Roland V Piano Review

Roland V Piano Review
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I’ve heard so much about the new Roland V Piano that I decided to have a closer look at this phenomenon. This keyboard is unlike any other keyboard that I have seen or heard in the past. It provides exceptional tonal quality and sound Even how the sound is engineered is unique and very different from traditionally sampled digital pianos.

Typically digital pianos use sounds that are created by sampling actual acoustic keyboards but the problem with that is that you  capture each note and variations in loudness and softness in many samples. Creating many samples in this way creates differences in notes that are not uniform overall. And unintended parasitic anomalies along the way can be captured.

Acoustic Piano Engineering Breakthrough

The Roland V piano works very differently. Rather, sound engineers at Roland devised a new system called component object sound modeling. What that really means is that rin contrast to ecording a sample sound from notes struck from an acoustic piano, Roland devised a system to actually model algorithmically each component of a note that is struck. For example the hammer sound component is modeled and recorded algorithmically. Each string of a 3 string note is modeled and recorded. The vibration and resonance of adjoining strings are modeled and sampled as well.  Even the sounding board of an acoustic piano can be modeled

Hence the term component object sound modeling.  Because of this component technology everything that an acoustic piano can produce can be replicated on the Roland V piano giving the instrument an incredibly genuine replicated sound with amazing depth.

24 Present Piano Sounds is Just the Beginning

The Roland V comes with 24 preset piano sounds. Within each preset the first 14 are considered vintage pianos that include amongst others concert and studio grands, uprights and forte pianos.

The Roland V piano has the ability to model or change any of the acoustic parameters such as hammer hardness, sounding board, string detune, and just about any other parameter that makes up the construction of an acoustic piano. All of the changeable parameters can be saved. The memory on the Roland V piano can save 100 customizable settings for the set of 24 pianos.

The Roland V keyboard comes with three petals soft, sostenuto, and damper. The pedals can accommodate half pedaling.

The Good

This keyboard produces the best acoustic piano sounds that I have ever heard from a digital piano.

The Bad

Relatively expensive for its class.

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  1. Graham  - September 1, 2010 - 8:11 pm

    Hi Dan, I have owned and played a v-piano for 8 months. The purpose of owning this instrument is for classical study. The V Piano shines. A magnificent instrument.

  2. Johan  - December 16, 2011 - 3:34 pm

    The V-Piano is one of the best digital instruments at present. But nonetheless digital.
    It remains a computer inside. Period.
    My guess is that the market needed a fresh breeze in everything they have been selling the last few decades.
    The keys feel great, the sound is really really nice – but tuning/modifying a piano is one thing. Playing the piano is something else. When you ask any salesmen about the V-piano, whithin the first minute of their talk they switch over to what you can do with the sounds, the tuning, the blablabla. Maybe interesting to those who want a lot for a lot of money.
    But at the end, it is a nice digital instrument, very high priced though.
    Too high I guess.

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