Yamaha P155 Review

Yamaha P155 Review
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Let’s look at the newest Yamaha P155 digital piano. Don’t be fooled by the looks of the keyboard as it looks somewhat simplistic but it does have a lot of features under the hood. When I first looked at the Yamaha P155 the keyboard look very sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Compact Light Weight For the Traveling Musician

The Yamaha P155 is a feature-rich keyboard with the latest technology under the hood featuring 128 notes of polyphony and graded hammer action to give you the feel of an acoustic piano. This keyboard is pretty light to boot at only 37 pounds which makes it an ideal keyboard for the traveling gig artist.

The P155 comes with 17 preset sounds, the usual menagerie of organs, pianos, nylon guitar, bass, and choir sounds. The piano sounds pretty good on this keyboard and there is a pretty good reason why. Yamaha decided to sample its 9 foot concert grand and the samples were further enhanced by a sound engineering technician. The intent was to create the best possible grand piano sound in a digital keyboard.

Graded Hammer Touch Response

In order to capture the different touch responses and to simulate as best the velocities of an acoustic piano, the P155 re-creates these with four different levels of touch responses. It uses a layered response with each velocity corresponding to a unique sample. The piano sample is so well done you can actually hear the hammer striking the string during the note off portion of the note sound. The graded hammer key action is a cut above most of the pianos that have tried. The P155 was designed in collaboration with concert level pianist’s.

The Good

Yamaha’s P155 is a good keyboard that has been well engineered to reproduce the best possible piano sounds with its revolutionary technology.

The Bad

This is not necessarily bad, but if you are looking for a keyboard that has a ton of instruments, then you would be best to choose something else.

The exterior of the P155 comes in three different cabinet finishes, which can be ordered either in black, cherry or silver. The keyboard features two headphone jacks, sustain, auxiliary pedal, USB port, auxiliary out (left and right), and owners manual.

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