Best Musical Keyboard for Kids in 2018

Best Musical Keyboard for Kids in 2018
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Teaching kids piano is great for their cognitive abilities and really helps the brain to develop towards, creativity, as well as, math and sciences. It also helps with hand-eye coordination and listening skills. A great age to start a child with piano is 5 or 6 years old. However, younger ages that show interest in piano should be allowed to explore and play with the sounds. This will help them grow mentally. In this article, we share some resources to teach piano to kids but also talk about the best musical keyboard for kids.

Where Kids Can Learn Piano

There are many ways to help a child learn how to play piano. The most traditional way is to hire a piano teacher. There are two types of piano teachers. There are piano teachers who will come to your home on certain days to teach your child piano. Or there are piano teachers that you go to their home or business for lesson. Some are accredited and went to school for music instruction. While others have no degree it.  The choice is entirely up to you. My daughters teacher comes to our home once a week, she did not go to college for music instruction, however she is an excellent teacher and my daughter has accomplished a lot from her. So when thinking about an instructor, if they don’t have a degree doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be a great teacher.

There are many other ways that you can help your child learn piano, these include:

  • Instructional DVDs
  • Youtube videos
  • Books
  • Piano Apps on your phone or tablet
  • Websites
  • Keyboards with built in training programs

Here are a few links to get you started:

Piano Book:

Check out this simple to understand book to learn piano.

Youtube Video:


Check out this website for details on learning piano for kids and beginner tips to learning the piano.

Best Starter Piano Keyboards for Kids

An acoustic piano is always a great way to start any child out, however they are typically expensive and take up a large chunk of space in your home. The next best thing for any child is a keyboard. Keyboards are lightweight, portable and typically affordable. A great beginner keyboard is the Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard

Casio SA-76 Review

This casio keyboard for kids is quite portable and great for beginners. It’s not a full 88-key digital piano. However, it is simple enough for an child to operate. It has great sound, 8-note polyphony and is manufactured with high quality. When you are starting your child on an new hobby or activity it is important not to spend too much money, since they sometimes lose interest right away. This mini keyboard by Casio is quite affordable and has all the qualities needed for a beginner student. It also can be used with the power cord or batteries, allowing it to go anywhere your child goes. The Casio SA-76 is definitely the best musical keyboard for kids.

The customer sentiment is very positive for this product. Customer’s like the fact that it not only produces great sound but it is portable and lightweight. Be aware, however, that it does use 6 AA batteries so you might want to buy some extras to keep them on hand.


  • 44 Keys
  • 50 different rhythms and beats
  • 100 different types of tones
  • 10 integrated songs


  • It only has 44 keys, however for a beginner student that is plenty to start with


Final Thoughts

Music and piano are great resources for a child’s growth and development. Children who start young truly enhance their brain capabilities and are better students overall. I highly recommend getting your child into a music program, especially piano, which is the fundamental instrument to all music learning. The Casio SA-76 mini keyboard is the best musical keyboard for kids that will start them off on the right path to success.

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