Yamaha S90 ES Review

Yamaha S90 ES Review
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The Yamaha S90 ES is a stunning combination of natural acoustic piano and the award winning Motif ES, which is known for its sonic flexibility. It features a new multi velocity, stereo grand piano sample, new soundboard simulation and half-damper capability that ensures it produces realistic and rich acoustic piano sound.

Full Orchestration with 128 Polyphony Quality Waveforms

The studio connections compatibility, 128 note polyphony tone generator, mLAN expansion slot and PLG expandability gives it all the synthesis power and control capabilities. Yamaha S90 ES is a perfect balance between a digital piano and synthesizer. The mod wheels, real-time sliders and pitch bend display its synth side. The S90 ES has 128 notes of polyphony with an option to add more polyphony with any optional plug-in expansion board. It also features 500 programs that use 228 MB of high quality waveforms driven by the AWM2 24-bit DSP chip

The keyboard action is balanced hammer mechanism after touch. The keyboard has a silky smooth response and you will love the feel of the keyboard. The 88 key synth /digital piano is a great option for any musician always on the move.

New Half Damper Pedal Effect

Out of 228 MB, 53 MB is occupied by piano samples alone. The piano samples that are preloaded in S90ES are recorded from Yamaha S700. The S90ES combines sympathetic resonance effects and allows applying half-damper pedaling techniques using the optional Yamaha FC3 damper pedal. It also works with FC4, FC5, FC7 and BC3 damper pedal footswitch, breath controller and expression pedal.

The S90ES provides you the flexibility to program controllers in such manner that they can affect single or multiple parameters of your programs simultaneously. For example, the mod switch can use to control LFO pitch depth and panning simultaneously. All the four sliders, mod wheel, breath, switch, pitch wheel and foot controllers are assignable.

It also features a built in sequencer, which plays SMF type 0 midi files. It can act a multi-timbral tone generator, if you have an external sequencer. Yamaha also includes an arpeggiator with more than 1700 styles, three expansion slots for S90Es sounds with the optional modular synthesis plug-in boards. You can also effectively use optional mLAN16E board to route MIDI and audio data to a single IEEE 1394 connection. You also get full functional remote that can be used with DAW/VST software.

Good: Unbelievably realistic pianos, Over 500 Motif-quality sounds.

Bad: The on-board sequencer for recording doesn’t come with a switch pedal from the factory.

The S90ES is perfect for professional musician who needs the synth controller and right piano.

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