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    Guides and Piano Keyboard Reviews

  • Best Piano Keyboards for 2018

    Yamaha has been in the business of making music for well over a century, and today the company is as well known for their sophisticated acoustic instruments as they are for their groundbreaking developments in the world of digital audio. With the release of the Yamaha P-255 88-Key Digital Piano – the

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  • Piano Learning Tips for Beginners

    If you have been a music enthusiast all your life but never got time to pursue it, now is your chance to do it. You can pursue music as your hobby and learn to play a music instrument. For this, piano can be your best choice. Piano is one of the most popular and widely…

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  • Study Finds That Music Can Help You Lose Weight!

    Ever notice that you drive faster when you are listening to a song you love? The same is true of exercise! Listening to your favorite song can make you walk faster without even realizing you are doing it. Music can serve as an invisible partner, urging you, motivating you, supporting you to take that

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  • Difference Between Digital Piano and Digital Keyboard

    So what’s the difference between a digital piano a digital keyboard? Quite simply a digital piano has weighted keys which means that the keys are designed for the practicing musician or pianist. Weighted keys help the classical pianist or any musician to strengthen their fingers while they play

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  • Why You Should Look at a Kurzweil Keyboard

    Many keyboardists or pianists who have previously owned Kurzweil keyboards say they would never consider buying anything else. So with their range of keyboards and digital pianos tending towards the pricy end of the market, what is it about their products that makes Kurzweil customers so loyal? Thought

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  • Types of Electronic Piano Keyboard

    There are many different types of electronic piano keyboard, some of which are designed for the novice and others for professional musicians. Some of the entry-level electronic keyboards will display labels such as trumpet or violin. These are sampler based keyboards. In other words these keyboards have

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  • Portable Piano Keyboard

    Due to rapid developments over the last ten years, you can get a portable piano keyboard that comes with a fantastic range of features that allow even complete beginners to achieve a professional sound. With a wide range of realistic voices, numerous auto accompaniment styles and quality sound systems,

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  • Piano Keyboard Height and How It is Measured

    A piano keyboard height measured from the floor to the top of the white keys will approximate 28 1/2 inches.  This is typically well adjusted for the average adult player. Children learning to play may have difficulty adjusting to the height and therefore are advised to use a cushion to raise themselves

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  • Digital Piano Keyboard for Boogie Woogie

    Since their inception, digital piano keyboards have been popular for the convenience and cost efficiency they offer in contrast to traditional pianos.  As technology has advanced, such keyboards provide not only this increased value, but also features that make them particularly suited to certain types

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  • Chords Inside Out

    No Matter Which Keyboard We Choose, We All Need To Know Chords Inside-Out & Upside-Down. Every musician has his or her favorite keyboards. I love my Roland and my Yamaha slabs, and you have your favorites as well. And that’s as it should be. But no matter what keyboards we play, we all need

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