Yamaha NP-11 Review

Yamaha NP-11 Review
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Yamaha’s NP-11 is its entry-level model in its Piaggero series of portable digital piano keyboards. They’ve alternately been called both portable keyboards and digital pianos, although most users felt that for the price, sound quality, size and portability, the NP-11 seemed more like a keyboard and less like a digital piano. The NP-11 features 61 keys and several tone styles in addition to its piano sounds, including strings and guitar. The Piaggero name comes from a combination of the words piano and leggero, the Italian word for light, meaning that Yamaha intends its Piaggero line as to be light and portable pianos.


The NP-11 has many of the same features as the other Piaggero models, except it is more compact and has fewer keys. This model is also the least expensive. It’s also the lightest and smallest of all the Piaggero models, weighing in at just nine pounds and measuring around 3 1/2 feet long, making it extremely portable for younger players or for anyone who doesn’t want to lug around a stage piano or full-sized keyboard, both of which are often much heavier and bulkier. Unlike the larger and more expensive models, the NP-11 features only 10 tone voices, which is one of the machine’s biggest limitations.

Major Features

Like many of Yamaha’s entry level keyboards and pianos, the NP-11 features keys that respond to how hard or soft they are pressed by increasing or decreasing the volume level, even though the NP-11 does not offer weighted keys. This piano keyboard also gives users the capability to control up to 16 MIDI channels, and it offers four types of reverb that users can add to their sound. In addition, the NP-11 runs on either batteries or a power adapter, and it features a power-saving mechanism that automatically turns the machine off when it’s not in use.


NP-11 is a decent buy for the amount of money you spent as long as you are looking for sound quality rather than a huge number of features like percussion accompaniment or a large tone bank. Most players buying this keyboard want a low-priced digital piano that works well for rehearsing or practicing. These users had a stronger desire to practice using an instrument that produced more realistic sounds over one that offered a wide variety of tones or rhythm accompaniment. The realism of the piano sounds and the sensitivity of the keys is a big plus for NP-11.


The biggest criticism is about its size and quality of the keys. Some players might prefer full-size keys or keys that felt and functioned more like real piano keys. Other complaint is the lack of AC adapter included with the piano.


For the price of this keyboard, the sounds available are likely to impress most buyers. The feel and size of the keys are average, and users looking for full-size keys will want a different model. The compact size and light weight of this instrument makes it easy to bring to practices or move around without a lot of effort. If you’re looking for an extremely portable piano keyboard with a 5-octave range, the NP-11 is an excellent choice.

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  1. John S.  - November 29, 2014 - 11:54 am

    If you’re looking for your first keyboard to start learning piano this would be a great choice. It costs fraction of the digital pianos but it has the basic functions for a effective piano practice – a good sound, touch sensitive keys and portability. What I didn’t like about it is that doesn’t come with power adapter, it has to bought separately.

  2. Hetairai  - January 31, 2015 - 2:41 pm

    This keyboard was purchased based on my son’s piano instructor’s recommendations. We were told to only buy a digital piano that had touch sensitive keys which was supposed to allow for natural volume and sustain. We had to search through a lot of the cheaper keyboards because most of them lacked this feature.

    I appreciate many of the features of this keyboard from an aesthetic standpoint. It has a small footprint and doesn’t take over the living room. It is light enough that Kasey can bring it into the kitchen and practice on the table while I am cooking. I am no expert but the “grand piano” setting produces a very appealing and accurate sound.

    It has 61 keys which the instructor said was plenty to accommodate a beginning player. I also like that there aren’t too many settings to distract Kasey from learning the fundamentals. I appreciate the line in feature so he can practice with headphones, what a life saver for the parents! The built in amplifier could be a little louder but its fine for a student. The only negative I can speak to is the need to purchase a power adapter separately. This seems ridiculous, who wants to buy batteries all the time? Even though the power adapter was a separate purchase the overall price was still a value in my book. I would recommend this to anyone with a student player in the house.

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