Yamaha Nocturne N100 Review

Yamaha Nocturne N100 Review
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The Yamaha Nocturne N100 described by Yamaha as “an oasis of simplicity and pure piano pleasure”, this recent addition to the Yamaha digital piano family is not for those looking for a huge range of sound effects and complicated high tech features.

The Nocturne N100 is, however, ideal for those who are looking for a straightforward digital piano that really plays and sounds like an acoustic grand piano.

Good Value Acoustic Piano Replacement

With just 64 notes of polyphony, only ten piano voices and no sequencer, this appears to be a fairly low spec digital piano but for those who want a digital replacement for an acoustic piano it is ideal.

The superb sound quality of the Nocturne N100 combined with the feel and performance nuances of a 9ft concert grand piano make playing this piano a real delight.

The Nocturne N100 incorporates the 88 key Graded Hammer Effect keyboard which is exclusive to Yamaha.  This keyboard emulates the action of a grand piano, where the hammers decrease in thickness as you move from the base area to the treble. The GHE keyboard recreates the energetic feeling of an acoustic grand piano, but without the cost and upkeep of such an instrument.

50 Preset Songs to Get You Playing Quickly

This digital piano also incorporates 50 built in piano songs, a dual voice mode enabling two sounds to be used simultaneously, a digital reverb function to add depth to the sound produced, and three authentic piano pedals.  In addition it has a 20w x 20w stereo amplifier and MIDI in/out ports.

One of the main attractions of the Nocturne N100 is undoubtedly its elegant design.

Housed in a sleek black cabinet that effectively hides its electronic components, this digital piano has a slick modern appearance with just a touch of time-honored grand piano style.

Yamaha’s marketing manager believes that “this strikingly visual instrument will undoubtedly expand the digital piano market to customers with a more contemporary taste in design”.

So without the complicated sequencers and other technical functions that characterize today’s digital pianos, the Nocturne N100 may seem a little overpriced.

However, for those looking for simplicity and fantastic sound quality, in a digital piano that they want to play as if it were an acoustic, the Nocturne N100 is a superb and very stylish choice.

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