Roland RD-700NX Review

Roland RD-700NX Review
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The perfect Gigging Pianist Instrument

Its no secret that the ‘RD’ range of stage pianos are highly thought of by gigging pianists, designed for on the move playing, infamously robust but  incorporating the newest cutting edge technology at present. The RD700NX is no exception and even blows away previous models by giving you just about everything a keyboard player could want.

It’s So Good

Its so good its SuperNATURAL! The RD-700NX is one of a few of the current range to employ Roland’s new SuperNATURAL sound technology. Which in this instance is used in three acoustic piano models (each varied) and three classic electric pianos (each with variations also). Basically how this technology works is by using mathematical models to create incredibly detailed sounds, with natural decay and smooth response and surprisingly no deficiency usually associated with sample-based technology. You also get Sound Focus, which means that every note remains heard and high quality despite the speed it is played, which as you can imagine is really effective when playing pianissimo.

The Virtual Tone Wheel

Maybe not as eye catching as the previous features but impressive nonetheless, the RD-700NX contains virtual tone wheel organ technology for accurate representation of classic organs, along with virtual drawbars and a PCM (sample based) sound engine which covers just about any instrument you could want. To take it a step further an extensive effects processor is included with over 80 effect types. Sounds can be recorded and saved in Live sets, which allow multiple sounds to be layered with sound parameters and effects setting, making it easy to switch between for the pianist. A great feature for the solo gigger or for practicing alone, the RD-700 contains a MIDI file player or audio file player so you can play along by simply connecting a USB memory device.

The Convenience Factor

Most players would agree that they prefer the sound and feel of a piano to a keyboard but sacrifice it for convenience. However the Roland RD-700NX has PHA III Ivory feel keyboard for quality feel and non-slip performance, which replicates that of grand piano. With balanced XLR outputs, and an elegant build that’s well and truly gig proof, it’s as must have for any on the move pianist.

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