Casio Keyboard Accessories: 8 Accessories to Make Playing Easier and More Fun!

Casio Keyboard Accessories

If you’re like most people, once you’ve chosen the best Casio keyboard, you’ll find that adding a handful of Casio keyboard accessories will make your playing experience even more fun and comfortable.

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In this complete guide, we cover the best accessories to use with your Casio keyboard and what each accessory is good for.

Casio Keyboard Stands

The key (so to speak) to a comfortable keyboard playing experience is that the keyboard is at a comfortable height for you to play it. A keyboard stand ensures that your keyboard is at an ideal height for you.

Casio CS-68 Wooden Piano Stand (Black)

Keyboard stands come in a variety of designs, styles, and types. You can either invest in a wooden, fixed keyboard stand like the CS-68BK if you’re the only one who plays the keyboard or opt for an adjustable one like the ARST if you’ve multiple people using your Casio keyboard.

Casio ARST Single-X Adjustable Keyboard Stand

A keyboard stand also ensures that you don’t have to keep changing the position of your keyboard. A keyboard is a sensitive musical instrument, and frequently changing its place can damage it and affect its performance.

Casio Keyboard Benches

Having the right bench when you’re playing a keyboard is, undoubtedly, as important as having a comfortable chair to sit on while you’re at work. A comfortable bench will put you in the right state of mind and enables you to go longer stretches playing the keyboard without having to take a break.

Casio CB-7BK Piano Bench with Padded Seat, Black

If you don’t have a comfortable bench to sit on while you play the keyboard, it will put your body, specifically your back under a lot of stress, and you will feel tired after even the shortest session. It will have an adverse effect on your motivation level and might just stop you from playing the keyboard again, as you’ll associate it with pain.

Just like the Casio keyboard stands, you have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to benches. Depending on your comfort level and the space available, you can buy a metal bench with a soft, padded seat like the CB-7BK.

Casio Keyboard Padded Seats

Casio ARBENCH X-Style Adjustable Padded Folding Keyboard Bench

Padded seats serve a similar purpose to benches, i.e., they provide comfortable seating for you while you play the piano. However, padded seats come with an added benefit, especially if you’re short on space and can’t have a bench lying in the hallway at all times. Padded seats can be adjusted to a height that suits you best and can be folded and stored away when not in use! It is something benches won’t offer.

With extremely comfortable padded seats by Casio like the ARBENCH, you’re sure to experience the highest possible level of comfort.

Casio Keyboard Adapters

Casio ADE95100LU Power Supply - ADE95100B

Keyboards are obviously musical instruments that require a source of power to operate. Many keyboards support batteries, but using batteries for your keyboard isn’t advisable in the long run.

Having a reliable power adapter for your keyboard is extremely important to protect the keyboard from any spikes or fluctuations in the voltage. Sudden voltage fluctuations can cause the delicate wiring and connections inside your keyboard to burn, which is something you just can’t afford!

What you must remember when choosing an adapter for your keyboard is that no one adapter suits all keyboards. Different keyboards have different power requirements, and hence, they need different power adapters.

Casio is a one-stop solution for all your keyboard-related needs. Depending on the power requirements of your keyboard, you can opt for an adapter that suits your keyboard the most. From a 9.5 volt AC adapter to a 24 volt AC adapter, Casio has it all for you.

Casio Keyboard Cases

Casio PRIVIACASE Protective Carrying Case for Privia Digital Pianos

Keyboards are highly beloved and precious musical instruments. If you own one, you’ll very well understand what we mean.

The utmost priority of keyboard owners is to keep their keyboards safe from dust, dirt, grime, and all other external factors that might damage their keyboards. 

This is where keyboard cases come into play. The keyboard case is the ideal keyboard accessory that keeps all harm from coming your keyboard’s way. Every time you’re done playing your keyboard, enclosing it in a keyboard case will ensure that it stays protected.

Keyboard cases are all more important for people who’re mostly on-the-go with their musical instrument. Whether it’s for a band performance or just a late-night gathering with your friends, you’ll need a keyboard case to keep your keyboard safe from getting damaged during transit.

Casio Carry Case - for PX-S1000/3000

If you’re looking for the best keyboard cases for your keyboard, the Casio Privia Case might just be the right, simplistic choice. However, if you’re looking for a much more spacious option that allows you to store other essential music accessories, the Casio SC-800 with multiple pockets might be just what you’re looking for!

Casio Pedalboards

If you’re looking for a way to take your piano playing to an all-new level, you should consider investing in pedalboards. You might not need them when you’re still a learner, but as soon as you get a hold of playing the keyboard, you’ll feel the need for pedalboards.

Pedalboards consist of three pedals near the foot that enhance the sound emerging from your piano. These pedals include the soft pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal, each having a different role to play.

If you wish to add three-pedal functionality to your keyboard, the Casio SP-33 or SP-34 will do the job for you. Each of these pedalboards is compatible with certain Casio keyboard models, so be sure to check before you buy one.

Casio Keyboard Sustain Pedals

Casio SP-3 Pad-Style Sustain Pedal

Many people prefer a single pedal instead of a three-pedal board. The sustain pedal is the most commonly used, and by far, the most-loved keyboard accessory.

Many people prefer a single pedal instead of a three-pedal board. The sustain pedal is the most commonly used, and by far, the most-loved keyboard accessory.

A sustain pedal allows you to link cords and notes that are farther apart. With that, a sustain pedal gives you a smoother jump and allows certain sounds to resonate and fade out. In short, a sustain pedal grants you more control over the sound you produce through your keyboard.

Casio SP-20 Upgraded Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

Sustain pedals are available in a variety of types. Your choice should depend on how much you’re planning to move your keyboard around and, of course, your budget. Casio SP-3 and SP-20 are some of the sustain pedal options that Casio has in store for you to choose from.

Casio Keyboard Headphones

Casio XWH3 DJ Headphones

You can play your keyboard best when there are no distractions at all. Different sounds from your surroundings, both immediate and outdoors, can affect the quality of the sound you produce.

Your next-door neighbor might also not be too fond of you playing your piano in the middle of the night. To keep yourself from any distractions, you’re going to need headphones. Headphones are one of the most crucial keyboard accessories when you’re practicing. With headphones, you can enjoy a thoroughly peaceful and private environment amidst the busiest spaces.

Casio XW-H3 headphones are one of the best options for you. They’re tough and lightweight and are specially designed to keep interruptions and distractions at bay. With these headphones, you can enjoy a truly refreshing time playing your keyboard!

Wrapping Up

Casio keyboard accessories help you make your keyboard playing experience a lot more fun, comfortable, and rewarding. If you own a keyboard, it’s a given that you will need keyboard accessories, and what better option do you have than the high-performance Casio keyboard accessories?


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