are luxurious, beautiful instruments. The Roland F-140R is no exception to this rule. This compact size digital piano has all the essentials and elegance that every other Roland brand digital piano has. It is a type of the line digital piano with a great price tag.


  • Includes stand and pedals
  • Natural acoustic sound and feel
  • 300 different sounds
  • 305 additional instrument sounds
  • 72 unique rhythms
  • MIDI recorder
  • Bluetooth technology
  • AC Adapter
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty


  • This is reasonably priced digital piano for Roland, but compared to other brands this might be slightly high. However, you are getting more than your money’s worth for this digital piano.

Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano Review

This Roland digital piano comes with big sound and lots of possibilities. This is a great portable keyboard for the more advance musician on the go or a great starter digital piano for a beginner to grow into. It has some highly remarkable features and sounds that you are sure to love.


  • Natural acoustic sound
  • Full 88-key with Ebony and Ivory feel
  • Sound Focus Technology
  • LCD graphic screen
  • Hundreds of built-in sounds
  • Optional triple pedal unit
  • Polyphony of 128
  • 3-band compressor
  • 3-band digital equalizer
  • MIDI and USB compatibilities


  • Stand not included but can be bought separately.
  • You may not need as many features if you are a beginner

Roland F20DW Portable Digital Piano Review

The Roland F20DW portable digital piano is great for that beginner student who wants an authentic sound and baby grand feel that is compact, lightweight and portable. This elegantly designed digital piano by Roland has all the basic necessities and features that most pianists are looking for.


  • Ebony and Ivory Feel G-keyboard
  • Authentic acoustic piano sound engine
  • Polyphony of 128
  • Duet Mode
  • Split Mode
  • Built-in rhythms
  • Includes music stand and foot pedal
  • 2 year warranty


  • The piano stand is sold separately.
  • More advanced players may want a few more features.

Final Thoughts

All three of these digital pianos from Roland are fine, luxurious instruments that would make any pianist proud to own. I honestly love the Roland F-140R Digital Piano. It has many amazing features, quality sound and works well for both and advance player and a beginner. However, don’t exclude the other two from your list until you check them out for yourself. Roland is a popular name brand that does not disappoint when it comes to their amazing designs and technology.

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