Top 3 Piano Brands Review for 2018

Top 3 Piano Brands Review for 2018
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The piano is a prominent instrument that encourages great character attributes like self-discipline, perseverance, critical thinking skills and at times even team-work. The history behind pianos goes back centuries. In fact, the first piano was created in Italy, in the 1700s by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Since then there has been numerous piano manufacturers. With the new technologies and software of the 20th century it is an exciting time to own and play a piano. In this article, we perform a thorough piano brands review to help you make a decision. The top 3 brands include:


  • Yahama
  • Suzuki
  • Steinway

Also, make sure to check out our piano guide to get you started.

Yamaha Piano Brand Review

YamahaYPDS52Yamaha’s corporate slogan is “Sharing Passion and Performance.” This saying rings true even to Yamaha’s earliest roots. In 1887, Yamaha was established in Japan by Toraksu Yamaha as a piano and reed manufacturer. The company was first named Nippon Gakki, later it became known as Yamaha giving tribute to it’s founder. Since then Yamaha has become a leading manufacturer of electronics, instruments, sporting equipment and even motorcycles.

Yamaha pianos have many handcrafted parts, while some parts are made with high-tech machines;  putting the frame, action mechanisms, and soundboard production together is all done by hand. These pianos are handcrafted to be outstanding instruments that will last for years. Yamaha makes three main pianos which are the upright piano, the baby grand and the premium grand piano. All three types are exceptionally beautiful and magnificent sounding.

Yamaha Piano Construction and Technology

Much of a Yamaha piano is made from spruce wood. Some of it is crafted by traditional construction while other parts are made with state of the art technologies. Many of the pieces including the casing and frame are put together by hand to ensure it’s top of the line quality.

Action Mechanism: Yamaha uses special techniques and trained technicians to hand assemble the action mechanisms. The main materials used for the mechanisms is maple wood. Yamaha utilizes a special gluing and drying technique to create durable and precise action mechanisms.

Soundboard Production: Yamaha selectively chooses each raw spruce wood for the sound board and uses top of the line techniques for drying and gluing it together. They use a uniform drying technique that gives the piano a high quality sound. It also helps with the strength and durability of the piano and helps prevent warping.

Piano Frame: Very few piano manufacturing companies make all of the frames in-house. Yamaha is one of them. Their frames are made to withstand changes in humidity and temperature. Yamaha uses two highly regarded techniques to make the piano frame. These techniques are sanding-casting and vacuum-casting. These proven techniques help make rich quality sound as well as strengthens the piano.

Overall, Yamaha is a household name. It ensures top quality on all of it’s products. There pianos are artistic in design and rich in sound. The manual construction of this piano ensures that quality control and endurance. This is truly a lead manufacturer in the piano world.

For you reference, we recommend specifically the Yamaha P45B, if interested in purchasing a Yamaha.

Suzuki Piano Review

suzuki piano brands reviewMusic truly nurtures great qualities and personal attributes in people. It’s no wonder why the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation is so passionate about producing high quality instruments. Suzuki was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1953 as a harmonica manufacturer. It has since grown to wide arrange of instruments acoustic, electronic and digital. They have become one of the largest international manufacturers of musical instruments. Suzuki’s tagline is ‘The name you know.’ And it is true. Suzuki is a household name that many people recognize for it’s top of the line instruments.

Suzuki Piano Construction and Technology

Each of Suzuki’s fine quality pianos are individually crafted with top of the line, selectively chosen spruce wood. They constructed to not only be elegant in style and sound, but also to be durable and last through the tests of time. Suzuki’s piano construction includes:

Action Mechanism: Suzuki uses top grade, smooth hardwood action mechanisms, along with imported felt brushings and hammerheads to create a beautiful rich sounding pianos.

Soundboard Production: The Suzuki soundboard is made to last a lifetime. The soundboard is produced with solid spruce and are quarterly sawn to fit perfectly to calculations.

Piano Frame: Created by various hardwoods for beauty and strength. A lot fo frame is put together for quality control and elegance.

Steinway Piano Review

Steinway piano brand reviewSteinway acoustic pianos are preferred by the majority of concert artists today. Back in March of 1853, a German Immigrant, by the name of Henry Engelhard Steinway founded Steinway & Sons. At this point, Henry had already made around 500 pianos. His first piano was made in his hometown in Germany. Each piano he made showed attention to detail being crafted all by hand to make a beautiful work of art that had precision sound quality. Today Steinway & Sons pianos are only manufactured in Astoria, New York and Hamburg, Germany. They still are made with the same conviction and passion that Henry and his sons had. Steinway pianos are innovative, beautiful and high quality pianos that are sold internationally around the world as precision instruments.

Steinway Piano Construction and Technology                                 

Steinway & Sons take great care and craftsmanship to build their superb quality pianos. In fact, most of their pianos take literally a whole year to make. This is because many of it is hand crafted and the selective wood used is cured for months at a time. It truly takes time to make a fine quality piano and Steinway is no rush with each of its piano.

Action Mechanism: From the weighted keys to the rounded bearings and mechanisms made of maple, the action mechanisms of a Steinway Piano are carefully made with handcrafted technologies.

Soundboard Production: The soundboard in each and every Steinway piano is custom made specifically for that piano. Only solid Sitka spruce hardwood is used and they are never laminated in order to give the best possible sound and richness to the piano.

Piano Frame: The frame and rims are made with various hardwoods such as rock solid maple. Each are carefully cured, varnished and stained to make beautiful outward appearance. The frame is strong to protect and amplify the soundboard and other mechanisms.

Final Thoughts

All three of these top quality piano manufacturers have amazing histories on how they started their business to how they craft their pianos. No two stories are alike. However, the amazing quality of each of their products is truly stunning. I must agree with many consumers that I do love a well built Steinway! However, Suzuki and Yamaha have their own unique and amazing benefits. Before choosing the right piano for yourself, be sure to try out each of these top piano brands.  I think you will see how each have their amazing points and I hope you found this thorough article on paino brands review useful.

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