Yamaha PSR-OR700 Review

Yamaha PSR-OR700 Review
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The Yamaha PSR-OR700 Arranger Workstation keyboard has some cool features such as MegaVoice and Modeling Technology, dedicated “Scale Settings” panel buttons for on-the-fly scale tuning. The keyboard features 96-note polyphony, 61 touch sensitive, and 314 accompaniment styles having 146 distinct world styles. The keyboard has a large screen, which helps selection of world voices and 22 drum kits.   You can also connect peripheral storage devices through USB jack provided in the instrument.

Intuitive Controls

This model features an intuitive control section on the left side of the panel for tuning. You are required to press one or two buttons for tuning. The control section also features memory buttons that are used to store players most used settings or favorites.

The OR700 offers distinct Styles such as Tyros, and samples such as MegaVoice, Cool! Live! Sweet! That introduces a new level of realism. The MegaVoices provides different playing techniques and performance sounds such as guitar voices and finger slides. MegaVoices are designed specifically to improve the quality of playback of the built-in Styles. The accompaniment patterns (Styles) offered have a wide variety.

You get distinct styles for different Western musical genres such as Jazz, rock, Dance, Latin and World genres like Kahaligi, Arabic, Maghrebi, Greek, Iranian and Turkish.

It’s Like Having 4 Hands

All you need to do is hold down a chord during playing and you can enjoy some the most expressive accompaniment with astonishing realism.  The  selected Style  automatically provide guitar, drums, strings, organs and bass and all musical instrument parts which  ensures you get the best when you are delivering a rock solid performance.

This Yamaha features big screen, which are very useful to convey more information at one time. The screen shows you different settings at one glance such as mixer settings, chords you are playing, sounds on the right side and left side of the keyboard, style and MIDI file that is playing, lyrics, virtual drawbars and scores.

A Sound Bank You Can Take to the Bank

The Yamaha PSR-OR700 features some of the rich sounds such as great vintage organ sound, organ flutes and many more using Modeling technology. Modeling technology independently oscillates voice to achieve a simulation of rotating tone generation wheels, a unique quality found in classic organs. The keyboard allows you to  choose the organ type, rotary speed and type, control nine virtual drawbars, percussive attack and length, depth and speed and keep the vibrato on or off  whenever necessary.  You can save all the above-mentioned settings and recall all your favorite organs voices by pushing one button. The Music finder feature automatically selects appropriate voice for the right hand along with correct style and tempo.

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