Yamaha CP1 Review

Yamaha CP1 Review
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The Yamaha CP1 Digital Stage piano is a premium instrument which is committed to both innovation and tradition. The core sound technology used in the CP series was redesigned from the basic level. This model faithfully recreates the vintage electronic pianos and acoustic sounds with its unique Spectral Component Modeling (SCM) tone generation system. With your instruments brought together in one place, you can tune and adjust various parameters of physical components such as Striking position or Hammer Stiffness to create diverse range of stunning piano sounds.

Feather Touch Response

This SCM technology is highly responsive to players touch and allows higher level of creative expression. The SCM tone generation system provides natural and rich sounds which include 17 different acoustic and electric pianos. The SCM tone generation system also offers a customize function that gives you the ability to create original piano sounds.

A special NW-STAGE wooden key action was designed to meet the demand of top professionals. The new NW-Stage wooden key have layer of synthetic ivory. These keys minimize the vibration and distortion. Finally a piano that offers players to program up to four virtual zones on the piano. Players can assign independent tone generators to these four virtual zones including external MIDI devices.

The Latest Core Sound Technology

A developed core sound technology is the main reason for its spectacular performance. The Dubbed Spectral Component Modelling accurately produces the sounds of acoustic instruments, which includes vintage instruments. The SCM technology offered by Yamaha is blend of modelling and sampling. owners do not have to look anywhere else as this Yamaha provides them with capabilities to edit sounds by themselves. Seasoned Pros can also check the playability of model by adjustment of hammer stiffness and striking position.

This keyboard provides record and playback functions and user can transfer their performances to a USB stick with the bundled version of Cubase A15. This Yamaha offers wide range of present to the player. It features Preset (16x3banks), User (16X3 banks), and External (16 X 3 banks). In addition, it offers 17 piano block types along 10 types of Modulation effect Block. It’s also equipped with 8 reverbs and 5-band Master equalizer.

Attractive Enough for Your Living Room

The classic wooden side panels with vintage textured top brings alive the memories of legendary keyboards of the past. The brushed aluminum knobs, vacuum florescent display, lighted Yamaha logo enhances the look of the instrument. The user interface is laid out for optimum performance and ease of use. The detail and quality in every component of the CP1 speaks for itself.

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