Yamaha S90 XS Review

Yamaha S90 XS Review
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Musicians on the lookout for the ultimate musical keyboard for creating and performing should have a look at Yamaha S90 XS keyboard. The S90 XS is a sweet combination of quality instrument sounds and convenient and easy use.

Top Performance Sound

The S90 XS delivers what is expected from the best musical instrument- top quality sound. The S90 features all the highlights of MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizer such as Performances arps, Voices, and Virtual Circuit Modeling effects. In addition, the S90XS has a huge collection of high quality piano waveforms, which occupies 142 MB out of total 456 MB memory dedicated for instrument samples. The new piano sounds featured in S90XS are the samples taken from Yamaha’s world-renowned S6 grand piano concert. These sounds are successful in capturing the expressive sounds of the instrument and are rich with texture. You will not find this sound library on any other keyboard.

The S90 XS features real-time controls to tweak the sound while playing, a long list of computer music features and the capability of audio recording to USB memory. In addition, it is compact and portable. The S90 XS is an instrument performer dream of.  It delivers piano sounds and expression of the highest quality.  The features of the S90 XS appeal to hobby musicians as well as professional artists.

Full Length Balanced Hammer Keyboard

The keyboard Synthesizer boasts of a full-length 88 note balanced hammer action keybed. The S90 XS is qualified with a wide range of fine detailed sound and music innovation capabilities to inspire and enhance that “perfect performance”.

The keyboard synthesizer comes fitted with a large 456 MB of onboard wave memory which enables the sound design team to create the most impressive, creative and realistic sounds to date. The keyboard also comes with an audio recording and playback feature. The CD-quality audio data can be recorded in the internal memory or to an external USB storage device. The internal virtual modeling effects section can be used to apply reverb, and the highest quality compression to the Mic input which is useful in live performances. The S90 XS incorporates a rich onboard vocoder to raise performance to ultimate levels of perfection.

The S90 XS integrates perfectly with the computer. The internal templates available for editing softsynths can be used with DAW plus software on the computer. The editor in S90XS provides complete control over all sounds, settings and functions of S90 XS. The VST3 editor allows the control of features in the S90 XS as VST instruments. The new synths can thus be created in a computer-based environment. The arpeggiator features 6,779 types of preset patterns with room for 256 types of user patterns.

Create Full Blown Performances with Cubase-AI

You can create your custom performances with ease by using the Performance Creator feature. You can select a voice, split it, program layers quickly and with great ease. The panel controls of S90 XS are designed with musicians at live performances in mind. The controls are positioned for intuitive, elegant operation for live performances. One of the notable features of S90 XS is Cubase-AI, a versatile and powerful audio/MIDI sequencer. The software provides complete music production capabilities without any need for additional setup.

The Yamaha S90 XS is ideal for live performers due to real time tweaking sound capability. It tweaks the keyboard sounds as well as other sounds coming from other inputs. Its ease of use and different features will breathe excitement and raise the performance level.

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  1. Rob  - February 4, 2010 - 4:07 pm

    Wow, 456MB of waveform memory is fantastic.
    I will definitely have to look for some demos on this keyboard synth. By the looks of it, the sounds must be pretty fat and huge.

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