Yamaha PSR E413 Review

Yamaha PSR E413 Review
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The Yamaha PSR E413 portable keyboard is an ideal choice for beginners as it has a huge range of functions to aid the learning process.

16 Parts Multi-Timbral

This keyboard has 32 notes of polyphony and is 16 parts multi timbral.  This means that it can sound up to 32 notes, including sustained notes, simultaneously, and can play back 16 parts at any one time.  This is ample for a beginner, although you may find that when you begin to sequence you need to keep your music fairly simple.

Too few notes of polyphony can cause notes to drop out in dense passages of music and 32 is relatively low. Similarly, the 61 keys are adequate for a beginner, and make the keyboard lightweight and portable, but may prove a problem as you move onto more complex music.

Another feature that makes the Yamaha PSR E413 ideal for a beginner is the 30 in-built songs plus and extra 70 on CD ROM.  A student can play along with these songs using the Education Suite that is unique to Yamaha keyboards.

155 Auto Accompaniment Styles

The 155 auto accompaniment styles available can form a backup band to suit your style of playing.  Finally the digital music notebook is a multimedia internet service where you can download music books and tips on getting the most out of your playing.

A few of the new functions in the Yamaha PSR E413 are the Pitch Blend Wheel that allow you to play realistic guitar and horn sounds, and an arpeggio function that automatically plays notes in rapid succession in either an ascending or descending order.

Advanced Wave Memory

The arpeggio function is ideal for playing techno or synthesizer keyboard playing, and both functions add a professional touch to your compositions.

The sound quality of this instrument is assured by a 2-way stereo speaker system, bass boost system, digital signal process and advanced wave memory.  It incorporates a 6 track sequencer to enable composition, and has 116 musical voices, including the modern Galaxy Electric Piano and Rotor Organ voices as well as more traditional instruments.

If you are intending to use this instrument as an acoustic piano replacement, you may be disappointed with the low number of keys.  However, the keyboard does feature a Portable Grand button that resets the keyboard to the settings of a stereo sampled piano, which would be perfect for piano beginners.

This instrument provides great value for money, and features many new Yamaha technologies.  It is best suited to a keyboard player who is just starting out and needs something functional yet portable.  For a piano player or advanced keyboardist, the specification may be a little low.

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