Yamaha YDP-V240 Review

Yamaha YDP-V240 Review
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I haven’t reviewed a cabinet-styled keyboard in quite some time and this is the first in awhile. I tried the Yamaha YDP-V240 recently and thought I would review it. It’s a solid keyboard made of high quality which I would expect nothing less from Yamaha.
So I am going to look at these features specifically in my review:

  • Graded hammer action
  • The dynamic stereo sampling (AWM)
  • 131 voices and 361 XGLight voices and 12 drum kits
  • A six track sequencer
  • USB connectivity for storing your MIDI files and connecting to a computer

Graded Hammer Action for Authentic Piano Feel

The first thing I would like to talk about is the graded hammer action. The hammer action replicates the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. But not only that the graded hammer action works in the same manner as the acoustic piano. The keys in the lower register require a heavier touch in contrast to the keys in the upper register that require a lighter touch. And the reason for that is because of the sound dynamics that need to be balanced from from lower to  high register.

Comprehensive Library of Wave Sampled Dynamic Sounds

This Yamaha digital piano features advanced wave memory which is an advanced sampling system which accurately captures the sounds and textures of acoustic instruments. For instance, an acoustic piano reproduces sound in the lower register differently than the sounds in the higher registry. Yamaha’s advanced wave memory is designed to capture every little nuance in sound reproduction and produces sounds accurately.

This keyboard also features a comprehensive library of dynamic sounds and voices — everything from brass, strings, or organs and reed instruments and more. The sound bank is comprised of 131 voices including 361 XGLight voices and 12 percussion kits or drums. All these can be combined into a six track sequencer that can play up to 64 notes simultaneously or as is commonly referred to in the music industry 64 note polyphony.

An Advanced Effects Signal Processor

This piano also comes with an effects signal processor that can be added to the main and dual voices. The effects processor includes a range of effects from reverb to distortion and many others to give your instruments a deep rich sound.

The keyboard comes with a six track MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) sequencer which is adequate for recording your playing and reviewing your performance. While this is a adequate for reviewing your playing I would not recommend this as a multitrack sequencer for complete multi-instrument arrangements. For that I would recommend using a computer connected to the USB port and MIDI software software which is what most musicians use in any event.

One of the nice features I like about this keyboard is the fact that you can change the song style on-the-fly. For instance you can play one song using a certain style and automatically change it to a swing jazz song or hip-hop depending on whatever is of interest to you.

Designed for Beginners Learning to Play

Another feature that has been added to this keyboard is great for newer musicians learning to play. There are a number of preset songs that you can play along with to help you learn a particular song and related style.

You can store some of your songs on board the digital keyboard or you can save it to any USB device which makes it easy to transport or transfer your MIDI files to other devices or other keyboards. You can also use the USB port to connect a computer to manage all of your song recordings using third-party MIDI software.

Interestingly this keyboard also features dual headphone outputs which is great for a student and teacher, making the lesson session a quiet for other household members.

The great thing about this keyboard for the price, it has a good number of voices and instruments on board, featured in a richly designed wood style cabinet piano which wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or family room.

Basic MIDI Sequencer Good Enough for the Beginner

The only caveat that I would have about this keyboard is that it’s MIDI sequencer is good for rudimentary recording, however if you want a full-fledged sequencer then I recommend connecting this keyboard to a computer using the USB port.

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