Roland Juno DI Review

Roland Juno DI Review
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Music– whether, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Folk– has a distinct touch attached to it. Many music lovers like to hover around digital keyboards that have many exclusive features. A musician will find all the desired features in Roland’s JUNO-DI. Whether played on the streets for Rock Bands or on-stage in an Orchestra, it has all the intrinsic qualities a traveling musician will ever dream of.

Juno Puts the “Pro” in Professional in This Keyboard

JUNO-DI has professional synthesizers with more than 1,000 instruments. It is lightweight, runs on batteries and is very user-friendly especially for those who travel a lot for stage shows. It is fully packed with a wide variety of top quality sounds. A musician can choose from as many as 1,000 sounds. For a heartfelt performance, it has a direct access control panel and a Song player. Novice keyboard players will definitely love this masterpiece that really stands out in the entire range of Roland keyboards.

The main essence of the new Roland lies in its exciting feature of creating more than 1,000 sounds. It has a magnificent synthesizer that generates world famous sounds including powerful brass, percussion, electric pianos, guitars, sound banks of bizarre instruments and so on. Its sound bank is so varied that it can compliment all music genres. It also has an exclusive quality. You can also customize the sounds as per your wish with the Sound Modify knobs.

Simple Navigation Makes This Piano Popular

What makes JUNO-DI a much desired keyboard is its simple navigation. It simplifies the Herculean task of finding sounds with its dedicated category buttons. Moreover, unlike other pianos, you can also add your most-used sounds to your Favorites. You can access these sounds simply by pressing the Favorite buttons. You can also edit songs simply by creating layers of sounds on its LCD. The dedicated buttons provided on JUNO-DI make sound editing a daunt-free task. Its easily adjustable dedicated temp control is the best feature. It enables you to practice and perform simultaneously.

Roland has made it easy for musicians who travel from place to place for performances. It’s amazingly lightweight and has a battery life of up to five hours. You can make the most out of JUNO-DI by playing it along with Roland’s infamous MOBILE CUBE or CUBE Street.

Built In Song Player for Mp3 and Other Formats

You can also sing along with JUNO-DI. It has an external input in which you can plug a microphone and can easily process your voice through its built-in vocoder. Through its dedicated reverb, you can also add a plushy ambience to your voice sans onboard effects. So, with this feature, you can sing as well as groove to your own tunes. If you think that your own voice is not good enough for a live performance, then you don’t need to worry as JUNO-DI has a built-in Song player that plays almost all types of audio formats such as MP3, WAV, SMF and WAV.

In a nutshell, it has all the features a musician could ever dream of. Through Juno DI a musician can make an audience groove to the tunes and can take them on a roller coaster ride filled with entertainment.

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