Roland LX-10 Review

Roland LX-10 Review
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The new Roland’s LX-10 Digital Upright piano is a modern approach to the timeless classic instrument. Beautiful, elegant and innovative are the words that can be used to describe this awesome instrument.

It is a beautiful instrument that combines modern styling and pure-performance and is truly a space saving design.

The LX-10’s satin black finish and polished ebony gives it a stunning look that is bold and strong. You can see the reflection of your moving fingers in the fallboard’s interior, thanks to the mirror finish that brings the sense of visual enjoyment to your performance.  The fallboard combines both, aesthetic grace and safety. The fallboard closes gently and smoothly and can be used as music rest in open position. The top lid of the LX-10 gives a beautiful appearance to the instrument and gives it overall tonal character.

Grander Grand Piano Sound

The LX-10 is successful in delivering grand piano sounds starting from a powerful low range to brilliant high range with precision.  The excellent sounds of LX-10 are created by sampling world-class grand pianos, key-by-key. The result you get is a stunning 88-key stereo multi sampled piano engine.

The Roland’s engineers have to be applauded for meticulously capturing the sounds and resonances of each instrument, which also includes duplex scale resonances that accentuates string behavior along with brilliance of mid and high range.

Control Even Damper Noise and Hammer Noise

The LX-10 guarantees you perfect performance with its 128 polyphonic voices even during fast passages or heavy damper pedal usage. The piano designer feature allows customization of sounds with effects such as such as Dynamics (3 types), Hammer Noise (5 levels), Damper Noise (10 levels), Duplex Scale (10 levels), 3D (4 levels) and many more.

Roland LX-10 is equipped with a high-quality speaker system. The vertical cabinet of LX-10 has six speakers installed in optimal positions, which provide the LX-10 capability to produce sound that fill room with resonant and rich sounds.

Acclaimed Progressive Hammer Sensitivity

The LX-10 possesses all characteristics that make a high-Quality Grand Piano.  It features Roland’s acclaimed Progressive Hammer Action II keyboard with “Ivory feel”. The material used in keyboard construction recreates the natural properties and the feel of ivory and ebony, which provide comfort while playing. The LX-10 also has an escapement mechanism for each key that creates the click-feel characteristics of grand piano keys. The keyboard offers 100 levels for Touch sensitivity and you can adjust the level for fixed touch.

In addition, the LX-10 presents 10 levels for Hammer Response.  You can adjust the volume balance in different modes such as Keyboard Mode Whole and Dual.

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