Casio PX-350 Review

Casio PX-350 Review
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The Casio PX-350 is part of Casio’s Privia line of digital pianos. This digital piano offers a keyboard made up of 88 hammer action keys that feature three sensitivity levels. The digital piano is sold with a music stand, a score book, and an SP-3 pedal, and it comes with a long line of special sounds and features. It also builds upon Casio’s Privia tradition of creating an uncannily accurate grand piano sound on a digital piano.

AiR- Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator

The beautiful sound of the Casio PX-350 is in part achieved thanks to the ingenious AiR technology offered by Casio. The Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator system is Casio’s solution to interpolating various velocity-switched sample levels that give the PX-350’s piano sound a striking realism. The AiR system allows for better control and smooth dynamics. In combination with Casio’s Damper Resonance, the AiR system makes for one of the richest sounding digital pianos out there.

Key action

Not only does Casio aim for realism in terms of the sound of the PX-350, but also in terms of the feel of the keyboard for the player. The 88 keys of the PX-350 feature Tri-sensor scaled hammer action.

Keys are designed to mimic the look and feel of ebony or ivory. Casio has achieved an extreme in key sensitivity and realism by taking into account how the hammers of an acoustic grand work in relation to the speed and force with which keys are pressed.

Special sounds and features

There are 250 different instrument tones built into the PX-350. Among the built-in instruments are strings, bass, drums, brass, and organ sounds. This digital piano from Casio also comes with 180 drum patterns that can provide accompaniment. Composers using the PX-350 can take advantage of the 17-track recorder that comes built in.

Transposing keys is easy thanks to he a 25 step key transpose feature. Four different types of reverb and four different types of chorus effects allow the player to achieve a many different sounds. The PX-350 is a good choice for student pianists thanks to its built-in metronome with a wide range of tempo settings.

Other features include 1/4″ audio outputs that allow the digital piano to be hooked up to recording or sound reinforcement equipment. The Casio PX-350 also includes a thumb-drive dock that allows performances to be recorded directly onto a drive.

Some possible criticisms

Some users of the Casio PX-350 have complained that the button layout feels somewhat crammed and confusing. However, this is a natural consequence of a digital piano offering such a wide variety of special effects and features. Another criticism of the digital piano is that its internal speakers show a noticeable compression effect at loud volume settings.

Altogether, the Casio PX-350 is just one more model that showcases the striking realism and impressive value that have become standard features of Casio’s Privia line of digital pianos.

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  1. Garrett  - November 28, 2014 - 5:14 pm

    I bought this piano online based on great reviews. I expected it sound just like an acoustic piano. Well, I must say I was disappointed. The higher and lower range of octaves sounded okay but the mid-range was awful. I was perplexed so I started reading more and came to conclusion that it must be the internal speakers. I hooked up headphones and the difference was amazing, it really seemed like I was playing an acoustic piano. I ended up getting Bose stereo speakers that sound almost as good as through headphones but not quite. Overall I’m happy with the purchase, you can’t expect too much for $700.

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