Yamaha CP33 Review

Yamaha CP33 Review
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Yamaha’s CP-33 is a stage piano created for musicians who want something more portable and versatile than an acoustic piano to play on stage for live performances. Unlike many digital pianos, this stage piano isn’t attached to a stand, which makes it easy for performers to transport it to gigs and rehearsals. Its triple-layer grand piano sound samples are high-quality and clear, making it a great alternative to a traditional grand piano when using a full-size or baby grand just isn’t practical.


The CP-33 uses what Yamaha calls their Graded Hammer Effect to create the action on their keys. This means that the keys feel similar to an acoustic piano, providing more resistance on keys in the lower register and less resistance on keys in the higher register. Yamaha also used incredibly realistic sound samples of high-quality instruments in order to produce the tones available on this piano, which gives users exceptional sound quality for both live performances or for recording.

Major Features

In addition to grand piano tones, the unit also features organ and electric piano as well as stringed instruments including guitar. During play, users can also hear the nuances of the piano samples recorded, which include harmonic overtones, dampers resting on the strings and the sound of open strings when the sustain pedal is in use. The CP-33 also functions as synth controller and tone generator, and it features a Mono Piano setting for live performance, which includes a built-in compressor. This instrument also allows users to lock in the settings during play, preventing a change during performance should they press a panel button by accident.


Reviewers of the CP-33 generally loved the realistic sounds it produced and the feel of the instrument. Unlike digital pianos offered by Yamaha and others at lower price points, the CP-33 actually feels a lot like playing a real acoustic piano, say many users. A number of users also felt that the grand piano sounds that this instrument offers is comparable to the sounds produced by grand pianos in the 5-figure price range. Most users said they felt very comfortable using this stage piano for recording and live performances because of the confidence level they had in its ability to create high-quality sound. Additionally, many users bought this piano for home use more than performance use, and they loved that this instrument produces exceptional sound while at the same time taking up far less space than a full-sized acoustic piano.


In general, reviews of the Yamaha CP-33 were overwhelmingly positive. Users had few complaints and mostly felt that this piano was an exceptional buy. The biggest complaints were on the instrument’s lack of MIDI thru functionality, lack of very specific pro functions or the sounds of specific tones. Some users disliked individual tones produced by this piano, specifically certain piano tones or strings. However, complaints were extremely limited, and certain users’ dislike of certain tones seemed specific to their personal preference rather than related to any flaw in the CP-33’s tones. While the unit lacks some extremely specific functions like MIDI thru that some professionals might want to use, rarely did users find this to be a problem worth mentioning.


For users who want exceptional acoustic piano sound in a portable package able to accommodate small spaces, this stage piano is ideal. Virtually every user that reviewed this piano gave it glowing reviews and felt extremely satisfied with having purchased or used it. Pros who used it for live performances found the sounds impressive for performing, and players who used it for practice enjoyed getting the full acoustic sound without the full acoustic size.

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  1. Bonnie A.  - November 29, 2014 - 8:07 am

    Very nice, portable piano and reasonably priced. The piano sounds are accurate for the most part. It does a good job of simulating Yamaha grand piano. There is also a setting for a true classical piano sound but that sounds a bit muffled, I prefer the Yamaha samples. The keyboard is weighted, however the keys get scratched easily. Overall a solid instrument considering the price.

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