Yamaha CLP 370 Review

Yamaha CLP 370 Review
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The Yamaha CLP 370 take the CLP 300 series to higher level of sophistication and realism with introduction of 4 level velocity stereo grand pianos with key-off samples and stereo sustain.

The keyboard contains 14 more voices than its predecessor CLP 330 (14 voices) plus a LAN port for Internet connection to download new songs, 3 USB ports, split effects and powerful amps (40W x 2.4 speakers).

New Stereo Effects

The 28 voices are identical to its predecessors, the only difference is that the sound has stereo effects, dynamic sampling and key off samples which  give a feel of better  expression  and realism. The additional voices in this CLP  include acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, vibraphones, strings, choirs, bass and guitars.

The Recording feature is quite straightforward. All you need to do is select the voice, set metronome, press the REC button, select the track, and start playing. You can record two tracks (RIGHT & LEFT) with its two-track recorder and you can store up to and save 3 songs to memory. You have the option of storing MIDI recording to a USB device.

Great Effects Processor with Chorus and Other Standard Effects

This Clavinova keyboard comes loaded with 50 preset songs and the “50 Greats for the Piano” score collection. You can practice on any of these preset songs and the instrument offers you the ability to mute the right or left part, adjusts the tempo and allows you to set start and stop points for practicing. And it also has some powerful effects processors that come with reverb, chorus, brilliance, tremolo and phaser settings. All these effects can be applied in split and dual modes and the depth of each voice can be set individually.

Better Frequency Response

The proprietary Tri-Amp System raises the sound quality to the next level by using separate amplifier for the low, middle and high frequency ranges. Yamaha audio professionals have used their expertise to achieve optimal balance in a 3-system amplifier, which create natural tones of piano. The Tri-Amp system is effective in generating better frequency response across the total sound spectrum with lower distortion and greater amp efficiency.

Smooth Ivory Wooden Keys

This model also features two headphone jacks, which are helpful if you want to practice and enjoy the instrument in private alone or with your friend.  The piano has synthetic ivory keytops and natural wood keys on its GH3 keyboard. The wooden keys give a nice feel, which you will enjoy while playing. The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-370 comes in three wood finishes, cherry, mahogany and dark rosewood to suit your taste.

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