Best Keyboard with Weighted Keys for 2018

Best Keyboard with Weighted Keys for 2018
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Keyboards are popular due to their ease of portability, as well as, their ability to fit in smaller spaces. A truly great keyboard will have weighted keys. Weighted keys should mimic the feeling of a real full-size acoustic piano. These keys will also be responsive to touch. The sound should be softer or louder depending on how hard you touch them. I have reviewed the best Keyboard with Weighted Keys and they are listed below::

What are Weighted Keys?

Most people have played on a large grand piano (or also known as acoustic piano). The sound output form such a piano is amazing and top-notch. However, they are extremely expensive and innovative technologies have allowed cheaper piano keyboards to “mimic” such feeling of an acoustic piano via weighted keys. Two varieties of weighted keys can be found int he market and they are semi and fully-weighted. Fully weigthed have different resistance acrose the keys and resembles a real piano the best. On the other hand, semi-weighted have the same amount of resistance for all keys.

Depending on your needs, you can go with a fully or semi weighted 88-key keyboard.

Review Of Weighted Keys Keyboards

Every keyboard has different sounds, functions and feels to them. It’s important to try several different keyboards before purchasing one. Some people prefer light keys to weighted keys. However, if you are trying to have sound similar to an acoustic piano I recommend you go with a keyboard that has weighted keys. Weighted keys give you that authentic feel of ivory and ebony. The following keyboards are all weighted and have come highly recommended.

Casio PX150 88-Key Weighted Keyboard

This beautiful keyboard from Casio has hammer action weighted keys that truly resembles the real thing. The sound dynamics are amazing and sound like the real deal. It features acoustic intelligence and resonator that makes this piano feel like a grand piano in every way. The weighted keys and sounds of this digital keyboard aid in accuracy and timing. They also allow for soft and hard touch that gives you different tones. It also features more memory then older models that allow you to record longer.PX150


  • Includes bench, stand, music stand, pedal and power adapter
  • Tri-Sensor Hammered Action Weighted Keys
  • Acoustic Intelligence and Resonator
  • Damper Resonator


  • A few customers have stated that the piano stand is a little bulky.

Videos about Casio PX150

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

This digital piano from Yamaha has an ultimate stereo sound system that produces high quality sounds. This sound system makes it great for recording your work. It also features graded hammer action weighted keys that feel like real piano keys. This is ideal for anyone who wants a good quality piano but doesn’t have the room for an acoustic upright or grand piano. The keys respond well to different types of pressure, soft touching gives softer sounds whereas, harder touches creates louder sounds. Overall this is a fabulous digital keyboard with amazing bonus features.
yamaha DGX650B is the best keyboard with weighted keys


  • Includes stand, music stand, adapter and pedal
  • Has USB ports and can connect to any device
  • Damper Resonance
  • Aux Input
  • Authentic piano touch and tone system


  • A bit pricier than some other models but well worth the added expense


Kawai ES100 Portable Digital Piano Performer Keyboard

This is a great keyboard, especially for beginners. The graded weighted keys feel like a true acoustic piano and really respond well to touch. This Digital Piano features Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology that creates true authentic sounds. This is an easy to use, light-weight keyboard that will allow any beginner the ability to feel like they are using an acoustic piano.

kawai ES100


  • Advanced Graded Hammer Action Weighted Keys
  • Dual and Split Playing Modes
  • Sustain Pedal Sold Seperately
  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology


  • Stand and Pedal not included
  • Advance piano players may want a more advance keyboard


Final Thoughts

All three of these keyboards have the authentic feel of an acoustic piano. Their weighted keys allow you to have the right touch and sound making every musical piece you play sound like its coming from a full upright or grand piano. I loved the versatility of the Yamaha keyboard. It has a great design, as well as many features that allow you to make works of art. I highly recommend you look into the best keyboard with weighted keys so you can make a decision.

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