Best Affordable Keyboard Piano in 2018

Best Affordable Keyboard Piano in 2018
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Shopping for a keyboard can get quite overwhelming if you aren’t sure about what you are looking for, especially if you are a beginner. The key is to research keyboards before actually setting foot in a store or going on Amazon’s website. The best affordable keyboard piano will have 88 keys with the right action, touch sensitivity, compatibility, polyphony and memory space you are looking for. There are different types of actions and touch sensitivity. So, I also suggest going to a store a playing several models before purchasing a keyboard.

On my search for a great keyboard, I found a model that I believe is superb. This keyboard was built sound, has great potential and amazing features. It is also quite affordable for even a beginner.

Yamaha P45B is an Affordable Keyboard Piano!


The graded weight action of this ivory and ebony keyboard allows your fingers to glide across this keyboard as if you where playing an acoustic piano. The Yamaha P45B is the newer version of the Yamaha P35B. It has all the main functions and core details of the P35B with a few new technologies included. This is one of best entry level and beginners keyboard on the market and it comes with a very affordable price tag. The piano sounds and feel of this digital piano keyboard closely resembles a true acoustic piano. This allows for the ease of learning without having to have a full size piano at home. Another great feature is that this keyboard is portable so that it can go anywhere you go.


88-keys: The 88-keys of this keyboard are grade weighted. They are much like an acoustic piano with the low end of the scale being heavier and the high end being heavier. This mimics a true acoustic piano and allows for more skillful playing. Also, the black keys of this digital keyboard have a matte finish to prevent your fingers from slipping. For more info, check out the article on 88-key keyboards.

Action: The action on this keyboard is Yamaha’s standard GHS or graded hammer standard. It allows for the keys to be weighted differently on the high end than the low end. Practicing piano on a GHS action digital piano allows you to have proper fingering techniques and builds stamina in your fingers.

Touch Sensitivity: The keys of the Yamaha P45B are touch sensitive, which means they respond well to different pressures. If you touch it softly the sound will be softer, if you touch it with more force the sound will be louder. This is how an authentic acoustic piano sounds.

Compatibility: This digital piano keyboard has USB to host which allows you to use different computers, phones and tablets along side your piano. This allows you the use of more apps and devices to make better quality music.

Polyphony: It has a 64-note polyphony which allows you to play a wider range of music in all different styles. It also helps from having notes drop off.

This keyboard also comes in a bundle package (if you choose to buy it) and includes a

  • Keyboard stand
  • Adapter
  • Bench
  • Music Stand


  • The foot pedal is not included in this package, however, it can be purchased separately.
  • This keyboard does not have memory storage or playback, however, with the USB to host feature you can save and store your music digitally.


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Final Thoughts

Replacing the Yamaha P35B  was hard to do. Many people fell in love with that keyboard. However, the Yamaha P45B is an amazing new digital keyboard that has the same feel as the P35B except it comes with many new great technologies and new sounds. I highly recommend you take the time to get to know this keyboard. It is one of Yamaha’s best sellers. It is the best affordable piano keyboard for anyone just starting out or in need of an easy-to-use piano.

We also did a more in-depth look into the Yamaha P45b here. Check it out for more information.

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