Joy Keyboard Review: A Full Keyboard Setup Right Out of the Box

Beginner piano keyboards run a broad spectrum of features and capabilities, and it can be difficult to choose between them. The Joy JK-63M-KIT with USB 61-Key Keyboard Set is a beginner keyboard that comes with a complete set of accessories, so your child can have a full keyboard setup right out of the box.

Joy 61-Key Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set with Stand,Stool and Power Supply (JK-63M-KIT)
Joy 61 Key Keyboard by JoyMusic

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Overview of Joy JK-63M-KIT Set

Joy 61-Key Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set with Stand,Stool and Power Supply (JK-63M-KIT)
Wide angle view of keyboard

The Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set appears to be the perfect starter keyboard for a certain kind of tween. It has a more serious, mature look that is well beyond a toy. The whole kit with the accessories is small enough to be set up in a bedroom, and the keyboard is portable for practice or parties. It can even play MP3s. And yet it’s also affordable enough that if they decide to not pursue a musical interest, it isn’t a great loss.

 The Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set is an all-in-one set that can have a beginner set up and playing the piano quickly and easily. It comes with a keyboard stand, keyboard stool, and headphones, so there are no additional accessories to worry about. It’s a complete, affordable keyboard package. It also has an unusual audio in feature where the keyboard can be used as an MP3 player, so you can use the built-in speakers as part of your home audio system.

Video Overview of Joy JK-63M-KIT

Joy JK-63M-KIT Specs



Design61 full-size key keyboard
Demo Songs50 demonstration songs
DisplayMultifunctional LED display
  • Master volume control
  • Accompaniment volume control
  • Tempo control
  • Rhythm programming function
  • Record and playback function
  • Sustain and vibrato functions
  • MP3 playing function
  • One-key, Follow, and Ensemble learning functions
Tones and Rhythms
  • 255 instrument tones
  • 255 rhythms
Jacks & Ports
  • Microphone and audio input jack
  • Phone/output jack
PowerCan be powered with AC cord or with 6AA batteries
Other Features
  • 61 kinds of keyboard percussion
  • Rhythm sync and fill-in
  • Single chord/fingered chord
Accessories Included
  • Amazon bundle comes with headphones
  • Amazon bundle comes with an adjustable keyboard stand
  • Amazon bundle comes with an adjustable piano stool
  • Includes power supply

Who the Joy JK-63M-KIT Set Most Suitable For?

Young child playing piano - the target audience of joy keyboards


The Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set is designed for beginners who want to be quickly playing along with the demo songs right away, with a full keyboard studio setup. It’s a great home setup for students who are taking piano lessons, or for kids and young people to explore their musical potential. Recording and playback functions help learners track their progress, while headphones allow students to practice without disturbing anyone else.

It is not a very rugged construction, and navigation and settings rely fairly heavily on using the included manual to use the LED screen, so it’s not a great choice for younger children who may be rougher with the keyboard.

 It doesn’t have fantastic sound, either in instrument tones or in audio quality, so adults may prefer a keyboard with a richer and more robust sound. However, young beginners are less likely to be fussy about those things, and will enjoy the library of included songs, tones, and rhythms.

What’s Included with the Joy JK-63M-KIT Set?

The Joy JK-63M-KIT Set comes with a sheet music stand, a power adapter, a 3-pedal board, and an instruction book.

Keyboard Stand

Joy 61-Key Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set with Stand,Stool and Power Supply (JK-63M-KIT)
Keybard Stand is included

The included keyboard stand is ruggedly constructed and specifically sized to hold the Joy JK-63M-KIT keyboard. It is height adjustable to three different heights and has rubber feet to keep it sturdy on the floor.


Joy 61-Key Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set with Stand,Stool and Power Supply (JK-63M-KIT)
Adjustable stool, included, is essential

The keyboard bench is padded for durable comfort, and is also height adjustable and has rubber, non-skid feet.


Joy 61-Key Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set with Stand,Stool and Power Supply (JK-63M-KIT)
Headphones are great for practice.

These over-the-ear headphones have a padded band and padded cups for lasting comfort when playing the piano.

Joy JK-63M-KIT Set’s Features


It has an attractive design, particularly when set up with the included keyboard stand, music stand, bench, and headphones. It looks like a standard 61-key keyboard, and not a toy. The full-size keys are great for students to learn on, since they learn the correct hand positions.


The ability to independently adjust the master volume and accompaniment volume is a nice capability, and missing on some beginner keyboards.You can also use the audio in port to simply use the keyboard to play your favorite MP3s through the onboard speakers.

Light weight

The light weight and ability to power the keyboard with batteries makes it a good choice for portability as well. It can be taken with you and played almost anywhere you go.


It comes with 255 instrument voices and 255 rhythms, along with 61 kinds of keyboard percussions. You can also adjust tempo and set rhythm fill-in and sync, as well as use sustain and vibrato functions.


It has single and fingered chord functions, and learning capabilities that include one-key, follow, and ensemble, so you can progress naturally as a player using the built-in song library.


The ability to program your own rhythms is a nice feature, that is also unusual in a beginner keyboard.It comes with 50 demonstration songs, which are great for practice and learning.The ability to record songs onto the keyboard and play them back is a great way to track progress, as well as share your music with others.

Pros & Cons of the Joy JK-63M-KIT


  • The 61 full-size keys are a good way for beginners to learn, with enough range of notes for a good exploration of musical styles and songs
  • The included stand, bench, and headphones are convenient and cost-effective, so you don’t have to shop for suitable accessories
  • The ability to power it with batteries means you can take it anywhere
  • 255 instrument tones, 255 rhythms, and 61 keyboard percussions allow beginners to explore and experiment with a wide variety of musical styles, while remaining easy to navigate and easy to learn.
  • 50 demonstration songs show the keyboard’s capabilities and inspire greater exploration, as well as helping beginners to learn and progress while playing along
  • Sustain and vibrato add more nuances and individual expression when playing
  • Master volume and accompaniment volumes can be set individually, so that they don’t overpower the piano, and you can choose the volume that works best for you
  • Tempo control, rhythm sync and fill-in, and rhythm programming functions give you a lot of customization and control over the keyboard rhythms, allowing for a greater variety of customization and personal expression
  • The ability to record and play back songs using the keyboard’s built-in memory is very convenient. Beginners can record and hear how they are progressing, or share their music with others at a later time. It’s also useful in a performance setting


  • Keys are not weighted
  • Keys are not touch sensitive
  • Stand can be a challenge to assemble

The product description is confusing. The keyboard case refers to UDisk in the interface, and has a USB port, and USB is in the product title text, and yet the manufacturer description repeatedly states that USB and UDisc are not included with this model. It’s possible that the same plastic case is used for two different but very similar products, one of which includes USB functions. It seems as though, even though the port is visible, one shouldn’t expect it to work in this product.

An Alternative Product to Consider

Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Power Adapter (Amazon-Exclusive)
Yamaha YPT260

The Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set is an all-in-one beginner piano keyboard setup, with some nice features. However, it doesn’t have great sound, and isn’t very durably constructed. Due to these limitations, it is likely that a beginner will quickly outgrow this keyboard and want something more advanced.

 An alternative keyboard that has better sound and is better suited for adults as well as beginner-to-intermediate students is the Yamaha YPT260 61-key Portable Keyboard. Like the Joy JK-63M-KIT, the Yamaha YPT260 features:

  • 61 keys
  • Can be powered with included AC cord or with 6AA batteries
  • Audio input so you can play MP3s through the onboard speakers
  • Sustain functions
  • Multi-finger options
  • Rhythm sync and fill-in
  • Tempo control
  • Record and playback functions

And both keyboards are equally affordable.

The Yamaha YPT260 61-key Portable Keyboard has a lot of advantages over the Joy JK-63M-KIT, including:

  • Yamaha’s excellent AWM Stereo Sampling sound engine
  • Ultra-wide stereo sound for the best speaker performance
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • 32 levels of polyphony
  • 384 instrument voices
  • 9 types of reverb
  • 5 types of chorus
  • 6 types of master EQ
  • 130 accompaniment styles with style control
  • One-touch settings
  • 112 built in songs
  • Transpose and tuning functions
  • Duo keyboard function
  • Metronome
  • Portable grand piano button
  • Sustain pedal port

The Yamaha YPT260 has a lot of advanced functions and features, polyphony, and improved sound quality that intermediate piano players will appreciate, but also has the onboard Yamaha Education Suite that helps beginners learn and grow their skills. However, the Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set has some advantages worth noting over the Yamaha YPT260, including:

  • Full-size keys instead of compact keys
  • Microphone jack
  • Rhythm programming capability
  • Comes with a stand, bench, and headphones.

Because the Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set comes as a complete set, the Yamaha YPT260 would end up costing more if you chose to add a keyboard stand, headphones, and bench.

Overall, the Yamaha is a better choice for people who want to grow as a musician, because it has more robust features and capabilities that will allow a beginner to progress. The ability to later upgrade by adding accessories like a sustain pedal gives it a longer useful life, and makes it a better investment in a musical education. However, the all-in-one ease of the Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set is a great option as well, for those who just want to experiment and see if playing the piano is right for them.

Mark Robin’s JK-63M-KIT Review


The Joy JK-63M-KIT Keyboard Set is a good choice for a beginner who wants a complete studio setup at an affordable price.

It isn’t the best keyboard in terms of audio quality or durability, but can be a great way to get started on your musical journey at an affordable price.

Joy 61 Standard Keys Keyboard with USB Music Player, Including Headphone, Stand, Stool & Power Supply (Jk-63M-Kit)

Joy JK-63M-KIT (click image for more info)


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