Yamaha YDP213 Review

Yamaha YDP213 Review
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The Yamaha YDP 213 digital piano is a perfect for aspiring pianists and hobbyists looking for the practicality of a digital piano instrument combined with the feel and sound of a grand piano.

The 88 key Graded Hammer Effect keyboard, which is exclusive to Yamaha, has weighted keys that become lighter as you move up the register just like an acoustic piano. This is crucial for players who are just learning and need to master the feel of a piano whilst building strength in their fingers.

Variable Touch You Can Alter

It is also important for pianists making the transition from acoustic to digital. Variable Touch Sensitivity is employed by the YDP 213 to allow the player to alter the responsiveness of the keys depending on their playing style. When set to ‘hard’ the keyboard can be played heavily whilst still remaining expressive.

The ‘soft’ function enables even tentative players to make a rich sound. The sounds produced by the YDP 213 are incredibly realistic thanks to Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory tone generation and true stereo sampling.

Same Sound of a Yamaha Grand Piano

The sound you hear when you press a key is a digital recording of that same note played on a Yamaha concert grand piano. The YDP 213 only has six voices, which is quite low compared to many of its contemporaries. However, if you are using it as a piano substitute you will probably not need any more than six. The chances are you will choose your favorite piano voice and play that exclusively.

There are organ, harpsichord and strings voices as well as three piano voices. Other features are: generous 64 notes of polyphony, MIDI In/Out jacks, a built in metronome and 50 pre-recorded songs. It has a variety of reverb setting to suit any venue, and a one song performance memory to allow you to record and playback your performance.

3 Pedals Like an Acoustic Piano

The three pedals to add expression to your performance are the final touch that makes this instrument as ideal choice for budding pianists. With the sound and feel of an acoustic it will appeal to those looking to play traditional piano pieces, but with a slightly modern twist.

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