Yamaha MO6 Review

Yamaha MO6 Review
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Welcome to the new Yamaha MO6 61-key synthesizer. The MO6 inherits much of the sound qualities from its distant cousin the Yamaha Motif. The MO6 is somewhat more affordable than the Motif keyboard, but uses the same sound engine as the Motif, which means you get exceptional sound for the buck.

The one caveat about the MO6 is that it only has 64 notes polyphony in contrast to the Yamaha Motif which has 128.

On the percussion side of this instrument, in particular the drums sound so real and lifelike which will make your head turned thinking you’re listening to a live band. All of the sounds that you would expect in Motif are present in the MO6. The only exception to the sound patches is the strings which I find are a little bit weak, and aren’t the greatest. I’ve heard better sounds emanating from a Korg or Roland keyboard. The wind and brass instruments on this keyboard are quite good.

Feature Rich and Exceptional Value for the Money

There are so many features on this keyboard for the price that it actually boggles the mind to think how they can give this away for that price. I’ve tried this keyboard and it’s an astounding performer.

The Good

This keyboard is awesome for the price.

The Bad

The string section is definitely weak in terms of tonal quality.

I find up to sonic expression of this keyboard is somewhat superior to what Korg or Roland has to offer right now. The one thing that I question is why doesn’t this keyboard come with an aftertouch. The digital sequencer on this keyboard is quite good, however I’m much more used to using my computer for doing all of the sequencing. The effects section of this keyboard is awesome which makes me salivate at all the things that I can do to improve the sound quality of my recordings. One thing I have to say about Yamaha is that it provides great customer service and support.

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