RockJam 561 Keyboard Review: Features, Pros & Cons, and Much More

Are looking for a complete piano keyboard package (including a keyboard stand, padded seat, and headphones) at an unbeatable price?

Then the Rockjam 561 might just be for you! Check out everything this popular model has to offer in our comprehensive Rockjam 561 keyboard review below:

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RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App & Keynote Stickers
Rockjam RJ 561 Bundly – a 61 Key Keyboard Piano with LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App, and Keynote Stickers

Overview of Rockjam 561 Keyboard

Rockjam 561

You might think that the Rockjam 561 is just a keyboard for beginners. Think again!

While it’s an excellent choice for “learners”, it is also one that can grow with you, and it has enough features that make it good enough to use on stage with a band.

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This digital piano has all of the features you will need to learn and practice, and it has plenty of effects to use so you can record your own songs. Whether you are a solo musician or want to play with a band, this is a keyboard that you are going to enjoy using.

Many people think that this keyboard from Rockjam is more or less a toy, and that it is something that only kids would use. Actually, Rockjam is starting to become very well known for making quality instruments, and the Rockjam 561 is no exception. It has loads of instrument voices, so you can create some pretty awesome sounds, and enjoy the feeling of having backing instruments in your songs.

This is a great digital piano for students because it has the features that students need in order to learn proper piano techniques. Of course, it doesn’t have a full keyboard, but in most cases, you won’t really need to use more than 61 keys, unless of course you are getting into some of the really heavy classical music.

Whether this is for yourself, or you are buying it for a younger learner, the Rockjam 561 is going to be an important part of the learning process, and it is going to grow with the learner. 

This is a keyboard that is loads of fun to play, and you can take it pretty much anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet.

Whether this is for yourself, or you are buying it for a younger learner, the Rockjam 561 is going to be an important part of the learning process, and it is going to grow with the learner. 

This is a keyboard that is loads of fun to play, and you can take it pretty much anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet.

rockjam 61 key

Rockjam 561 Keyboard Video Overview

Check out this unboxing video on YouTube:

Who is the Rockjam 561 Keyboard Most Suitable For?

This is a keyboard for anyone who wants to be able to learn how to play the piano, or who just want to enjoy playing the music they already know how to play.

You can download this app for iPad or iPhone in the Apple AppStore. This app can be used alongside regular piano lessons, or it can be used by anyone who wants to teach themselves how to play the piano.

What’s Included in RockJam 561 Keyboard?

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply

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Everything you need to start playing the piano right away is included when you purchase the Rockjam 561.

When you open the box, you will find the keyboard, as well as an X stand, a padded piano bench, and a pair of headphones for quiet, undisturbed practice sessions.

If you were to purchase all of these accessories separately, you could end up spending over $300 on accessories alone, on top of the cost of the keyboard.

With this bundle package, you get everything, including the keyboard, for less than $150. You really can’t go wrong at that price point.

 Of course, there is also the Music Maestro app, which you can download in just a few minutes and start learning how to play the piano right away. Everything will arrive in one shipment, and in one box, and you can start playing as soon as you have it all unpacked.

Overview of Rockjam 561 Features

While this is often advertised as a beginner model, there are plenty of awesome features that even seasoned musicians are going to fall in love with on the Rockjam 561.

It is loads of fun to use, and the various features can make even the greenest student sound like they have been playing for several years.

Record and Playback

You can record what you are working on for progress tracking, or create your own original compositions, and play them back later. You can sample and record a wide variety of sounds to come up with some pretty cool tunes, without having to use any other instruments.

This is not a feature that you are going to find on may keyboards at this price level, as it is often reserved for the more expensive models.

Large LCD Screen

One of the most popular features this keyboard has to offer is its large LCD screen, and the control pad. The screen is actually large enough to be able to see what is there, and be able to make any adjustments.

The control panels are fully integrated, and it offers the instructions that beginners need to learn about a variety of skills and techniques. You will see which keys need to be pressed, which chords you are supposed to play with demo songs, etc. This is just one reason why this is such a great keyboard for beginners.


With 100 rhythms to choose from, you are not likely to run out of cool beats any time soon. So, you can really start getting creative with your composing.

These are all easy to use. All you have to do is press a button, and you have the rhythm or voice you want. Beginners will be able to learn how to select the right rhythms for various types of music, which is a great tool to have when you are learning.

Full-Size Keys

Many smaller, less expensive keyboards have small keys that don’t feel like those of an actual piano. This may be okay for those who are experienced musicians, but for those who are just learning, it is important to start out on as close to the real thing as possible.

The Rockjam 561 has 61 full size keys that are easy to use, and they are durable, so you will be playing on this keyboard for many years to come.


In addition to the rhythms, there are also plenty of voices to choose from, so you can experiment with a variety of sounds and come up with some pretty interesting compositions.

Voices are instrument sounds, and you can use them to make your keyboard sound like a piano, organ, harpsichord, guitar, or a variety of other instruments. This is going to make learning to play a lot more fun, and you can get pretty creative with your own songs as well.

Bundle Package

We love that this keyboard comes in a bundle package. Having a stand and bench can come in pretty handy, and the stand is lightweight enough that you can bring it along with your keyboard.

The fact that there are headphones included is a great bonus, for a couple of reasons. First, having headphones lets you practice without being disturbed by outside noises. Also, you are able to practice without disturbing anyone else.


There are a couple of things that we don’t much care for about the Rockjam 561. First, there is no USB connection. This means that you can’t connect it to the internet and be able to use the many learning apps that are available for beginners.

As for devices, the Rockjam 561 only works with the iPad or iPhone. There is also no port for a pedal, so you can’t use a sustain pedal. Other comparably priced keyboards do have this feature.

Another issue we have is the volume. When you turn on the keyboard, it is automatically at full volume. This is the default setting, and there is nothing you can do about it. After you get blasted with loudness a few times, you will start to remember to turn it down before you begin playing.

How to Use the Rockjam 561

Because everything is included in the bundle package, you can start using the Rockjam 561 as soon as you take it out of the box. It uses a power cord, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for batteries to charge before you can use it.

You can set it up on the included X stand, and sit at the padded bench, and there is the option to plug in the headphones, or play for all to hear.

If you want to see a fun review of the Rockjam 561 from a young user, check out this YouTube video

Rockjam 561 Keyboard Manual

If you’d like to check out the nitty-gritty of the Yamaha PSR E363, here’s a link to the model’s manual:


Alternative Product

Looking for a good comparison product? Another keyboard that we really like, which also comes in a bundle package, is the Hamzer 61-key portable electronic keyboard piano.

This bundle package comes with a stand, bench, headphones, and a microphone, so you can sing along (this isn’t available with the Rockjam 561). This keyboard has a great range of sound, as close to authentic as you will get from a keyboard in this price range, and it is designed for beginner to intermediate players.

hamzer rockjam

The Hamzer keyboard has plenty of effects to choose from, including 255 rhythms, 255 timbres, 61 percussions, and 24 demo songs. It also has an integrated learning system, making this a great choice for beginners. There are also many other functions, including a record and playback function, as well as jacks for a microphone and a pair of headphones.

When compared to the Rockjam 561, this keyboard from Hamzer has a lot more features, but if the keyboard is for a beginner, too many features may actually be quite confusing. On the other hand, there is that integrated learning system, which is great for beginners. Both keyboards are equal in quality, and we would recommend either one.

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If you are a professional musician looking for a high-quality keyboard, the Rockjam 561 is probably not the best choice for you. But if you’re someone who wants to learn how to play the piano, or who already plays for fun, this is going to be a great keyboard for you, and it is economical.

The Rockjam 561 has plenty of features to help beginners learn how to play, and it comes with everything you need to start learning and playing as soon as you take it out of the box. For the price, you aren’t likely to find many keyboards that offer as many cool features as the Rockjam 561.

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply, Black - RJ561

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