Yamaha MM6 Review

Yamaha MM6 Review
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Music becomes more powerful when it gets a powerful touch of music that arises out of a keyboard player. The Yamaha MM6 gives out all the power that is required for a live performance. Packed with power, the MM6 has a wide variety of realistic and dynamic plain powerful voices, which will help you to create a blast at a music performance.

Designed to Travel for Live Band Performance

With its tweak knobs, it helps you take total control over the amazing sounds that you create. It has full backing sounds of drums, chords and bass that are best suited for a live performance and song creation.

Unlike other keyboards, MM6 is highly flexible, which is great for traveling musicians. Its portability is made exclusively for gigging. It is incorporated with a series of MOTIF-derived sounds and it is a compact 61-key keyboard weighing less than twelve pounds. The pitch and mod wheels are placed above the bass end keys to enable a shorter length than those offered by standard 61-key synths. The keys of are lightweight, but carry a sensitive velocity that is a must when playing expressive music dynamics.

Sounds That Take Your Breath Away

If you are looking for a keyboard with multi-voice strength then hold your breath! MM6 has a sound that is set straight from the MOTIF and contains 418 voices and 22 drum kits. Along with this, it also has thick synthesizer sounds, amazing acoustic instruments, the signature Yamaha digital grand piano sound, and fat drum tones. Moreover, MM6 synchronizes all these sounds by category and enables you to find music easily even in the midst of a live performance. It also comes with a big selection of backing rhythmic patterns in various styles such as rock, jazz, dance, and hip-hop. This feature of MM6 enables you to groove to your own tunes and thus make your live performances even more exciting and entertaining. One of the astounding features of MM6 is its highly advanced arpeggiator. It flaunts 213 patterns that are locked in a rhythmic pattern and they create complex musical counter points. All of which are triggered with a simple chord.

Good: The sound and quality of MM6 is excellent and is an entry-level keyboard, which is within the reach of any musician. It has secret lushy sounds of the MOTIF and really has all the features that every beginner keyboardist will vie for. It is also very light and made of plastic sturdy. It is highly portable.

Bad: MM6 should have added the sequencer that could enable bars/measure/BPM’s like the other higher end models.

Built-In 8 Track Sequencer for the Beginner

MM6 has a built-in eight-track sequencer. It is a great tool for musicians who want to produce something new or an innovative piece of music with their own mettle. You can also send your music sequences in the universal MIDI format and can also edit sound with the Cubase LE, software that is exclusively provided with MM6. It puts the powerful touch of Yamaha synthesis in sequencing for both stage and studio.

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  1. kami  - September 6, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    this keyboard is great to put on the top of an arranger to play live and practice at home sounds are ok .i bought a roland e 09 to use its sounds but i didnot like it and gave it back yamaha(arrangers) always has more nicer styles than any other kinds
    mm06 is a good keyboard .

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