Roland Juno G Review

Roland Juno G Review
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The JUNO-G – A first class sounding Keyboard. Due to the technological advances taking place in the manufacturing of keyboards, they have acquired a significant place in the world of music. This technological revolution is highly evident in Roland’s JUNO-G. It is more affordable and user-friendly than its predecessors. This marvelous piece of keyboard has an entire studio’s worth of features and sounds packed into it.

You can put the entire world of first class sounds under your fingertips with the high powered JUNO-G. A keyboard player can put more sounds through its SRX expansion. It has a powerful Fantom-X-quality sound engine along with a 128 voice polyphony.

Roland’s Flagship Sound Engine Delivers High quality Sampled Sound

The main essence of JUNO-G lies in its sound engine. It delivers the finest sounds including an 88-note multi-sample grand piano. You can create a wide range of sounds, from classical to cutting-edge with this masterpiece.

It comes with a dedicated front panel mixer through which you can record your own voice. Moreover, JUNO-G has an exclusive feature of 4 companion stereo sounds. The JUNO-G’s 16-part MIDI sequencer makes it a must buy for performers and songwriters. On this, a keyboard player can make a magnificent piece of music as it has perfect backing tracks that include vocals and the sounds of live guitars. It has amazing synthesizer sounds that are fantastic for any types of gigs.

Technically, JUNO-G is one of the best in the entire arena of digital pianos. It is more computer-friendly and can be used to create complete songs. It can be easily connected to a Mac or a PC through its USB port. You can also handle all the MIDI communications over USB. Moreover, on JUNO-G, you can also receive and send AIF/WAV sound files.

Easy Readable LCD Screen

JUNO-G offers a conventional ease of use. It is clearly designed with labeled buttons, six knobs to enhance sounds and five sliders, a data wheel and a D BEAM. In addition to this, JUNO-G has the largest LCD among all synthesizers. JUNO-G is also the easiest board to handle and everything on the keyboard is cut-to point. It is so user friendly, that you can even make a complete song on it even without reading the manual.

JUNO-G has reached new heights with the introduction of the Version 2.0 software. With this software, you can easily chop and sequence your new sounds. It has great and out of the box sound effects which can be controlled using its front panel control knobs.

Brighter side of JUNO-G

Apart from its technical features, JUNO-G also stands out in terms of design. The design is powerful and is sleek in appearance. It is worth its price as it contains all the features and is highly portable.  This is desired by every keyboard player.

Darker side of JUNO-G

Each and every thing is fabulous except that you cannot add more than 1 SRX Expansion Card. In order to do this, you will have to buy a Compaq adapter and insert it in the system’s card slot.

Bottom line

Roland’s JUNO-G has it all, a variety of technical features, and a sleek and user-friendly design. It is definitely a masterpiece in the entire arena of keyboards.

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