Yamaha Tyros 3 Review

Yamaha Tyros 3 Review
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With the recent release of the Yamaha Tyros Premium keyboard Yamaha decided that it would be a lot more practical to introduce an expandable architecture with respect to potential expansion of the piano. So there exists the possibility to expand the sounds on the keyboard via its software expansion process. Some of these features would include expansion of musical styles as well as the sound bank.

Instant Downloadable Premium Software

The new software for the expansion of the keyboard became available as of the beginning of August. This new software is loaded and stored onto the T-3’s hard disk. So when you first fire up the keyboard it automatically loads the premium content as well. The premium content is only available through download which is somewhat of an inconvenience for those who don’t have access to a computer. You can get the premium software but you would have to register with Yamaha at their website at which point you will be provided with the userid for your T-3.

Obtaining the software is somewhat of a three-step process where you have to download it to your computer and then upload it to a USB flash drive then from their transfer that over to your T-3 through the USB port.

New Technology – Super Articulation

The Tyros keyboard is considered the top of the line arranger keyboard that Yamaha has ever produced. This 61-key keyboard is just packed with sounds and other features that are the best you can get in a keyboard. The Yamaha Tyros 3 features the highest quality sounds for a synthesizer ever produced by Yamaha. Yamaha uses what’s called super articulation 2 technology. This fancy state-of-the-art technology produces superb sound quality in a keyboard. The Tyros 3 combines all of these features and 128 note polyphony to boot.

Yamaha is quite proud of its new technology, Super Articulation 2, and the company boasts that the technology is the most advanced available tone generation. The Tyros 3 also uses real time decision process sampling, meaning that the sounds that user defined or adjusted cause the keyboard to pull together a variety of sampled sounds to create a layered sample that defines the users input parameters. That means is that sound samples are brought together on the fly to create a sample sound that you hear in real time based on user input. The technology behind this is called Articulation Element Modeling.

8 Easy Access Sliders

The Tyros 3 comes with eight sliders located just below the LCD display screen. The sliders allows you to adjust up to eight parameters for each of the displayed sounds presets. There is an additional slider which is user-defined in other words you can assign a function to that slider to control function parameters. The T-3 comes with the 80 gig hard drive with built in 2-track main.

The display screen on the Tyros 3 is large enough to view music and lyrics. One of the neat features features of this large display is that you need not turn the music page as the sheet music scrolls in time with the music as it is played.

One unique feature of the Tyros keyboard is that has a built-in LAN connection and it allows you to connect to Yamaha’s website containing a vast library of 1000’s of midi songs that you can download and playback through your keyboard without the use of a computer.

The Tyros 3 comes complete with 1540 voices and drum kit samples and the Articulation 2 comes with 11 voices and a Super Articulation voice that can be edited.

42 Effects Presets and Demo Songs

If we look at the effects section you will notice that includes 42 presets and three user-defined reverbs. A chorus with 106 presets and 3 user defined ones. There is a microphone input which even has predefined effects as well as a 5-band master EQ, a 5-preset compressor with five user-defined presets. A vocal harmony group effect comes combined with 60 presets and 10 user-defined ones.

The T-3 comes with standard pitch bend wheel, an octave buttons so you can change the octave on-the-fly as well as a transpose and tuning buttons. Also included is a built in library of preset demo songs and 3.2 MB of flash memory to house your own creations.

Accessories that are included with this keyboard are the AC power cord, music rest, CD-ROM, owners manual, installation guide and a registration card.

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  1. Oso  - January 23, 2011 - 5:24 pm

    It it a very nice synth/workstation. Sounds great and clear but it’s too expensive, the Tyros 4 is not a big update from the Tyros 3 and in around $5k. Construction quality not match for the price, sound quality is good but doesn’t beat the Korg Oasys and Oasys is cheaper than Tyros 4.

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