Yamaha DGX620 Review

Yamaha DGX620 Review
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The Yamaha DGX620 focused portable keyboard is a recent addition to the Yamaha family. It has a similar specification to its less expensive sister the Yamaha DGX520, except that it has a fully weighted 88 key keyboard which uses Yamaha’s unique Graded Hammer Effect technology to emulate the feel of a real acoustic piano.

The Perfect Finger Exerciser to Build Strength

This makes the DGX620 ideal for keyboard players who want to gain strength in their fingers to move onto the piano, or for piano players who want the convenience of a portable keyboard. The Yamaha DGX620 has all the features and technology we now expect from Yamaha keyboards.

It features USB MIDI computer connectivity and USB TO DEVICE to allow downloading music on to a USB storage device. The keyboard has a choice of 500 instrument voices which provide a huge degree of versatility, and a music database of over 250 prerecorded songs.

Performance Assistance Technology

It allows you to download additional songs from the internet using Flash ROM, and features an onboard sequencer and 2-way speaker system with a bass boost system. Some of the more unusual features of the Yamaha DGX620 include the Performance Assistant, where you can play along with the inbuilt songs. The Performance Assistant ensures that you can not play a wrong melody, note or chord.

Complete with Yamaha Education Suite

It alters the sound so that everything you play fits in with the song. The Yamaha DGX620 includes the Y.E.S. or Yamaha Education Suite, which provides piano students with lessons, a grading system and music to learn, and incorporates three learning modes.

The first mode is Waiting Mode, where you play along with a song and the keyboard stops the song and waits for you to find the right notes. The second mode, called Your Tempo, varies the pace of the song according to your ability. It slows down the piece if you get notes wrong and speeds it up as you hit the right notes.

Adapted for Piano Practice

The final mode is Minus One Mode. In this mode the player can choose which part of a song they would like to play and this part will be silenced as the keyboard plays the song. All the above features make the Yamaha DGX620 great value for money and ideal for piano students who want the convenience of a portable keyboard. The extra cost to purchase the DGX620 rather than the DGX520 is well worth it for the fully weighted keyboard that really simulates the feel of an acoustic piano.

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