Roland Sonic Cell Review

Roland Sonic Cell Review
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The Sonic Cell is definitely a dream come true for live performers and computer based musicians who always seek a compact integrated pro sound module and USB audio-interface solution. Sonic Cell has an SRX expansion bay, a built-in USB audio interface, and supports all types of sound formats such as SMFs, WAV/AIFF/MP3. With all these exclusive features, it is surely a legendary synthesizer in the entire arena of synths.

State of the Art Sound Engine

Sonic Cell has a state-of-the-art sound engine, which delivers the impeccable sound of a dedicated Roland hardware synthesizer. To provide the ultimate realism, sonic cell is equipped with a world-class collection of acoustic instruments, drums and percussion. Moreover, you can also customize Sonic Cell’s internal sound bank through its two internal SRX Expansion bays.

Sonic Cell has seamless computer connectivity, which is ideal for musicians who use a computer for sound recording and writing. Sonic Cell is more than a mere sound module.  With its built-in USB port you can create and record an all new set of music without any additional hardware. You can directly add your live audio tracks simply by plugging a microphone, guitar and other instruments. With Sonic Cell you also get a plug-in style PC software editor that makes sound designing and programming an easy task. It is a utopian solution for synthesis and recording.

Easily Transfer Music Using USB

This is not all; you can also create a play list of your own songs with the Playback editor and can easily transfer the play list to the USB memory stick. This feature of Sonic Cell helps to play a song that you can control onstage, or at any other place you are performing. Also, the samples that are already in Sonic Cell are also masterpieces and have a realistic piano tune. It has substantial amounts of diverse sounds, which will make your audience go gaga for your stage show or live performance. Sonic Cell has a maximum polyphony of 128 voices and it is filled with multiple effects such as 3 types of chorus, 5 types of reverb, 6 types of input effects and a mastering effect of 3 bands Compressor.

According to its features, Sonic Cell also scores high in terms of looks. It has a classy touch of black and silver, which will tempt any musician to buy it at first glance.

Best Looking Sound Module

What’s good about Roland’s Sonic Cell: One eye-catching aspect of Sonic Cell is you can do whatever you want on this masterpiece. You can make your own music, play list and so on. It is also a very useful media player.

What’s not in Roland’s Sonic Cell: Considering all its super features, Roland’s Sonic Cell has left little room for its critics, but could had been a perfect package if it had a good analog synthesis. There is still room for improvement, which once covered, will make it a perfect synth in the minds of musicians of each and every genre.

Bottom line: True to its name, Roland’s SuperSonic is a legend in itself and has all the features that musicians will vie for.

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