Best Digital Piano Under 2000 Dollars

Best Digital Piano Under 2000 Dollars
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There are so many types of pianos on the market: acoustic, digital, electric and even synthesizers. It can be a bit confusing to know the difference between them all and what is best for you. This article focuses on digital pianos which are the modern form of the electric keyboard. It will focus on what digital pianos are and how to choose the best digital piano under $2000.

About Digital Pianos


Digital Pianos can go by several different names including portable pianos and piano synthesizers. This type of electric keyboard has many characteristics of an acoustic piano, however it is digital and has many features that an acoustic piano does not.

Digital Pianos have many features including:

  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Synthesizers
  • Light-up Keys
  • MIDI Capabilities
  • Different Piano Tones
  • Memory and Recording Technology

This YouTube Video goes into more details about digital pianos and their features:

Best Piano Product Under $2000

There are many types of digital pianos on the market today. Some brand names of digital pianos include Yamaha, Casio and Suzuki. I found three digital pianos under 2000 dollars that are simply amazing musical instruments. They have wonderful features and are really worth checking out for yourself whether or not you are a beginner or a more advanced pianist.

Kawai ES100 Portable Digital Piano Bundle


This digital piano by Kawai has an authentic sound and has been constructed in the most prestige way. It’s 88 grade-weighted keys make you feel like you are playing elegant acoustic piano. The Kawai Es100 is lightweight, portable and ready to go where you go. It’s great for beginners, yet has features that expand into more advance players. Good for any age.


  • Piano stand, power cord, bench, pedal, headphones, lesson book and music stand


  • Split and Dual Modes for more interesting playing
  • Integrated lesson function that aids in playing new music
  • Built in meteronome to aid in counting music
  • Full 88 keys that look and feel real
  • 100 rhythms to get your creativity going
  • Affordably priced


  • No USB Port

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Kawai ES100 piano on

Casio Privia PX-750 Digital Piano Review


This elegant digital from Casio comes in a beautiful black finish and is quite portable, allowing you to put in anywhere in your home. This is a great option for beginning students and more advanced pianists who would love to have a more affordable piano option that doesn’t take up to much space. The weighted keys have that ebony and ivory feel to them that allow you to feel like you are sitting in front of an prestigious baby grand piano. The sound system gives a high quality sound that surpasses most other instruments. The Casio Privia Px 750 is a well built digital piano that will give you years of pleasure.

Includes: Bench, Music Stand, Full piano keyboard with pedals, instructional dvd and polishing cloth


  • Full 88 scaled and weighted hammer keys
  • AiR sound source
  • Several piano tones and instrument tones
  • Duel split and layer modes
  • AiR Sound Source
  • Track Recorder


  • A bit on the bulky sound, but still looks and sounds great!

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Yamaha Arius YDPV240 Bundle Review


At the top of this price range, yet still under the budget is the Yamaha Arius. This spectacular digital piano has many wonderful features that will please advance players, yet still give beginning pianists something to grow into. This piano has grade hammer action keys that feel natural and produce amazing sounds. It has many voices, piano tones and instrument tones to give you creativity and design as you play. Overall this is an exceptional digital piano for the money.

Includes: Bench, Music Stand, Accessory CD-Rom


  • 88 graded weight, hammer action keys
  • USB connectivity
  • Advance Wave Memory
  • 64 polyphony
  • Dual Headphone Output jacks
  • 6 track recorder


  • The Sustain pedal does not work in during split mode play

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha Arius YDPV240 on

Final Thoughts

All three of these digital pianos are under 2000 dollars and have excellent customer satisfaction. The look and sounds of these digital pianos are amazing. Given the choice between the three, I would say I would go with the digital piano by Yamaha for my daughter. It has many wonderful features that would suit our needs and her ability. I realize that this is at the high-end of the market, however it is still more affordable and practical than a new full size acoustic piano and the technology is amazing. But don’t take me word for it. Go check out these three digital pianos for yourself. I am sure one of these will fit your needs perfectly.

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