Tune Up Your Child’s Musical Skills – and Your Wallet – with the Right Piano Keyboard


Helping Piano Students and Their Parents Make the Right Keyboard Choice

The new school year has arrived and with it a full plate of student activities. For many students, piano lessons are part of the after-school agenda.  Whether these budding musicians’ talents will flourish or wilt and die is dependent on one important factor: the right piano keyboard.

Many parents, however, are reluctant to shell out thousands of dollars on an instrument they know nothing about and are unsure will even still be used come next autumn.

A new Web site, Piano-Keyboard-Reviews.com, understands their insecurity. That’s why it aims to provide them with all the knowledge they need to select the right piano keyboard with the right size piano keys –and in the right price range – for proper student development.

Parents of aspiring pianists who would like to make the right keyboard purchasing decision for their child can do so online at https://piano-keyboard-reviews.com

According to Marin Piano, a California-based company that has been selling pianos since 1961, the cost of a new high-quality vertical piano (upright) starts at around $3,000.

New grand pianos of the same quality run $8,000 and upward. That’s a lot of C-notes for a musical instrument that may or may not be right for the aspiring musician.

Compare those prices to full-size Yamaha electronic keyboards, most of which have a price tag of $1,000 or less, and the savings are obvious.

The question remains, however, are electric piano keyboards as effective learning tools as traditional acoustic pianos? Dan Maynard, founder of Piano-Keyboard-Reviews.com and a pianist with over 40 years of experience, assures that the right digital keyboard matches an acoustic piano in skill-building effectiveness.

Maynard explains, “A piano’s most important factor is its keyboard weight or weighted keys.” He goes on to say, “It’s the piano key weight that is vital for strengthening and exercising a student’s fingers, a must for aspiring pianists.”

The good news is that today, both acoustic and digital pianos offer weighted keys. It’s precisely this crucial information visitors to Piano-Keyboard-Reviews.com will find covered.

The site has done all the research for novice piano players so they don’t have to. With reviews of all the major keyboard brands, including Yamaha keyboards, Korg digital keyboards, Roland electronic pianos and Kurzweil portable keyboards, it equips up-and-coming musicians with all the information they need to select the right piano keyboard for proper piano skill development.

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